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Shortcut bar is a shortcut hub application similar to LG V30 Floating Bar.

Shortcut bar gives you quick access to your favourite apps and tools from almost everywhere (lock screen, home screen or when using another apps).


★ Give you quick access to favourite apps, tools, website and quick dial your closed friends.
★ Add up to 4 shortcut categories (application, tool, contact, website link) and 5 shortcuts for each category.
★ Can enable/disable each category separately.
★ Allow you moving the floating bar around the screen (only movable when the bar in collapsed mode).
★ Swipe left and right on floating bar to iterate through categories.
★ Auto collapse shortcut bar when click outside the bar.

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Latest Ratings

Patrick 1
Really? I download the app to have easier access to some settings, but that small detail is paid! Ok ¢99 is cheap but I live in a third world country so... But that's not my disappointment, it's the fact something as obvious as having settings has to be paid. Well the app does function as said and it does it's job, I'll give you that.
### WARNING! DON'T BUY INDIVIDUAL TABS! ### The Dev has made buying this so confusing and a lot more expensive than it needs to be if you do it by switching on each tab individually. There are 3 ways to buy... One tab at a time and you don't get rid of the advertisements! Or you can go into the settings and buy 1, all tabs at once and then pay the same again to remove advertising, or 2, pay more from $5 upwards (basically you're donating more to the Dev for the same features) to get full features, but it doesn't say if that ALSO removes the advertisements! So confusing! And when you turn on the individual tabs and purchase them separately like I did, it doesn't tell you that you can buy them all in one go! And now in the update there's new tabs that I have to buy individually so this app is going to cost twice as much as it should! A very deceitful way of doing things, even if not intentional! I'll change this review once the Dev changes this and also refunds my individual payments that I've made so I can pay the one off payment instead of getting ripped off! with individual tab payments!
Mirko 4
It's very good, helpful and effective! If there was a chance to add shortcuts, it would be perfect! And.. Please you change the design of icon!
Gurjent 5
The best thing that could happen to android...I was in search of something like this and I can't get over the fact its the best application ever!!
Mugetsu 5
It keeps me from missing my S7 Edge after switching to the LG G6. Works flawlessly and it's worth the extra $3 for the tab unlocks. I'd love for there to be more colors on the bar itself. I'd love to see it be a hot pink icon sitting on my screen.
Cannot adjust MX Player display brightness when floating bar is switched On. Seems like having a conflict. Please do update with chsngesto this issue.
Chintan 3
I would like to see 2 more tools and I would be willing to buy whole app and things I needs are screen shot and screen recorder in tools much appreciated if you guys makes available soon enough
mayank 4
Pls make at atleast 3 bar free Setting or fix that it does remain responsive in keypad making to move it and type . Make that it move automatically above keypad and blur for that time
Karim 4
Music bar doesn't show name of running song ...its written " track name " all the time.... Need also colorful circle of selected apps
ishu 5
Best app if u need more then 2shortcuts on ur screen works very well bravo work dev 👍👍👍
Michael 1
Still failing to open.Pity because it is very handy.

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