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Smurfs Bubble Story (By Sony Pictures Television) - iOs / Android Gameplay

Description & Details

Join the Smurfs on a bubble-blasting adventure!

Ready, aim — pop! Embark on a colorful, bubble shooting adventure with all your favorite Smurfs in Smurfs Bubble Story! Travel with Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy and rest of the Smurfs family, on a quest across a forbidden forest, mysterious meadows and rushing rivers to pick up the other Smurfs kids who have gone lost. Join these little blue folks on an amazing magic adventure as they discover new Smurfs, explore the Smurf world, and go toe to (smaller and very blue) toe with Gargamel. Earn rewards, unleash special moves, and expand your Smurfs collection as you puzzle pop your way to victory! Line up the perfect shot and trigger massive chain reactions by using each Smurf's individual amazing abilities.


MATCH BUBBLES - Pop matching bubbles to collect tons of magical items.

BUILD YOUR SMURFS COLLECTION - Collect all unique Smurfs for special abilities to blitz through missions. 

FEATURING YOUR FAVORITE BLUE FRIENDS - Just like in the cartoons, meet Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy, Clumsy, and more.

HUNDREDS OF MISSIONS - Countless missions with addictive, yet challenging obstacles.

EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL WORLD - Journey through the Smurfdom filled with stunning visual assets from the movie.

PLAY BOSS BATTLES - Face off against Gargamel and his minions in bubble blasting showdown to win special booster powers!

COMPLETE BONUS MISSIONS - Limited-time challenges to unlock exclusive rewards and new Smurfs!

GET SOCIAL – Connect to Facebook to play your friends and gift extra lives.

CLIMB THE LEADERBOARDS – Beat your friends at collecting the most Smurfs.

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NOTE: If you uninstall Smurfs Bubble Story (or if your device is lost, stolen or destroyed), all unused consumables (In-app purchases) will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to new devices or accounts.
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SMURFS™ & © Peyo 2017 Lafig B./IMPS. Movie © 2017 CPII and LSC Film Corporation and Wanda Culture Holding Co., Ltd. Excluding the foregoing, © Sony Pictures Television Networks Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Latest Ratings

Just 5
Love love love this game!! Wish it was easier to get free things by watching ads. There should be more opportunities to do that. Also, things shouldn't cost so many coins. Wish you didn't have to wait for lives to refill. Other then that.. The game is great!! Keep it up!! 👍 😊
Jonathon 2
I wanted to love this game. At first I thought this would be like collecting Smurf figures when I was a kid. Fun and they're even animated! And it's cheaper than buying all the Smurfs. And I love bubble launcher games. After the last few updates, I'd be better off just buying Smurf figures. The lag on the collection screen is worse with every update. Even the levels (especially smoke) are starting to lag. The 'beat X levels with Y Smurf' quests are terrible if you're stuck on a level. I'm pretty sure the last Hefty challenges I did gave me less bubbles than the original level, making them impossible to complete without buying boosts. And even then they're just about impossible. And the daily gift counter is screwed. One time it went to Day 7 after Day 1, another time it went Day 4 after Day 1. This game started out great, and the graphics have gotten better. Too bad it sucks to play now.
Ann 3
I do love this game BUT there is by no means enough bubbles, it takes forever to build up the coins, and 1000 coins is alot for five extra bubbles and then you never get the colour you need. Some of the boosts dont work, and it doesnt register pappa's quest. I have been stuck in level 76 nearly 10 days now. I only needed 2 bubbles at one point used the coins to get 5 extra and yes you'v guessed it not one if them was the colour needed. Still deciding weather to delete. 🤔 still play but only once aday now or if l'm board, wish it would stop telling me l will lose all l have collected if l dont buy mors bubbles but as l said before building up coins takes fore ever unless you play every half hour. 😐
Jennifer 2
After level 100 you can't keep any coins, which you need... I emailed. I didn't do anything different. But you want reply. Nor fix the problem...
mary 3
Love the game, hate that I have to wait so long for the lives to refill again!
Roy 5
This game is really hilarious and exciting, I would highly recommend this game to anyone 😀
Elizabeth 3
It keeps taking all of my coins and I don't understand why
Lynne 5
Love this game grew up with the smurfs had smurf sheets on my sons bunk beds and pillow cases to match!
Tammy 5
Move smurf interaction with in game would make it more enjoyable
Guy 5
Could use better aimimg,at present when aiming,doesn't always go where I aim.
Angelique.Nel666 5
Its a cool game but I keep losing my money when I update


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