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Sword Of Shadows Android iOS Gameplay

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Destroy enemies and steal the throne in this fast-paced martial arts adventure!

In the latest version of Sword of Shadows, Siege Warfare, players can participate in the most intense cross-service siege battleground yet for a taste of ultimate ruthlessness. The new companion, Undertaker Bai, and new divine weapon, Endless Jade Sword, are now available to add to your lineup. Want more resources and experience? The Jianghu Security and Lucky Wheel will help you beef up your stats. As the seasons begin to change, Sword of Shadows changes too. Sharpen your weapons for the Siege Warfare update!

Panoramic Martial Arts Kingdom

Powered by the second generation Flexi Engine, Sword of Shadows takes players on an authentic journey through an ancient martial arts kingdom, as they become legendary warriors. We've paid incredible attention to detail to ensure that Sword of Shadows raises the bar in terms of what 3D mobile games can accomplish visually.

Revolutionary Flying Skills & Sky Battles

In Sword of Shadows, players can literally take flight, allowing them to experience a martial arts battle like never before. The Eight Fighting Flying Skill allows players to soar above their PvP opponents. Players can also learn the Ultra Flying Skills to fly across Sword of Shadows' expansive map.

Fast-Paced and Dynamic Combat

Sword of Shadows' fast-paced and dynamic combat mechanism allows players to adjust the combat mode based on the circumstances of the fight. Players will master a range of martial arts abilities and battle tactics, including the ability to block feints and break through defenses to defeat opponents. The Snail team has also added refraction and displacement effects to increase the visual impact of Sword of Shadows' unique martial arts moves.

Five Unique Schools to Join

The path to martial arts mastery begins in one of Jianghu's five Martial Arts Schools! Each school has unique qualities that provide endless opportunities for character customization. Are you a swift and silent Tangmen ninja? Or are you more Emei, as brutal as you are beautiful? Between the five featured schools in Sword of Shadows, players are guaranteed to find the path to martial arts mastery that is perfect for them.

Visit our official site to learn more about Sword of Shadows: http://sword.snail.com/en/
Join the Sword of Shadows community and learn more on Facebook and our official Forum:
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Latest Ratings

Dark 5
Uninstalled too much lag. I play HIT max graphics no lag.... Pls fix what more can i say? I pay for games i play....
Cloud 5
Love the game but my lvl 67 character who was my only character was deleted after my phone got reset so I don't play anymore kinda sucks cuz I used money on the game too
Karlo 2
I want to try this game but i can't connect to your server. What's the problem?
Nobody 2
IT NEVER LOADED It was so slow and took more than 5 minutes to load!
Yehya 3
you can add a new school like an art of using steel fans for example. But it is a great game
mostafa 3
Hey snail games..first i download this game i get very excited and i like the graphics and the flying option but after time i found the game really boring nothing new just tap on quests and it walk by itself and complete the mission nothing more..the game is not as i thought..in all of your games as sword of shadows..dragon revolt..taichi panda 3 let players do something in the game..this auto quests is really kill the game
Agus 1
this game depend on luck to get almost items or even on war
Kerem 1
Nice But No1 UNFAIR&RACIST Game of all time.If not a paid player DONT waste your time.Getting Attacked by other high might players on low mights on any map is Constant Especially when fighting WARLORDS.1st game i give Thumbs DOWN.Poor cause Game is only created for ASIANS..If you not Asian Don't bother downloading ....RACIST Game Developers
Juraimi 5
I love the game but most of the time I have issues logging in the game,wish someone could help me
Dnyaneshwar 2
My game isn't starting. When I touch 'enter game' it just shows connecting and again shows the same display.it isn't starting..
boo 1
You really need to find balance between paying and free players I can't progress after the update you taken more away then given. 1.would like legends back to 20. 2.Security I love it. But stuck on level 4 so no use too me. 3. Bh u need to either name as that not water palace. 4. Wheel thing 8 love it could use option to use silver. 5.green pills and temper hammers are the most needed but less resources for them add them to martial law and weekly and legends. 6. Auto button should be placed on everything conquest, WT etc etc should be up to players to use it or not. 7. Season ticket only good for gold yet that is all we should be able to more unbound silver vip users could have new hair or stuff like that or season card useless.. Btw seems silver amount gone down also. 8.siege is brilliant but time on waiting is redonkulous I waited for half n hour one point not everyone's idea time wasted on siege when other stuff needs to be done.. Last of all war zone I got somone triple my might that's not a fair battle should be might based and in realms also... You got people paying to be strong then players that are working buts off to In crease might without the help of paying for extras btw we should be able to collect shards in shop for different weapons and costume and hair mounts.. Lastly I had enough of players putting redonkulous amounts of silver on item's in trade yet they are biggest complainers that they don't like playing against poor or noob players yet there the ones that's stopping the growth in players my server had a merge recently but is slowly losing players.. It's a dieing game.


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