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Calculator: The Game gameplay Android-iOS

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Complete challenging puzzles using an amazing device!

In a world of calculators, one dared to become a game.

Sure, you've used calculators before, but have you ever "played" a calculator?

Welcome to Calculator: The Game where you'll manipulate numbers by adding them, subtracting them, converting them, reversing them, and stuffing them through portals ... yes ... PORTALS.

Calculator: The Game features:
- LCD DISPLAY for extra long equations
- COMFORTABLE BUTTONS designed for modern gameplay
- CLICKY, THE SNARKY ASSISTANT who will help you win
- APPROVED for use in Calculator: The Game

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4.1 and up
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USK: All ages
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500000 - 1000000
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Patrick 3
Fun puzzles... not just calculations but logic and patterns. At times easy at times hard... very fun unpredictability. Has it been said enough...too many ads! I usually click on a few if they didn't make me so frustrated. Bug... when portals appear, if division results in a decimal the game crashes.
Andrea 5
Simple to understand, yet still challenging. A great game for math-lovers with an interesting plot to boot! The only issue I had was that the game would freeze in the portal levels if you divided into a decimal. Still one of the best apps I've downloaded.
Zvika 3
The game itself is great, really fun and creative, but the ads are killing me - I don't mind ads usually, if it's a bar at the top/bottom, it even full screen ones if you can easily move then away, but the ads are really obnoxious. The ads cover the entire screen, have sound that you can't always turn off and require you to wait a few seconds before you can move on. Even this would've been tolerable, but an ad every 3-5 levels? That's an ad every couple of minutes - extremely annoying.
Ross 2
Game bothers you too often with ads, dialog, request for review extremely early in gameplay. Also game forces you to use one of the initial hints it gives you... I know it's only reasonable to treat it as if the game gave you one less hint to begin with, but it still doesn't feel good. Seems to be full of a lot of rookie development issues. So far it seems stable and as an inoffensive way to waste some time. I give it a bonus star for that. TL;DR - Could be incredible if only it were a little more refined with a few less ads. Give me a hook before you shake me down for revenue.
Vynce 3
The puzzles so far are pretty good, but the app is not great. Most flagrantly, the sound effects cannot be turned off. Potentially seriously, it requests permissions it cannot legitimately need. And on a personal aesthetic note, it forces you to use a hint to see how the hints work; I would rather be allowed to play that level without being forced to get a hint, because I would like to know that I can do it without the hint.
Roshan 5
Edited review: I'm in the 182nd level. And I have to say. This game is TOO good to miss for puzzle lovers. New buttons and mechanics seem to come constantly. After a stage, this game becomes mind-bending. I'm VERY happy with the game. It deserves more than 5 stars :)
Alex 4
It is fun easy at Times bit generally u have to think about them 2 get the right answer I like it but I don't totally love it. Haven't had it that long and only on level 14 downloaded it about 2 hrs ago but haven't been on the app for the hole 2hrs as I haven't had it that long I feel I have a lot to sa6 about this game and the review I have given is a positive one as I get bored easily and games what I enjoy r really hard 2 find but this one I like and it entertains me
Michael 2
Way too many ads. It completely sucks the fun out of what is otherwise a decent game. I got to the 23rd level (they take less than a minute each), and uninstalled after that. I was interrupted by ads at least five times in the short time I played, and one was an unskippable 30-second video. Avoid this game.
Chris 5
This game is great for someone who loves to do math like me. I think you should add a mode where you get a random set of buttons and you have to try to get as many unique numbers as you can within a time limit. The mode could also be played without a timer, kind of like an endless mode.
The very frequent full screen ads take way too long before you can continue and sometimes I unintentionally click them. Really annoying. And I suspect there is something wrong with performance. The game slows my phone down. Other than that cool game!
Katie 3
I loved this game... until I got to level 155... of which I paid for the hints. All 8 of them because I had spent 2 days on this one level. After paying for the hints it still doesn't solve the level correctly!!! So not only have I lost money on hints that arent correct but I can't get past the level!!

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