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Command troops in a Sengoku fantasy! Enlist from 200 Samurai!

Collect Hundreds of Cards, Challenge Your Friends around the World in Real-time RPG Battle, Enlist the Renowned Samurai and Witness the unification of Sengoku Japan!

Sengoku Samurai is a strategy RPG game of Sengoku proportion, produced on the 4th Anniversary of Siege of Osaka. Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Shingen Takeda and a list of great names will be under your command and you need to assemble the best team that suits you!

You will also enjoy as you crush enemies:

REAL Sengoku History – Present the actual taste of Sengoku Japanese
Amazing city design based on the real Sengoku city and building blueprints; Hundreds of the famous Samurai come back to life, voiced over by the most popular voice actors and actress in Japan!

CREATIVE Gameplay – A mix of Real-time PRG and Strategy featured 3D Design
Combined the PRG and Real-time Strategy setting to diversify the gameplay: TRAIN your favorite samurai, join a GUILD where you can meet and grow with new FRIENDS, ADVENTURE in all kinds of battles, challenge BOSSES, and participate in CORSS-SERVER guild wars!

Major Features:
@ HUNDREDS of Samurai, THREE types of units, THOUSANDS of combination: assemble the best the team that fits your strategic belief, take a good use of the COUNTERS among different types of units and struggle for the best prizes.

@ MASSIVE battleground and traditional Samurai duel: in a battlefield that accommodates up to 100,000 soldiers, only can the greatest commanders and strategists survive. Be insightful not only of the strength and weakness of each BUSHI but the timing when giving command!

@ PVP against REAL players around the world at REAL time: choose to join any of the four major power, conquer the renowned STRONGHOLDS and KEEPS in Japanese history, and quell the challengers that even come from another realm of this universe and win handsome reward!

@ ORIGINAL Sengoku Japanese Taste in all dimensions: travel the Sengoku world which is based on the real history by following the engaging fantasy STORYLINE, learn about how the DAIMYOS strategize their army for the win and enjoy the trending Japanese-style BGM!

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Latest Ratings

Eric 1
Won't. Freaking. Load. This would be a 5 star game... If it would start. When I downloaded it I was about to play for about 2 hours and it was awesome. Pretty much Nobunaga's Ambition Mobile, which is awesome. However now the app will not start. Stuck at 60% load screen even after leaving app loading for 30 min, restarted app and phone and it's been over 24 hrs since I could actually play. Literally just wasting space if it won't start!
Cathari 3
Duel system is really stupid, it will damage your phone.. Tapping the drum to make your enemy to be killed? No.. It will kill the phone instead, not the enemy.. Can you make it more comfortable?? Also the arena is imbalance, i got access arena for the first time and got opponent with 6k forces while my forces is 3k.. In 10 tries, i just got 2 oppenent with 2k-3k forces..
OngBut 1
Very annoying that I only can play the game through wifi, always network failure when use mobile data @@ what's going on? A mobile game can't play through mobile data , so disappointed
Helly 5
wow just wow...its best strategy game...but to many thing still does not understand such as what is bulion, tally, and many more...what use silver coin? Still hard to understand. A little advice, pls add some more tutorial about curency use in this game
Hated that there's a seperate server for Android and iOS and no notice for that whatsoever. Played and payed for the games on my iPad. Now when I want to play it on the go on my android phone using the same account. I need to start a new game. Beware of this.
Pak 3
Like the conseps, look like Sengokuixa and Nobunaga ambitions. But can u fix the ui for menu? Too much buttons on screen kinda annoying.
Otis 1
I've tried 4 Times to download this game...I've waited 4 hours, hour each time I tried to play...never seen anything but the loading screen. But the it randomly send push notifications. I was excited To play this game...ninjas suck samurai rule...except these samurai really do suck. Fix the game and you won't get low and negative reviews.
Seleme 2
I have found the solution guys :if the game wouldn't work or downloaded using Google play account remove the game and install it again but use your Facebook accout and after you play for a little while close it and log in again sometimes you will see the game reinstalling don't close it let it finish and then they will ask you to bind your account so bind it and you are good to go :) / the game is great by the way (the game team should hire me as one of the support team lol) but the game is unbalacend and you will be matched with more power full enemies and the drawing system suck basicly it depends on luck unless you spend $$$ which so disappointing so overall its a great game in a bad atmosphere
rotsen 4
Igive 5if you give the things I buy I buy the $0.99 it didnt give me what I bougth.. its a nice game btw.p
Evan 1
The game itself was ok, but I need to download "game resource" again and again from 0 every time i opened the game... please kindly fix this issue..
arthur 3
Havin issues playin after loading up I've logged in and loads up to 69 percent and stops. Closed the app and it restarts the loading that usually happen when you first open a new app.

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