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Description & Details - 5/5 PvP shooter moba with a top view.Setup your robot and dominate! is a classic MMO shooter. Earn gold in the battles in the arena. Buy the best weapons, improve your robot! Dominate! Fight with your friends anywhere, show them who is the king of the arena!
Join the battle in the online game! A variety of ammunition and vehicles - all for your enjoyment!

- No donat, no iap for power - only hardcore battles!
- Create awesome clan with your friends!
- Play online: many allies and enemies!
- A variety of maps and arenas
- Chat with friends in chat
- Nimble fingers: the most skillful player wins!
- Pick & Win: gain an advantage on the battlefield picking up bonuses!
- New content: we are always adding something new in the game - new weapons, maps, and other features!
- Take part in the global opening event and get more gold and glory!
- Stunning graphics, soft shadows and lush effects

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Important tips:
- The game requires an Internet connection, use wifi for maximum comfort.
- Received coins, open tanks are stored on your device. DO NOT DELETE THE GAME before the update, otherwise all achievements WILL BE LOST!

We wish you a pleasant game, and good luck in arenas of!

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2.3 and up
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100000 - 500000
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Cyan 5
Great .io game! The controls are nice, graphics are smooth, gameplay is fun, overall one of the nicest .io games out there. A game similar to WWR with fun fidgety mechanics with a variety of cool weapons, love playing it in my downtime :D
Cindi 4
I really like this game. There is one problem though. Every time I try to create a clan, It says invalid symbol in name. Can you possibly fix this. Thank you.
alen 5
I think that this game could use a bit new game play like, TEAM DEATH MATCH, DEATH MATCH, and TEAM hijacking. Team hijac is where two team hijack each others flag or docments. But reallyy love this game and add my request please please!! #Next Update Is Here 😊
Alexpinkalot 5
I love this game. It has a screen recorder that actually works too! Can you add a thing to the screen recorder that allows me to speak into a mic and have that in the video?
Shadow 5
Definitely worth downloading. Matches are easy to come by, balance is very nicely managed with interesting alternatives to gameplay, and in general controls work well. Ads after every match are understandable and in my opinion not excessively intrusive. No color or mech customization outside of weapons without paying is... Again understandable, seriously, it's aesthetics, would people rather they monetize weapon choices? People have to eat you know. And to everyone who is crying War Robots ripoff, yeah, it's war robots, without the bloody progression system that quickly gets out of hand. Seriously, War Robots doesn't hold a candle to this in my honest opinion. Only thing I can think of to truly criticize is the lock on controls can be a little fidgety when trying to use high reload time weapons. Railguns are somewhat frustrating to use at times, lock on missile weapons feel a little odd too, I feel encouraged to spam touch to fire them off as fast as I can while standing still. Otherwise controls feel rock solid.
Beth 5
I cant leave my clan to join other and o dont know how to join pls put instructions somewhere for the clans but other than that i cant stop playing this game
Kei 3
Gameplay characters jump around or its hackers. Weapons control not that good. Game gets boring very quickly.
Shiroe 5
Game developers,this game is awesome well for me I like it and others say they can feel the aspect of WWR and they say its copying well the game itself has aspects of different game but I still like it XD,IS feel like playing a lighter,"for-low-end-devices" version of WWR which is nice.
Ashley 4
I like how its based off the walking war robots designs And the firing button is the same Try making some new designs Fun game sould recommend
FaZe 5
Free stuff I know his game is a rippoff from Walking war robot but I like it becuz you get free stuff
Daniel 3
Why did u copy walking war robots (WWR) its a copy

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