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Epic Little War Game (by Rubicon Development) - strategy game for android - gameplay.

Description & Details

The lighter side of turn based strategy games

It’s time to mobilize because the Little War Game is back and this time it is EPIC!

The latest in the 3.5 million selling series of strategic war games offers an immense array of challenges that will push your battle tactics to the limit, and beyond. With a huge single player mode, online one-on-one or six player skirmishes, and gazillions of maps to dominate (not to mention a random map generator), Epic Little War Game raises the bar for strategy.

Product features:

• Loads of single player missions, tons of maps, map generator, co-op or skirmish online or local play and unique visuals make this the most comprehensive strategic war game on mobile!

• Single player campaign mode teaches newbies ‘the ropes’ and develops battle tactics across an array of intensive missions

• Take on your friends or ally with their forces to defeat the enemy with up to 6 player Skirmish mode

• A massive selection of battlefields, from epic mountain valleys to lush lakeland passes, frozen cliff-top encounters to the heat of vast jungles 

• Random map generator for infinite replayability, plus the ability to save the maps you love playing 

• Online co-operative or PVP gameplay - are you epic enough to take on the world’s greatest Generals? 

• Complete freedom to develop your own tactics, deploying your warriors and hardware, as you see fit – every battle is different!

• Take on several enemies at once and climb the leaderboards to show the world what you are really made of!

• This pay once and play forever game has true console quality and depth. Don’t be cannon fodder, be the greatest military Commander ever. BE EPIC!

Thanks for playing Epic Little War Game. Please let us know what you think with a review or join us on the Epic Little War Game forum at www.rubicondev.com/forum

NB: There are no IAP's. The reason it says so in the display is a mistake that will be corrected when we do our next free update.

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Latest Ratings

Michael 5
Like many fans of the previous games I have waited a long time for this game. All you need to know is it doesn't disappoint! If you liked the others in the series buy it. If you like turn based games buy it. If you liked advance wars on the GBA then buy it. This developer deserves your money for their hard work creating this.
Nedim 1
Update: an app update removed all my active online games. I was 15-20 moves deep into several matches. AAARGH! A new edition of the little war game. Feels like a rewrite using new UI. Not a good as the old one. Graphics too much, hard to see or pick units sometimes. Worst, the AI seems to have taken a big big step back.
Paul 3
Disappointing...if its called epic it should of been better then the previous games but instead it was worse... campaign mode was too easy and ended too fast. I really hope rubicon can come out with another game but i doubt it just because they took so long on releasing this one. If so, Hopefully more difficult and longer lasting campaign mode
Brian 5
All of Rubicon's War Games are fantastic. This one is downright brilliant. Soooo worth the wait. Dozens of settings options for players to customize their experience. Five carefully balanced army factions to suit your play style. Maps look and play wonderfully. A map randomizer with literally *hundreds of thousands* of map combinations -what? Around 30+ different unit types altogether. Land, sea, air. UI is super easy to navigate. All wrapped in Rubi's signature humor and charm. 2017 TBS title of the year - I'm calling it now.
alex 4
Love all the Little war games, this one does not disappoint, new vehicles and weapons, different factions, defences adds a new strategies and depth. However campaign is a little short, could do with more factions, what happened to the power up bonus? also multiplayer seems abit incomplete, you cant have have more than 2 players online in one battle but you can have upto 4 players in skirmish by passing the device. Also oddly, you can save game saves, but not load them? you cant return to the main menu or close the game after you started a mission, so you have to complete it in one sitting or you lose your progress as you cant load saved games! this would be 5 stars if all these issues were corrected
James 5
I'm just glad that this game finally exists! After 3 years of playing "Great Big War Game," I'm more than ready to mix it up. This has separate factions that actually have different abilities (not just different graphics like so many other games). The ability to generate new maps with Minecraft-like seeds means we'll have plenty of variety, and I'm glad we can finally build our own structures. The single-player campaign is fun enough, but multiplayer is where this game shines! And just in time for summer!
Daniel 4
I agree with a previous commenter. ELWG is a bit rougher around the edges compared to previous games in the series. AI is far less intelligent, maps are not nearly as detailed or thought out, land air and sea units unbalanced, and not nearly as lengthy a campaign. I would spend money on extension packs as a way to help you make more money, but the gameplay has to get better. Overall a nice game, but not an improvement compared to your previous games.
Alex 5
Jebus, this is a great game! I haven't even delved into the multiplayer - they're missing a buddy list system but I hope I can find out how to initiate a game with someone specific soon...
Joseph 4
Amazing game. There multiplayer has some kinks to work out, and it's the first game that doesn't give me enough notifications! I'd love a notification when it's my turn in multiplayer.
Darryl 5
Epic battles in this epic little war game. I've played all the missions from all the other games and enjoy the challenge and fun of each mission. Be careful, the snipers are still dangerous! 😉
Rob 3
Bit disappointed to be honest. I've been eagerly awaiting this for ages as I've loved all previous versions. Virtually unplayable on my preferred Samsung SM-T210 and difficult on my Huawei phone. I feel that the new features (power plants etc . ) over complicate the game? Will keep on going as concept is still great but I might have to revert back to GBWG for rhe the umpteenth time,

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