Yalghaar Game: Commando Action 3D FPS Gun Shooter

Yalghaar Game: Commando Action 3D FPS Gun Shooter








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Best free offline war shooting game. Lead Special Forces in modern combat zone.

The fate of future generations depends on this top military commando operation. You will get a chance to rescue hostages, neutralize terrorists attack, diffuse bombs and mines, eliminate enemy suicide bombers and snipers in modern combat. When duty calls, take down terrorists in front-line battlefield with guns in this shooting game. Yalghaar movie official game.

Equip yourself with state of the art military weapons and lead your army to glory in this war shooting game. Chase enemy boss and show them the way to hell in this action packed 3D FPS. Combat against militants and terrorists in amazing 3D graphics.

1. State of the art powerful modern weapons to choose from including machine guns, sub machine guns, shotguns, sniper and pistols.
2 Tactical shooter maps set in a realistic 3D environment.
3. Earn medals and upgrade your guns. Identify enemy weak spots.
4. Variety of enemies to counter including stealth, gunners, snipers and suicide bombers.
5. Compete against the Leader board and make it to the top among other high caliber players.

Shoot enemies and defend your country. You are an elite commando SSG and when duty calls, you stand second to none when it comes to killing terrorist in combat. War against terror is in full swing and your company of heroes need you in this Battlefield. Lead your squad with in this realistic 3D FPS shooter sniper war game.

You are a master of stealth, kill enemies and counter terrorism in this war shooting game. Make use of your body armor and grenades when needed on frontline. This is modern warfare and there are no rules in this battlefield. You are on a secret mission to serve justice and eliminate threats.

Risk your life in this fast paced FPS shooter game, fight for domination. You are a ruthless terrorist hunter. Strike your blow in this one of a kind Pakistan's first modern commando action terrorist gun shooter game.

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Ashish 1
If you copy a game make sure you make a good copy with good controls. The granade dosent launch when required but when you are just swiping to move around the granade just launches. When it says it's an non stop.action them let the ammo be unlimited as well. You cannot pickup enemy weapons after you have shot them. The ammo you pickup is very limited. You have to do efforts in picking up health packs.
Robbin 4
Fire button should be lower..(clear of the 'look swipe area). Grenade,jump,weapons change icons ought to be on the right side..single file up & down...or all made adjustable for the player. The current game position results in Accidental Fire when searching or looking...especially under surprise fire. All else is pretty good!
Logi 4
Game is definitely up there in the quality department, certainly above most other indie FPS, but it lacks in keeping my interest. If you could add vehicles and friendly bots, I think the game would be vastly improved in terms of fun, considering how the missions feel very repetitive.
Manish 2
Graphics are OK but not like 3d as given in specified , controls are so poor when you shoot enemy with gun ,there should also an option for weapons pickup from enemy after kill them.. only health pickups I like the most , need development and the game could be 4 star rating ..
prajwal 5
One of the best FPS game that I have downloaded. Just a little bit more improvement on the graphic(color, details and texture of the surrounding) and the game would be a 100% perfect game,giving tough competition to other heavy sized HD games.... Every other things like sound effect.., wepons, gameplay etc everything is very good... Just the environment is a bit dull in colors and textures.... Details of the environment is a bit dull in color and texture.. Apart from this one small and simple error, every other characters and features of this game is mind blowing. So, I rated 4 stars on graphic and 5 on rest of the thing... Please improve the quality of surrounding/environment's details to make it more realistic...
Crenden 3
When trying to turn left or right game freezes. Also if you walk through wall you cannot go back and need to start level again. If these gliches were fixed it would be a awesome game.
Marco 5
Outstanding! I've played many "play for free" first person games and this one rocks. It's the essence of what a FPS should be. Varying missions, challenging but not overwhelming enemies (you can take more punishment than the enemy troops or it would be over soon for you), fully free movement in a graphically good looking environment, easy and reactive controls, orientation via mini map, several weapons and exciting missions. A keeper 100%.
Krutarth 1
The game could be much better without any bugs..there are so many places where you get stuck and can't move..In 2nd level the walls disappear when u go near and then you fall down and can't go back up..WOW! can't you devs at least test the game before publishing the game.. enemy AI is so choppy and gun sounds are repetitive af
Rajesh 3
Good but could be better. There is an auto fire in the game that doesn't let me to fire and feel the thrill. An option of sitting down and cover oneself should be there. Without that it is not possible to hide from enemy attacks in some cases. Long range fire with rifles should be there.
Muhammad 5
I appreciate the efforts of Unity for this wonderful game. Controls are good but the background colour should be improved because when your phone brightness is low it makes difficult to detect enemies. I have completed all the missions and waiting for new missions.
roger 4
It's a good game, easy to learn and the controls work good they just need a little work. Sometimes the weapon fires while looking around. The graphics need some work too but over all the game play well.

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