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By VOODOO Category Simulation #55

Description & Details

An endless tapping idle game.

Scratch your multi-tasking itch!

Play Idle Balls in front of your favorite show, in a boring class or meeting - without missing the important stuff.

-Free to play
-Endless gameplay and upgrades
-No internet connection needed

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Android Version
4.1 and up
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500000 - 1000000
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Latest Ratings

T- 1
Waste of time, full full full of ads. Every button you click is a new ad. My son plays the game at 7 years old and wants to know what weed is because of an ad. Way to go voodoo! Wtg!
XRock 4
Found a glitch that made it to easy to beat, y'all can change the date on your phone an ya get a hella lot of money. (Ya can also have infinite boosts on Revenue, Speed, an Click power doin this) Made it to Level 99, just got the game this morning. Leveled everythin to Level 420, now Ima uninstall cuz I lost interest. Fun while it lasted, tho. Oh, an for everyone complainin bout ads, just turn off ya wifi ya dingos
Wratilkuj 1
It was fun while I could actually play it. It froze on the "While you were away" screen and wouldn't allow me to play the game. But, it's just got too many bugs sadly.
Branden 1
Gameplay is mediocre. However the game forces you to watch an add every 30 seconds to cash in on your currency. Clearly just a money grab. Don't waste your time on this game.
Jason 1
The ads are viral, and you can't get anything without an ad. The math is wrong. 350Tx2=370T??? I am not the best mathlete, but I know something is wrong there. Graphics are mediocre. I started the game and nothing informed me how to proceed. I accidentally hit the amount I am earning, so that I could spend it. If this is the quality voodoo puts out, they will go the way of the video card that is thier name sake
Stay 4
Great relaxed game. But sadly way too many ads. Dudes. You need to chill out with those ads. Just about every two to maybe five minutes another ad would pop up and ruin the relaxation of the game. Please fix that. But without wifi or data no ads so i cant complain about that part.
Nathaniel 1
Garbage, it was laggy and incredibly boring. The graphics are simple and look like it took a seconds to produce. 0/10 would not recommend
Robert 1
The game completely froze on me the first few times i tapped. Even after resetting the game it waa still frozen. Very poor game, bad on you voodoo. Fix your stuff!!
shylucky 5
I have extreme ADHD and this helps me calm down. It is very fun to watch the balls bounce around. I also like that when the balls are in a loop or when they are going into circles that the game fixes it itself.
MarkoGaming 4
Everything is very good , but the countrols are a little off. I hold on the balls to get money, but when i let go of it, it is still holding But thats a good thing, so download the game ..**VERY EDICTING**....
Allen 5
I am very disinterested, I played for awhile and went back into the game to find all my levels dropped back to 9!! Not cool, make a cloud save with Facebook or Gmail.. Smh

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