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By Shallot Games, LLC Category Sports #4

Vista Golf (by Shallot Games, LLC) - sport game for android - gameplay.

Description & Details

Competitive Zen Mini Golf

Vista Golf is a simple but elegant mini golf game, defined by crisp controls and the endless competition of new courses every week. We wanted to create the purest form of mini golf in your pocket, so if you seek both fun and frustration, Vista Golf is your game.

Competitive Mode: Each week, compete for the top spot across three 18-hole courses. At the end of each week, three leaders are crowned, and three beautiful new courses will be opened.

Infinite Mode: Relax and play as far as you'd like on our slightly-larger-than-regulation-size endless course.

-3 new courses every week!
-Cross-platform leaderboards!
-Achievements with unlockable badges!
-Infinite mode!
-Simple drag-and-shoot controls!

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4.1 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Dale 4
Great visuals, neat random course generator so that courses are kept fresh every week. The physics, however, need some work as the ball's motion feels like it's in slo-mo, plus if it bounces it's like it's on the moon! Other than that, nice time waster. No idea how people are getting very low scores but whatever, it's free and that's what makes it nice.
Brian 3
It's a good start. The physics and UI are horrendous. Bad angles mostly. The arrow that extends from the ball as you pull back is very misleading. Get rid of it. Makes the power scale feel non-linear, as it is your only frame of reference, but isn't perfectly relative to the resulting shot. The controls could use some work. Add a toggle switch for swivel camera, rather than moving "outside the circle." Even while trying to avoid it, I managed to make a couple of accidental shots. Clean UI is nice, but not at the cost of practicality. But it's a nice looking game, and simple enough. Just a couple of small tweaks could make it excellent!
Dismas 1
One of the worst games I've played in a while, don't waste your time
benymac 3
Games like these are meant to be appreciated!! It's a lovely game in the 'chill out' genre; where you just wanna pass time. Over all I will rate the game 3.5/5. Great job guys. Gameplay: 3.5/5 Graphics: 3.5/5 Controls: 3.5/5 Sounds: 3.5/5
It was stupid and the physics don't make sense
Dakota 3
Look, if I was playin minigolf and hit the ball at 100% power, I'd launch that ball way farther than 10 feet I'll tell ya that.
kevin 4
Slightly awkward bounces from flat walls otherwise good
poopdoop 5
Absolutely amazing but would be better if you could make your own courses
Seth 4
A great time waster with neat but not complicated physics that constantly manages to relax and entertain.
Dannielle 4
Fun game, just wish there were more levels.
Warren 5
Thought the game was great and I enjoyed spending time playing it

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