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AR Atom Visualizer is the first #ARCore app to be published on the Play Store!

From Signal Garden Inc., AR Atom Visualizer is the first ARCore app to be published on the Play Store.

Note: AR Atom Visualizer requires Google ARCore Preview and a compatible Android device. ARCore Preview is experimental software not supported by all devices.

AR Atom Visualizer is an app that allows you to view and explore atomic models in Augmented Reality with Google ARCore on your smartphone.

Most of us understand the basic structure of an atom: a nucleus containing protons and neutrons, surrounded by orbiting electrons. But how are those electrons organized? How do they move? What do they look like?

Scientists and science teachers use two common models to visualize atoms and answer these questions.

The Bohr model presents the atom as a shell containing a nucleus and the electrons in orbit around it. It helps us understand the energy level of electrons and how they are organised in relation to the nucleus.

The quantum mechanical model presents the atom as an electron cloud. This helps us understand the possible location of the electrons in relation to the nucleus.

AR Atom Visualizer uses Augmented Reality to create 3D animated visualizations of both these models of any atom in real space, just by using the camera on your smartphone.

It couldn’t be simpler:
Launching the app starts your phone’s camera.
Clicking the plus button lets you choose any of the 118 elements in the periodic table and creates a 3D animated atomic model.
Place the atom wherever you want it in real space and view it through your phone’s camera.
Pause or adjust the electron animation speed with the slider
Learn more about the element you’ve chosen by clicking on a handy Wikipedia link.
Choose to visualize the atom with the Bohr model, complete with 3D electron shell and nucleus and animated orbiting electrons, or the quantum mechanical model, complete with animated electron cloud.
Visualize multiple atoms simultaneously. Removing them is as simple as clicking the trash button at the bottom of the screen.

AR Atom Visualizer brings science home, and to the classroom, and lets you learn how physics affects reality everywhere. What is air made of? What are the objects around us made of? AR Atom Visualizer is a valuable pedagogical tool that helps to begin answering these questions, and is simple enough to be used even in kindergarten.

AR Atom Visualizer was designed and built in just eight weeks by Jonathan Barndt during his National Science Foundation STEP Summer 2017 internship at Signal Garden Inc., as part of the NSF STEM Talent Expansion Program. Jonathan was mentored in Signal Garden by Dylan Hart (lead engineer of Signal Mapper for Google Tango) and Omar Shaikh (lead engineer of Solar Simulator for Google Tango).
Jonathan is a sophomore Computer Science student at University of New Mexico.

Project Supervisor: Dylan Hart
Project Coordinator: Omar Shaikh
Project Onboarding: James Croney
UNM STEP Project Advisor: Prof. Cassiano de Oliveira
UNM STEP Program Coordinator: Kelly Cockrell

Powered by the Electrolyte Engine™
© 2017 Signal Garden Inc. All rights reserved.

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Latest Ratings

Daniel 4
I think it is pretty cool as basically a tech demo. The graphics are not the best, nor is the interface, but it works as it is intended to. For the first ARCore app on the market, I think it is good.
Connor 5
First app to use AR Core and does it in a brilliant way. Would be great if you could expand the app to include placement options (placing on a surface) and have the atoms react to light.
Rommel 5
Simple, yet it blew my mind! (Samsung Galaxy S8) . I hope they can integrate this technology with the current GearVR and provide positional tracking to it.
Harsh 5
Very cool. A bit laggy, but it's expected from a first release. Well done!
Javed 5
Finally AR reality application has arrived with Atom visualisation. One of the best application which I ever used for AR...Fabulous work by Signal Garden... Keep improving by new updates
Joey 5
Wow this works great for a preview! I placed them in my kitchen and no mater where I went or how far I walked they stayed put very cool
Mason 5
Works amazing great job will definitely be using this to help with chem homework
Brandon 1
Excited to try this but I get an error that it's not installed. Verizon Pixel on Oreo.
Bradley 1
"Google ARCore Service is not installed". OK, how about you tell me how to install that service instead of just exiting out of the app?
Jack 5
This is the single best application I have ever installed. If this is day 1 for AR. I cannot wait for the future.
Carson 1
Welp, doesn't work on my Pixel 2 XL. Consistently crashes upon launch. :(

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