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Simon’s Cat in Crunch Time! - A Match 3 puzzle adventure

Simon’s Cat in Crunch Time! - a Match 3 puzzle adventure
Published by Strawdog.

The devilish crows have swiped Simon’s Cat’s favourite Tasty Treats and only YOU can help him find them!

Join Simon’s Cat, Maisy, Chloe and Jazz, and a cast of determined kitties on a colourful adventure through some pawsome new places where Treats are just waiting to be eaten.
Be ready to collect Tasty Treats, fight off big baddies and befriend a host of animal critters in this FREE puzzle game with added CATitude!

Simple and addictive puzzle gameplay! Connect the same coloured Treats to make a delicious chain!

Play your way through the neighbourhood in six different game modes and hundreds of challenging levels!

Challenge your friends! Can you beat your friends purrfect high score?
Can you beat the villains? Use your Treats and special boosters to fight off Sir Royston the Pug, Mr Potts, hungry hedgehogs and even a treat crazed vacuum cleaner!
Play with Simon’s Cat featuring brand new animations

Simon's Cat is the internet’s most mischievous cat and has become a global phenomenon. Star of over 60 films, which have been watched over 870 million times, and winner of several major industry awards, Simon's Cat has captured the hearts of a worldwide audience.

We are working hard to update the game with new levels that are purrfectly crafted and will leave you feline great!

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Latest Ratings

melissa 5
Game is super fun, but the pics are little crazy not matching up with anything
Dorene 1
Loved this game initially, but when you get to around level 53 it becomes virtually impossible to win without pouring your own money into it buying the extras it takes to continue on to the next level. I'll gladly pay 5 bucks for the game, just don't make me have to pay for each level. Make it easier to earn coins to buy the extras.
Diane 5
Love this game, I'm on level 371 and never had to spend real money to advance. Just keep doing hard levels over and over until you beat it! Developer: Wish you got some coins for taking part in Star Tournament even if you don't get placed top 3. Say 25 coins for top 10, 10 coins for top 20, 5 coins for top 50?
Jenn 3
The game is cute and addictive, but the constant notifications regarding tournament times and lives regenerating forced me to uninstall. They pop up constantly, sometimes in the middle of the night, seems like it may be preventing my phone from going into sleep mode therefore killing my battery life, and there's no way to turn them off.
Fuz 2
Cute little game. Too bad the locked gate mechanics are terrible: they force you either to wait hours to play or to pester your Facebook friends for keys. Also, controls are decent, but sliding your finger on the pieces often hides the pieces themselves and make you do a wrong move. Also, some levels (especially the treasure hunts) feel way too difficult and unfair, really frustrating.
Jenny 3
You guys have got to be kidding me with some of these levels!!!! As MANY others have said you will be forced to buy add-ons to progress in the game at some point which is the only reason I am at level 129 which happens to be blatantly IMPOSSIBLE to beat without spending money. I will gladly pay for the game just to get a FAIR game. I don't like trying to be tricked out of my money. This is just bad business. Update to a fair version and i'll give more stars.
This game is fun and cute (at first) but it gets frustrating fast. There is no way to beat the later levels without buying boosters. There are limited lives and when those lives run out you have to wait to play again, unless you want to shell out more money to keep playing (I'm more annoyed by the obvious money grab than the stalled gameplay). I get it...this game exists to make money, but this is ridiculous. At least give people the option to pay once for the game to get fairer gameplay options.
Karl 2
Typical free-to-play game. Play until you hit the manufactured walls you either luck out and pass or pay to get by. Seems to be around level 60 or so when the engineered pain points hit. Not worth spending money on. I adore the IP, though.
Sandra 5
I love this game, it's very funny and addictive and I already loved Simon's Cat before the game came out! However, I paid for the game to be ad free but I still get the ads every time (I feel I was cheated as I wanted to help the developers by paying) . That is the only reason I removed 2 stars. Please fix this
Adriana 3
Too many ads that interrupt the flow. It's tolerable for a free app but some of the rounds are way too hard. They're near impossible to beat without add-ons that cost money. I finally got sick of spending multiple days trying to beat a level that wasn't fun and uninstalled the app.
Lance 2
Disappointing that there is such a presence to force people to buy add ons to continue playing or either not be able to move on or have to wait for timer to run out before continuing game play. Game has reached the point where can not continue playing with out paying. Very disappointing!!! Been stuck on same level for a month now. Not possible to get passed without spending money.

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