Wild West: New Frontier

Wild West: New Frontier








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By Social Quantum Ltd Category Simulation #4

Description & Details

Find fame and farming success in the Wild West!

Play a free game set in the Wild West!

Build and run your own farm; it takes just 10 minutes a day to make the land prosper.

• Play with friends!
• Grow corn and rye, berries and fruit
• Raise and feed cows, chickens, and pigs
• Build the grill, bakery and summer kitchen—and get cooking!
• Sell goods from your farm at the best prices
• Open a mine and get gold and silver


• Unique 3D graphics
• Ability to chat with friends
• Camera rotation—inspect your farm from every angle!

On your farm, you can:

• Cultivate helpful plants
• Adopt and care for cute animals
• Construct an original farmscape
• Make dishes with produce you grew yourself, using recipes from the Old West
• Develop manufacturing to get wood, stone, gold and silver

The Wild West awaits you!

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Latest Ratings

Jade 3
It's a good game, with it being 3D and all. However, I don't like that everything takes so long to do that I end up playing other games similar to this where time is not much of an issue. Also, sometimes, when I start up the game or go back to it via multi-task, I come across a blank screen for a while. And it's still there even after resetting it a couple times. I would fully enjoy it, along with the great graphics if the production time for all and even the animals lessen, and if that blank white screen bug was fixed. For now, I give it a 3 stars, mainly because of the graphics. I'll still play it and see over time if there are any improvements at all. If not, bye bye game.
Kathy 1
I like the game but its frustrating when you need to do something n u go do do it then it's blank! I can provide a picture! Please hit me up cuz I need sum help!
Polly 3
Would not be so bad if had better explanations. Have 2 customers, Unable to figure out how to sell them what they want. Items in grainary, but don't know how to get it to them? Need clearer directions.
Aline 4
I find the game time in completing tasks exaturated and the level of aquiring an object such as the craft shop far fitched. Objects in building the silo and barn extremly hard to find. Totally unreasonable and unrelastlic, would of been a fantastic game if thought properly when making it.
Silva 5
Love it its just what I been looking for. Lol wester bucks for decor no not kool. The bucks are too hard to come by. Horseshoes the same to hard takes too long. I like to play for hours and get things done and move up. Having my ranch just right.
Diana 5
Haven't been playing long but as of now I'm loving it! Will see how it goes as far as ability to acquire building materials as well as competing in stage coach races. I have high hopes for this game!
Amber 3
I would rate this higher if the account settings weren't so poor. Can't view your user ID or change the name of your market from mobile, which is ridiculous. Getting pretty fed up with this.
Hannah 4
The only thing i do not like about this game is that it takes so long to produce products. I would give 5 stars if the time was cut down.
MarionCat2004 5
I love this game it's fun easy to play, not too hard to learn and you can spend hours making your farm as customisable as you want if you're the kind of person who has a bit of time on your hand this is the game for you.
DiamondToCute 4
The graphics are so cute, But they should really let us do much more. Cause the game still haven't develop so we would expect this.
Jeanette 4
Great graphics. A lot like Hay Day. Upgrades are VERY expensive, and some things, (pigs) take toooo long.


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