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Steven has dreamed up arcade games for all his friends.

Steven has dreamed up arcade games for all his friends in Dreamland Arcade.

The Dreamland Arcade is open! Smash monsters with Garnet, pilot the Gem Drill with Steven, catch bugs with Onion, climb the Kindergarten with Amethyst, and train to be a sword master with Connie.

Cash in your tickets to earn G.E.M.S. (Game Enhancing Mini Squad). Unlock figures of your favorite Steven Universe characters, including Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Bismuth, Stevonnie, and more.

Activate your Gem powers! Use G.E.M.S. to unlock new abilities and outfits for every game in the Dreamland Arcade


This game is available in the following languages: English

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Matti 2
I really wanted to play it but when I opened it, it just showed the title screen and then nothing
Elliot 1
I couldn't even turn the game on
Smol 4
It's very good, the only thing I noticed with the gameplay is that you can't shut off the vibration... Also I find it a bit odd that the only place Pearl appears is in holo-Pearl form, and you cannot play as her in any of the games. Other than those few details, not much is off about it.. I loved the art style, the animations are fluent and adorable, and the games control as they should. 💚
Kyon 4
A fun addition to the lineup of SU games, but this really needs some more tweaking. Controls aren't as responsive as I would like them to be (especially Lion's game, the double jump fails to work half of the time for me), and an option to disable the vibration would be greatly appreciated. The timing for this release is nice though, considering that I just beat the pants off of Save the Light... Twice lol. I'll keep this on my phone for a while though and hope to see an update to fix the lag issues. Thanks~❤.
Day One: I love Steven Universe, and it's my favorite show. I have downloaded the other apps that are Steven Universe, and they're all great, so I assume this one is, too. But sadly, my screen turned black after it loads the first picture. But, I rate this 5 stars, even with technical difficulties. Please fix this! Thank you Cartoon Network! Day Two: I got on the app to see if it would work, and it actually worked! I played it for over an hour, and I have one more game to unlock! My favorites are Meep Morp Master and the Lion one. I also like the Cluster Crasher, which I think that's what it's called. Anyway, this is a GREAT game, Cartoon Network. Thanks, and keep making more Steven Universe apps. I will be happy to download them! 💖
Steven 4
Did not expected a Steven Universe game to come out ( it was not announced anywhere...). But anyway I was among the first to review this game and i already enjoy and love playing it. As the other people said, the vibration is very annoying an there should be an option to turn it off. Lapis Lazuli looks like Scooby Doo in her game... This is really disappointing
{Jada 5
I loved this game. It was very unexpected but the second I heard of it, I downloaded it and enjoyed it. One thing you could improve on is maybe make more games available at first but make the price to each game get higher as you unlock more. Great game!
Erin 4
This game is absolutely amazing ❤️ and perfect for any su fan. One slight problem, it you can't turn of vibration on the game, so it vibrates when you hit or die and it's pretty annoying. Please put in a button that stops it please ❤️.
Will 2
The game is okay, but the vibrations are ridiculous. It makes the game hard to play. Also, they don't have pearl on any of the games, and when I tried to buy a game, it just took all my tickets. Overall, the game had many glitches, and unlike the episodes, seemed to be made far too quickly.
adrian 3
In the first mini game lion should jump faster because some platforms are short and you just jump right over them.There is also no setting to turn off vibration when I get hit or die it vibrates my phone.The rest of the games seem fine.
Kitty 3
Its so fun and beautiful but the controls are terrible and the games have flaws that basically stop you from playing the game by killing you/ruining your game automatically. Also a turn off vibration option would be great and more ways to gain life in all the games

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