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Birds Mania (Beta) | Android Gameplay Video HD

Description & Details

Charming Unique birds theme match 3 game,collect fruit and beat witch and so on!

Birds Mania is a very addictive free casual game. This game is different from other match 3 games, such as smash candy or cookie, Birds Mania gives you a new casual game world, this game can help you to pass time with lovely birds, cats and bears, also cool boosters and crazy explosion!

* In the mysterious wonderland, play with 6 distinct birds to achieve the goals!
* You also need the birds’s ability to blast the forest devils!
* Mania Birds can crush the ice and get the fish and then feeds the lovely cats, This is a very interesting.
* Mania Birds also can help the bear to harvest its fruit or yummy nuts!

The Birds Mania features:
* Unique gameplay: swap and match 3, get brilliant boosters to beat the fiends or feed the cats !
* Over 180 of gorgeous match-3 levels, more on the way
* Numerous of in-game characters , hope you will love them
* lovely pets and game boosters that is always assist you to crush the obstacle
* World Rank, claim your scores on the global leaderboard
* Different chapters with unique scenes, forest, riverside, fountains
* WIFI free ! You can play anywhere
* A community that play with your Facebook friends!

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Sandra 3
It's fun n somewhat that u can actually earn helpers in the game. Most games have to buy n if not u just stuck forever. I lowered my stars because every time I try to receive lives or give says I reached my limit for the day even tho haven't done either. Bummer
Steelers 3
I like the game but it takes way to many lives away when u run out of moves or when the time bombs r up and instead of it letting u use your coins to keep playing it wants u to buy another chance, and the bombs r way to fast it's like two moves and the explode before u can destroy them. Other than that it is a great game. Hope u can fix this problem.
Kat 5
I really like this game except that it kicks me off sometimes or locks up. But that could just be my tablet. The graphics are great and it is a wonderful time passer. I am a bird lover so of course I'm going for this game. Thank you for creating just for me! LOL 😍
Michael 1
Excellent. Remove the stupid video cos it makes the game to freeze and force close and every progress will lost. But it won't bring Tickets sometimes to play Event. Perfect Graphics. Reduce or Remove the stupid time bomb in the game, it frustrating. But it has some copy of Cooky Crush
amelia 1
Bought several things during tourney and after taking over $5 on various times, game froze up and then showed level failed without giving gme extra moves I PAID FOR...they got my money but I got SCREWED!
XI 1
Not only did the dynamites take the fun out of this game, but the RNG is ridiculous. Sometimes you really can't do anything to win. There was this one level where I kept reshuffling after 1 move, this happened around 10-15 times in just this one level/try.
Christina 5
I just wanted to say how much I love this game. This game here is very addictive and the UI is very smooth and the graphics are wonderful and colorful and very explosive with all the free boosters that come with it and not only that but I like how you devs took the time to really think outside the box with this game and not be another copycat game. All I can really say is, again, this game is really nice and really cute and I really am very hooked and addicted to your wonderful game it is very easy but also a little challenging to play which is excellent and your ads are not that intrusive on game play which is very nice as well. Please keep up the good work and please keep thinking outside the box and make more wonderful games like this one. Thank you for your wonderful and lovely game this is really great. Sincerely, Christina Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
Adam 5
I think this game is more fun then the angry birds version. I only get an ad once in a while and its never long. Great programming and all. Good job maker.
Jeanette 2
Uninstalling. Was fun till level 220. Keeps throwing out bombs to fast. Need to slow it up. Its like they don't want u beat the level. Guess they r just after your money.
Noreen 3
The game WAS good until you put the stupid bombs into the game....why does everyone try to copy candy crush??? I HATE that stupid game!!!!
reyanne 5
OMG!!!!!! What's NOT TO LOVE?!? This game is AWESOME!!! After being DISGUSTED with,Cookie Jam & you KNOW ALL the other LET DOWN games this game is BEYOND ADDICTIVE!!!! So far so Good guys. Thanks for making such an AWESOME game ;)


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