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Take your guns, aim and shoot your enemies! Download now for the best FPS games!

In Gang War Mafia, you're pitted against other rival gangs in brutal military style combat. The objective is to be the last gangster standing. Each gang has their own unique styles of combat and it's up to you to learn and using strategy out flank and out gun them.

Gang War Mafia focuses on a community based multiplayer system, allowing you to share your stats around the world, on Android & IOS devices. Players are allowed to custom design their own personal gangster to fit their needs and send them out to cause mayhem and devastation.

In Gang War Mafia, the world is your playground and life is a battlefield.

Now!!! Take your guns, aim and shoot your enemies!

If you like war games or FPS games, you will love Gang War Mafia: one of the most fun and addicting shooting games ever!
Let’s enjoy game and shoot to kill!

Gang War Mafia in 7 words: great gameplay, awesome visuals and entertaining missions. And best of all? It's a free game to kill the time!

Game features:
- Many powerful weapons, customize your exclusive roles.
- Ultra realistic 3D graphics.
- Hundreds of achievement to learn and use strategy out flank and out gun them.
- Easy and intuitive controls.
- FREE game: play it both on your phone and tablet.

DOWNLOAD the app for FREE now and don't miss amazing NEW CONTENT on periodic UPDATES.

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Brandon 5
Great game fun playing though would do better without all the cussing in it especially got little kids playing they don't need that. Controls are pretty good though could use little work, but other than that great work hopefully we can start teams soon and groups thank you. Can you fix your game it keeps shutting down your app isn't working!!!!
BB 5
Haven't played such a game on a phone. Works perfect, no glitches, no hanging, fast loading. Now no need to spends thousand on play station . And the best part, so many locations. Also a lot of multiplayer traffic, so you don't need to wait for hours to search for competents.....
Arjun 5
Fantastic graphics and controls are perfect ..I'm sleeping on the streets and I have no WiFi and or service and I can still play this game.. love the fact you can play offline with bots free-for-all and team deathmatch and its online as well plus you can custom you controls as well.. well done I'm impressed just add scopes and sights to the guns plus add a Sprint botton or make it so you Sprint automaticilly. If you can make the guns customizable would be awasome as well but definitely scope and sights for the gun would be better.. and if you can make it so you can keep the skins on the guns would be better then just keeping them for 3 or 7 days..that's the issue as well. So please fix that.. it would be cool to if you can record your videos while battling would be great..thanks
Norman 4
Gameplay and graphics are wonderful. However, the control really sucks. Even if I adjusted the sensitivity to the highest, it is still rather slow to turn around in fast-paced fighting. Can you fix it to make the control more smooth and sensitive?
Yuvraj 5
Dear developers, all this game needs is a classic mode where dead enemies reappear after the end of a round of limited time and the team with last man standing wins. For more downloads you must keep this game similar to CS:GO. Please add maps like dust, untitled, aztec and poolparty like counter strike condition zero. No need to make any changes in controls and gameplay. Just add the maps and a classic mode :-)
Dhruv 5
Nice graphics Nice game play But there should be just one area in multi player and if you want to have different columns let them be team team DM DM BomB not the continent's Overall Good☺😊😀😁
WesleyPlayz 5
I give all five stars THIS IS THE BEST SHOOTER EVER!! But You know what will make it better a kill cam to make Iike call of duty please do a kill cam. OTHERWISE GREAT WORK
korjevich 4
Good game and very addictive!! Kaso madalas ang connecting to server kahit malakas naman ang internet namin. At lastly, nasa level 14 na ako nang bigla na lang pag open ko nung nakaraang linggo ay bumalik sa level 1. Kaya bad trip dahil ang tagal kong pina level ang charater ko.
Arjun 5
E is actually fantastic... I'm addicted to this game. Everything is just great,weapons and all other things. But I have just one request is that the MODE OF UPGRADE of the weapons need to change. Please fix a separate upgrades like range, accuracy, bullets, etc. Please make right that.
Joshua 4
Nice game but I just want to suggest that can you make the sniper more accurate? All I want to say is that just like in conuter strike that you can use sight which you can zoom in zoom out so that it will looks like a real sniper. And hope that the level which we can unlock other weapons will be ajusted or lower cause I played it always but the level Ive got is not enough to reach even level 5. Thank you
ScopeGaming 3
I'm sorry but this game is to hard for me. Your dead before you even biggin to fight. The map is not much of a big help. The ennimes is everywhere and it's to diffecult to track them down. But this game is fantastic, only it's not for me.😉


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