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๐Ÿ‘Š 2D Platformer Arcade Beatโ€™em Up ๐Ÿ‘Š

😎 Deddy is a retired MMA fighter, running away from his past, as he fights for society, especially young children with cancer - caused by the an evil Corporation’s dangerous and on purpose toxic waste.
👧 Chika is a smart and cute scientist, although a bit clumsy. She created vaccines to fight the virus loaded in the toxic wastes, spread by the evil Corporation. With this knowledge, the Corporation tries to stole her research for their own advantage.

🥊 Fight, 🔫 Shoot, and 🤜 Punch through enemies with your martial arts skills, weapons, and dashing bald head. Take on enemies such as Drone, Punks, and the evil Corporation. Fight unique Bosses and beat them all with your 👊 Fist of Rage 💢!

🚧 Platforming and Exploration
🔥 Exciting Fighting Mechanics
🎮 Solid Controls - official Gamepad support: GameSir™ | Link:
☠️ Challenging Boss Battles
🔐 Unlockables & Collectibles
🔺 Upgrade & Customize Your Hero
💰 Option to go Premium with no Ads

Will you be able to get back the research and save the society?
Download and Play “Fist of Rage: 2D Battle Platformer” NOW!

“For The Best Arcade Experience, We advise you to Go Premium!”

Notes regarding some permissions:
- External storage access is used for caching video & save game purpose.
- Record audio and location access for purpose of profiling the device on media consumption to target relevant content and ads to the device.

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Latest Ratings

Faris 5
One of the awesome addictive game Suka banget sama game side-scrolling klasik kaya gini. Apalagi yg bikin tambah bangga bikinan Indonesia. Untuk gameplay sendiri sederhana dan mudah dipahami, untuk grafik sudah cukup bagus untuk 2D gambarnya juga keren tp iklannya yg terkesan kurang cocok penempatannya karena "ga masuk" sma background gamenya. Untuk karakter nya ga beda jauh sma om dedi haha Hanya saja iklan videonya error jadi ga dapet bonus koin dan item.
Siska 4
It's a trending game come from Indonesia,NOT malaysia. Who made this? He's one of Indonesia famous ex-mentalist, Deddy Corbuzier. The game is fun, to much adv?i'm never mind, cos i can rest my eyes while the adv is playing. But i hope this game have some more improvements, like the console (up arrows button)to get in the blue doors, we can go through another rooms and also (down arrows button) if we can bend down while fighting. More health+money in the other box. If someone defeated the boss tell me kay?good luck lol
Salman 1
It's a complete copy of the game Dan the Man, not at all entertaining. Some graphics improvement can b seen but can't be compared an inch with Dan the man. Too easy n everything like background n game play hurdles are repetitive . Need some serious improvement. No where I found annoying.
Avnish 3
Aha Inspired by Double Dragon ll video game. I have questions. Has he more kicks, punch, grab style? In DDII he could grab thug's hair and beat by elbow, knee or throw the back side. Awesome that was. I was addicted to play DDIl. Uninstalled.
So far I've reached Lvl 1-1 and I find it kinda basic really. It's sort of bland. It's not a bad game, but it's not a great one either. We'll see as I progress through the following stages to come.
Mamta 2
I just finished the second boss, Peter Kolskov and then suddenly my life went 0 too. I was furious then and wanted to crush the mobile into pieces. Please do something.... L
Ritchii 5
Its fun to play.. keeps you engaged while not being so technical the best thing anyone can play from a kid to a med level gamer .
BoneDaddy515 4
The game is very well made and very fun..2 lags very badly..not my phone either I have a galaxy j7 and have no problem with any other games. Also enemy's are all the same.
chinnagaiah 5
I m speechless this game is very addictive.You can play this game when there is nothing to do. Whoever made this game have done nice job.Its graphics and controls are excellent superb game.๐Ÿ˜ฏโ˜บ
kuro 5
Bagus, klasik. Tapi tidak ada terobosan gameplay di game ini, sama persis seperti game platformer fighting kbnyakan. Bahkan lbih simple. But overall good hehe
Bengerz 3
Game ini bagus! Gue suka. Dari segi gameplay, grafik, dan control gak ada masalah. Cuma satu yang bikin ganggu, IKLAN. Terlalu banyak hal-hal yang harus dilakuin dengan iklan. Contohnya kaya dapetin item dari kulkas, lanjut ke stage selanjutnya, dll. Terus gue juga berharap game ini bisa dimainin tanpa harus mengeluarkan duit alias 'free to play'. Itu aja. Semoga kedepannya game ini makin sukses dan tambah keren. Keep it up Touchten!


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