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Battle with your Mini Troops, Grow your Mini Kingdom, and Conquer Mini Land!

Mini Kingdoms is a fast-paced Action-strategy game where you battle other player's Mini Kingdoms to claim riches and glory.

Key features:
- No Build Timers, Buildings and upgrades are constructed instantly in Mini lands.
- No Training Timers, in Mini Lands we use Attack energy to attack.
- Play with thousands of players around the world and see where you stand in the global leader board.
-Deep strategic puzzle-like game play, Only your skill will determine the battle outcome.

What are you waiting for? Join our Mini world and lead your Mini Kingdom to glory!

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4.0.3 and up
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Torio 3
Create the global map to find enemy or land to other mini sectors with sector allies to perform wars,,For more exciting & trail game...the random enemy is very common & boring now a days honestly.. Then add some units or hero every mouths..absolutely the players are excited to own the units & hero by participating every event by collecting HP to buy a unit or hero..if it's happened, i'm sure absolutely fantastic addicted for the future.. This game is a high potential for being simple graphics to add others stuff..3 star for now
Gerardo 5
Awesome game but there is so little to upgrade why dont you guys make like till town hall 8 and defenses lvl9 that will be awesome keep up the good work
Kent 5
ItThis is so perfect game and much perfect if theres an update plzzzzz dont give up on making this great game plzzzzz.thank you so much.and please can you remove attact energy thanks it will help a lot
Aldrin 5
Im a Clash of Clan player, Also Im playing Cloud Raiders and Castle Clash but this one is different although not very good graphics it has no build time :) Thats why i like it :) Im already lvl 10 player and hoping for more updates :) Pls add more units buildings and graphics and this game will earn fame !!
Mickel 5
Please update the game. add the clan and clan war. Add the hero. And please balance the game some base have 3 ground tower while the new max has only 2.
Dominique 3
3 Star only if you want 5Star then Read this For 4Star create a Guild and for 5Star Create more heroes like Golem and Wolfs and add more dungeon stage because its hard to get Gold and Energy thats all and Thanks!
Christopher 3
It's a really fun game, very simplistic and east to play. I do have some problems with it however. First off, some of the town hall five players have one more ground defense than me, and I can't buy a third one like them. Please make it to where all town hall 5 players have equal defense. Also, where the clans at? Your pictures say there's clans, but there's not... And one more thing, the chat is useless. I think it would be used a lot more if the game didn't put random scrubs raids in there. No one talks in the global chat, so why have it? Other than these issues, I think the game is great. I improve the rating if you can fix these issues. Just some constructive criticism though.
/\aron 4
Would be 5 stars but for someone with no interest whatsoever in pvp, having to log back in with only a fraction of the gold I should have is really annoying
Eric 5
Cant play out of the blue. Says I cant connect to server but other than that it is an amazing game
jepoy 3
Nid improvement seach war gems store to much high nid free fights and we want clan.... For clan war..
Marilyn 4
I would have given it all a five star but I hate the attack energy please give more than just three maybe only 15 or 10

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