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Hide apps,notification & Pictures!Multi accounts!Protect privacy in Safe Space

Do you want to hide your social & dating apps? Try Privacy Hider!

With Privacy Hider, you can hide your frequently used social & dating apps, meanwhile it also can help you hide their popup notifications.

Privacy Hider can hide apps from your launcher, recent apps list, app management in system settings. Moreover, Privacy Hider provides multiple solutions for privacy protection, enabling you to run multiple accounts at the same time with two cloned apps, hide pictures and so on.


★Hide App - Protect user privacy, hide apps on your device, like WhatsApp, etc.

•Hide Apps from local space: Hide the installed Apps you want to keep secret. Create a safe space to secure sensitive information of the hidden apps.
•Safe space for new Apps: You can hide a new app by installing from Google Play.
•Erase trace in recent : The hidden Apps will not be shown in “recent Apps list”
•Manage notifications: The notifications of hidden Apps can be chosen not to display in the status bar
•Mock Notification: You can mock app notifications as other notifications

★Cover Privacy Hider
You can use Cover Privacy Hider, Privacy Hider will not be seen on your launcher, you can access it through a disguised calculator. Once you exit Privacy Hider, it will turn to the calculator interface to lock again, and keep working as a calculator.

★Clone App - Log in to multi accounts of social networking apps at the same time on one device, like Facebook, etc.

•Run multi-accounts at the same time on one device, receive both notifications without interference.
•Manage notifications: The notifications of cloned Apps can be chosen not to display in the status bar
•Mock Notification: You can mock app notifications as other notifications

★Hide Pictures

•Protect your secret pictures, avoid embarrassing situation that other people find them accidentally.

★Private Browser
•You can surf private websites safely and save your favorite sites in Privacy Hider.
•Private Browser will protect your privacy data and offer you real private browsing experience.

★AppLock in Privacy Hider

•Set password, lock your apps in Privacy Hider.

1. How to hide apps completely?
The apps you create in Privacy Hider are independent of the system. To completely hide apps, you can uninstall it in your phone system, or later opening this app in Privacy Hider to choose to uninstall from system.

2. How many apps can be created in Privacy Hider?
Up to 10 apps can be created in Privacy Hider

3. Why does Privacy Hider request so much access permissions?
Privacy Hider creates a virtualized environment to hide apps, so it requires necessary permissions to ensure normal operation.

4. Why does Privacy Hider take up larger storage, traffic and battery consumption relatively?
The used storage, flow and power calculated under Privacy Hider are consumed by the hidden Apps and cloned Apps.

5. We strongly suggest you not to uninstall Privacy Hider.
If Privacy Hider gets uninstalled, all your data in Privacy Hider and the apps being used in Privacy Hider will be cleared together. We strongly recommend you to enable Prevent Uninstallation to avoid any accidental uninstallation, go to “Sidebar-Prevent Uninstallation-Enable”. Even enabled, you can still uninstall Privacy Hider in Prevent Uninstallation.

Emergency Contact:
If you spot any emergency problem that can not be resolved, please contact us via Facebook or Facebook Messenger by searching "@privatemeapps", and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Facebook Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/privatemeapps/

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Latest Ratings

abhinav 3
It has created the clones , but cannot access them. It's irritating
vicky 1
Previously it was working superb. Now not opening, crashing all time when try to open and not able to uninstall too.. Solve this immediately..
El 3
It's very nice but it doesn't work on all apps. Viber for example. It hides it but it won't let you chat as it comes back to the main page. It does that every time.
Lapis 5
I absolutely love this app it's really helpful and amazing it helps me hide apps I don't want on my home screen :)
joseph 1
Before i update it, i can use it everyday, but now, this app doesn't work. And i can't uninstall it, i don't know what should i do know.
My facebook messenger keeps shutting down even when I restart it again I don't know why. Previous updated version of the app works well but this recent update keeps shutting down my messenger.
Isaac 2
Why do the apps inside keep on say there is a problem with the time?
deepshikha 4
When I exit it without closing it fully n then again open it it open n not ask for password (Privacy issue)
N.A 1
The worst App I have ever seen can't hide apps I recommend that none install this useless App
Nitika 3
It has some issues. It keeps crashing again and again. Please look into it
Nahn 1
The thing keeps crashin when i open it, and i cant delete

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