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Description & Details

Upgrader + Case Opener + Jackpot&Coinflip online + Trades + Scratch + Shop +Slot

Case Upgrader is based on skins from Counter Strike Global Offensive. Open cases, upgrade skins, chat&trade with other players, play jackpot&coinflip online and more!

Upgrade your old skin to new better skin! Available multipliers: 1.5x,2.0x,5.0x,10.0x

Case opener&Special cases
Open cases with all skins or special cases with specific skins. You can open 4 cases at time. Earned skins you can use in upgrader, trades, contracts, coinflip, jackpot, tower, slot machine.

Slot machine&Tower
Multiply your skins by up to 6000x in tower or slot machine!

Fight with other players and earn more skins in online modes!

Chat and trade with other users online!

Try your luck, choose three good cards and win skin!

Flappy Gaben
Fly with gaben and collect skins. The further you are, the better skins will be.
Reach the best score and get top1!

Find skins on 5x5 board!

All skins&Realistic prices
Our app has all skins including souvenir & StatTrak & phases of dopplers

All ranks implemented!

Buy or sell your skins using our currency!

Mystic skins
These are extra skins created by us to improve gameplay!

Notice: Case Upgrader is a simulation and all skins which you have found here, can not be used in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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4.4 and up
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500000 - 1000000
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Latest Ratings

Silencer 5
This simulator is awesome and I spent an hours playing it. I hope if there is another update for this simulator the items' price will be the same as the real item.
Nicholas 1
Extremely cluttered display, obtrusive advertisements (some being from very unreputable sources) and absolutely disgusting playerbase. Pathetic effort.
Will 1
Too many ads...i get one every 60 like to play not wat h ads all day so im not playing til u fix this problem
Julius 5
I'm able to open with no crashes nor do I have problems with looks and how it works
Jaimitin_Legend 3
The game is fun, it can keep you entertained for hours, and it was fine until the last update, now I can't open the app without it crashing after loading resources. I will fix my rating once this issue is fixed.
I really like it. There's only 1 thing that I think should be better: when u buy something in shop, u don't know if is factory new, well-worn or something like this. It's the only thing I'd like to have
BugbugGaming_ 3
Well, the game was really great! I loved it alot!...But....It's crashing every time I click a case or play a game in it. SO IT'S SO HARD TO PLAY!!! Please fix this and I will love and support the game. "☆☆☆" Fix = "☆☆☆☆☆"
david 4
Very good, but there could be more insentive to get better skins because very quickly you can just have any skin you want and theres nothing left to do but i reccomend this game
Riaan 3
Keeps me entertained but why is there no reward system? Would be nice of you can get a skin per week or depending on trades and upgrades...
1 2
I probs would like it but as soon as it gets to the case upgrader loading data it crashes and i really want to play it if u pls fix that I'll have a chance to give a good review other than that ty for reading 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mr 3
The game is great I could play for hours on end and still not get bored but everytime I open a case the game closes and says unfortunately it has stopped and its quite annoying because it's a good game. Please fix will fix my rating when its fixes.

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