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Without a doubt, the best gold mining game out there!

Welcome to Planet Gold Rush!

Grab your gear, Young Buck, there's gold in them hills just waitin' for you! Strike it rich in this fun-filled gold mining game where you can explore and survey gold-rich lands, pull the gold from the earth, wash it, and make GOLD BARS! This is more than just mining, this is an adventure - and its CHOCK full of GOLD!

PLEASE NOTE! Planet Gold Rush is free to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

- Dig in! Set up! Upgrade! And be the Boss of your own Gold Mine!
- Strike out, Navigate and Explore Huge areas of Gold Rich new Lands!
- Survey, Find new Dig Sites, Lay your Claim and Mine your Gold!
- Play Immersive and Fun Mini-Games that dive directly into Gold Fever!

Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Planet Gold Rush is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or over of age without parental consent.

Note: A network connection is required to play

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Lee 5
Great little game play every day. i had some issues and tech support helped me right through it. Was very nice that they responded so quick truly social games actually cares about its players
Cody 5
GREAT GAME! The controls on The down Hill Challenge seem very sensitive, Have a hard Time Getting all three Prizes. Very Well thought out Game! Only Thing I would like to see Is customize Trucks , and Maybe Some sort of Upgradable Clan for perks " Small Groups like 4 to 10 members :-) Thanks 4 The Free Game!!! FYI RUNS GREAT ON MY ANDROID!! :-) :-) :-)
alexubel 2
I'm giving this two stars simply because you have to rate it to comment. The game locks up on the loading screen, which also locks up the tablet. I have to hard reset tablet to get out of the game.
Chris 5
Pretty decent game. Good for a quick minute or an hour or.more. got stuck and emailed the devs, responded very quickly, within hours. We were able to get me going in just a couple emails. Great job.
J 2
I had such high hopes for this, but was let down. Played for over an hour and never got a single paydirt. In order to get paydirt you have to survey it. Problem one, WAY TO MANY TREES. You are timed and must clear all trees and clouds. Problem two, if you fail to survey you get nothing.... Yeah nothing for your trouble. Problem three, and the most fustrating is that lumberjacks are given to you to speed up the tree cutting while surveying. This is great if you could use them. The soft home keys on my phone are located on top of lumberjack buttons. Everytime I try to use them my soft keys show up and I end up opening google browser or having to wait a few seconds for them to rehide. This costs me about three to four seconds each time it happens and I fail to survey and get nothing. I highly suggest fewer trees while surveying or repositioning the lumberjack buttons. Willing to re review but for now I am uninstalling. Very disappointed, looked to be a good game if I could have played it.
your.oz. 1
It has potential but not good enough yet. 2 experience points short from level 5. Need to explore to gain points or upgrade buildings. I have no iron or wood to upgrade buildings so I need to explore to find them. I go to explore and it wont allow me to explore because it wants me to upgrade Claim Office from level 3 to 4 to explore so I am stuck and can't go any further. Truly Unsocial Game preventing me from going further. I could purchase gems pack but that defeats the purpose of playing a game and only lines your pockets with money for a terrible experience of not being able to play. Will re review if you make it playable but until then all you deserve is 1 star. Would give zero if I could
David 2
The first part of the game was going well then it told me it had found an abandoned mine and to follow the arrow (level 7) screen just freezes straight away. Please fix
Genius 1
It stuck in the explore tutorial Once I reinstall it, it reload all my thing and force me to explore. But It won't let me because it says I'll be wanted to reach level 4 to go anywhere.
Mike 3
Its an alright game so far, but it lags a lot, the truck goes straight by itself sometimes, the helicopter deliveries should be set on a time limit which is only extended after an upgrade
Suzi 1
Cannot get past tutorial. It takes me to survey stage the loading screen and I am back to level 1 with welcome message.
Riderofyzf 5
After update there are some problems in finding crystals... hard to search ... i can't find a single crystal about half an hour ... please make it easy to find crystals and materials need for upgrade

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