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Design your very own home! Build and decorate the house of your dreams!

Enjoy life simulator games and want to decorate a house? Create your dream house in Home Street!

Supersolid brings you a brand new Home Decoration and Life Sim Game where you can build your dream home, be who you want to be, and bring it all to life in a town built on friendship! Design your dream life in the perfect town with the perfect house! Live alongside neighbors and create your story with Home Street!

✓ Design a home and extend or remodel your house to create the perfect pad
✓ Decorate and fit your home with hundreds of designer styles, gadgets, and goodies
✓ Build a house with great amenities like a relaxing hot tub, big-screen TV, and much more! The choice is yours!

✓ Create a character and customize with different face shapes, eye color, hairstyles, makeup, body shapes, and more
✓ Designer clothes will help you perfect your style and create multiple outfits
✓ Express yourself in Home Street!

✓ Choose the community you like most and meet your new neighbors from all around the world
✓ Build meaningful friendships by hanging out or helping neighbors to earn relationship rewards
✓ In your dream city, there’s always someone ready to lend a hand!

✓ The town has tons of Neighborhoods to join so you can chat with friends in real-time (Level 10)
✓ Play fun Neighborhood competitions to win awesome prizes by collaborating with neighbors
✓ Neighborhood Events are constantly introduced with new and exciting themed decorations and outfits!

✓ Create your story and dive into life in Home Street where there’s always something going on
✓ In the story, you’ll meet interesting characters and follow their adventures
✓ Choose your own story and be the star!
✓ In your story, you can guest star on a TV game show, support your local community, or start your very own business in regularly updated quests!

✓ Design your life and unlock your inner artist, musician, baker, fashion designer…
✓ Choose your talent, turn it into an income and earn rewards to upgrade your abilities
✓ Learn new skills, unleash your creativity, and live your dreams!

Your new life and a friendly community await in Home Street! Create your story and build your dream house in this fun, entertaining simulation game! See what direction your story goes in when you play Home street!

Download Home Street for FREE and design a home today!

NOTE: Home Street is free to download. However, purchases can be made in the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. A network connection is required to play.

If you’re having problems with Home Street, we’re very sorry. Our friendly team is ready to help! You can reach them at support@supersolid.com
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Jixit 5
I have reached lvl 23 and so far I love this game. There is always something to do and the events add a fun element to the game. I'd highly reccomend finding an active neighborhood with lots of communication. It makes the game so much more fun and you get help along the way to complete jobs and tasks. I'm a competitive player so I enjoy having an active group to win prizes and gain limited items. I also love I can play this on my phone then transfer my game over to my ipad. I AM ADDICTED. This game far surpasses the sims app if you were wondering. Go ahead and give it a try!
Fred 4
Has some issues which I hope will be fixed. There should be an easier way to get things like green hands and blue thumbs up. Friends are not always cooperative. Friends don't always want to play with other people I know I'm that way a lot. And other basic things are reasonably priced except for things like extra storage. Which I frequently need. Other than that I enjoy the game it's become basically my favorite game I've been neglecting some of my other games to play this one.9
Sandhya 5
The game is really amazing.. better than sims.. its very addictive.. the graphics are great.. the neighborhood events are awesome.. there is always something.. neighborhood events, game show challenge, jobs, tasks, cruise ship orders.. so over all you will never get bored.. simply superb game.. and i am very excited for upcoming addition.. the pets.. i am sure it will also be amazing... Keep up the good work... Thumbs up.. 👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️
Bailey 5
First off, I really like this new update. I now have even more reason to log in every day with these new limited time quests and the neighborhood event coming up. My only complaint/suggestion is about neighborhoods. I was recently promoted leader of a once active neighborhood, but I have no way of knowing who has and hasn't been online. Some people left and some people just deleted the game. It's a given that some players haven't been on due to the fact they haven't claimed their sold goods. I don't like to go by level progression because it can be really slow when it comes to the leveling system. If there was any way to add something like that before this upcoming neighborhood event, I would be ever so grateful. :)
lovebirds 2
Not happy with game as when it's laggy, diamonds are accidentally spent with no option to accept or reject! Returned to game yesterday after a break to find my 87 diamonds had gone and I hadn't spent them! Then, when the game is playing catch up, you then don't have option to cancel actions if it's caught the wrong button! I was so frustrated that I felt like giving up playing the game. Add this option and I will increase my score reflecting the game. 18/11/17 following your reply to my feedback, i have emailed already and got nowhere, been no help whatsoever!!!
Pizza 3
I was really starting to enjoy this game until the last update. Now my group chat is unavailable which makes it impossible to communicate during an event. This issue needs to be fixed as well as improving incentives & character personalization options. I hope these things get fixed because I'm pretty close to giving up on this game that I've put money into as well as my time.
Andrew 4
To be fair, I do think there's some more work that could be done. Mainly in story quests. A bunch of them are thrown st you at once which is a tad overwhelming, and some of them kind of require other players to do certain things, maybe that could be changed eventually. Aside from that, solid graphics, solid gameplay, always something to do, over all I say it's a great game to play and pass the time.
Google 4
JOIN MY NEIGHBORHOOD ITS CALLED FUN HOUSE I like this game a lot. I had been looking for a phone game for a long time to hold my interest that i can play on my down time. I really enjoy playing sims 3 on my pc and this game you get to design your home. I do think sometimes the pay outs could be bigger on jobs and that equipment to upgrade storage shouldn't take so long to get especially since they take up some of your storage. I have 12 things in storage, waiting for other things, to increase my storage. It makes no sense. Also you should be able to preview floors and walls when they cost vouchers that are hard to come by.
I love the game! Great to play. Only thing that should be changed/updated is the purchasing. For some reason it won't let me buy anything on my visa debt, and it says the currency is in US on the game. Maybe it's because I'm in Canada? But either way, it should convert to where you are so you can get further with purchasing some things.
Barbara 3
I like this game. I do; it's like the quirky cousin of the Sims, but without the pixels. Kudos to Supersolid for a good, fun game that's easy to spend time playing. Having said that, I'm currently unable to make it past the 'reprinting music lyrics ' part of the Shania Twain questline and it's starting to annoy me. I've crafted almost twenty sets so far; the game tells me I've done six. I have restarted the game several times now, with no success.
Rae 2
update: game is incredibly slow, crashes constantly and hasnt worked for a while. Gotta uninstall until issue fixed. Oh and won't save game for some reason... Only major issue is storage. Not being able to delete items from storage is frustrating and I had to delete my previous game because of it. Still it's great, fun, addictive and simple. I just strongly recommend the developers consider a delete option for storage :)


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