छ. Shivaji : The Rise of Maratha

छ. Shivaji : The Rise of Maratha








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The Best action game of Shivaji Maharaj

In the game you play as Shivaji's warrior and fight the enemy in different parts of India in a quest to regain Swaraj .

Shivaji Maharaj was India's mighty King and the founder of the Great Maratha empire no you are his chosen warrior and you have to win this war and help Shivaji Maharaj build Maratha Empire

This is one of the best challenging action game with amazing graphics and greater gameplay that will make you play this game for hours

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prasad 2
First repair the marathi language.. Its not proper and that coins are shivrai .. Not shavirai.. And actions are good.. But it can be better.. If size increasing of game no matter.. But action have to be better.. And pls change that name from shivaji If you have limit of words you can use #Shivray. Thank you.
Gaurav 1
I am giving only 1 star coz of Name of game.You must change the name from Shivaji to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.....First read the history ...You will come to know how big mistake you have did....I will give you 5 star ...First change the name Jay Bhavani || Jay Shivray
Awesome!!! Marathi and Hindi language is also present in the option to play the game , you just made my day just loved it .The quality of the game is also awesome Best game ever by Indian company .From making Shivaji Maharaj HD wallpaper to game on Marath you guys have grown a lot hope you make more game . Jai Shivaji
Abhishek 4
Controls are hard and it lacks little bit smoothness...over all it's a great game on the forgotten hero's of the nation.The soliders of the first Indian king (shivaji) in modern history....
Dhaval 5
Its a good game but I am not been able to cross the iron bar in 2nd stage pls help me so that i can cross tose long writh iron bars
Rohit 5
Best app , good work guys the design and the concept looks new very innovative want to see more games like this . Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki.........jai bhavani jai shivaji
Rutik 5
That's great to play this game . But the name which have provide should must have to have change from shivaji to shivaji maharaj because they are the person who fight against other parties to protect maratha's . Not only maratha's they also protect other people also And one more thing if you are thinking that how it can be possible to change then I would like to suggest that , through update you can change the name easily . And one more thing from your provide name can affect your rating If you can't change it . Kindly change it now . And if you don't know history , 1st read it well , think over it , and then think that what you are doing exactly 😠😠. Thank u 🙍 ❤❤JAY BHAVANI , JAY SHIVAJI ❤❤
santosh 5
Jai bahavani jai shivaji Chatrapati shivaji maharaj ki jai 1 pai taryat 1 pai maryat maratha chya nadi lagale trr haatt pai galyat
Abhishek 5
Game छान आहे पण नाव मात्र बदला छत्रपती असा उल्लेख करा आणि महाराज म्हणा आदर करा त्यांचा आता फक्त विनवणी करतोय नाव बदला करून नाहीतर मग चेतावणी देऊ शिवाजी महाराज हे आमचे दैवत आहेत आणि त्यांचा आदर करा.नाहीतर महागात पडेल तुम्हाला. धन्यवाद
dj 1
Change the name to''Shivaji Maharaj or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj '' other wise will take action about it... Hope you get it.....Jai Maharashtra
Supriya 1
सालो महाराज कि तो भि कदर रखो जो भि बुरा कहु कम हेै मेै तुम लोगो को श्रप देता हु कि तुम लोग एक घ‍नटे मे मर जाअो

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