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Confront nazis on historic battlefields of World War 2!

Command allies in 25 epic World War 2 battles. We have created an hardcore historic strategy based on real WW2 events. Build towers and confront nazis on such historic battlefields as Soviet Union, Normandy, Pearl Harbor, Berlin, Poland.

In this strategy we have carefully reproduced main campaigns of second World War:
Battle of Moscow
Operation Overlord or battle of Normandy
Attack of Imperial Japan on american naval base in Pearl Harbor
Battle of Berlin

World War 2 takes place in alternate history of WWII where actual historic events, robots and steampunk machines are mixed together. You will fight with nazis in Normandy and Berlin, defend USSR and Pearl Harbor, organize an escape from death camp in Poland.

Fight with nazis in steampunk World War 2 Syndicate - alternate history game in real historic locations!

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idris 3
it have good quality graphic and sound effect. tower defence style in addition card element making good combination. unfortunately, it have too much ads and honestly it's really annoying. the ads rushing just after clearing the campaign. if the ads can be reduced to just every few minutes then the game can be more enjoyable.
Lots of fun. Great tower defense game with great graphics and funny sound affects. Only reason it got 3 stats and not 5 is because there are way to man adds. There is an add after every stage and the you watch another one to unlock an extra card slot. Super bummer!
Alouie 4
Wheeeew, so many materials. What are we going to do to our less parts? They don't have any importance so far. Can we sell them/parts that we don't like or not in use? Hope we can sell them back to you. Thanks, beautiful plot play!!
Noah 4
It ain't too bad, I do like it. Don't get me wrong, there are just TOO MANY ads. I understand they need money or something, but that many ads is just ridiculous.
Neil 3
I like it but it crashes. I'm able to play smoothly then suddenly I can't press any of the controls but the game is still running with no lags. It's just that the controls can't be pressed then it just crashes.
Caleb 2
Played two levels, got bribed to leave a review. I left one, maybe if they give me time to play it more I'll up the rating.
William 1
Dear developers. I have been meaning to contact you for some time. I hope this communication finds you well. I fed my cat fish paste and then throw it into a pond with hungry piranhas in it. I tried to perform first aid but it had no torso. I hope you can help me in my troubling time. Ps it is not easy to be Jesus
Oliver 4
Great and fun game. Just wish there was a way to upgrade multiple cards at a time. Upgrading becomes tedious and time consuming.
Lane 4
Awsome game but lots of ads. Worth spending a 1$ to get rid of them.
marco 1
This is the dumbest game I've ever played. It would take me too long to list all the reason why, because there is literally nothing fun or interesting about it. It gives no tutorial to start, the "game play" is non existent, and it throw ads at you literally the entire time. Not worth the time it takes to download.
Tyler 3
I like it but lots of ads and sometimes they don't load and parts of the game require an ad to load to function and ads won't load so you're screwed


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