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Win CSGO Cases & Skins. Cool AWP & Asiimov skins. No simulator - only real drop.

The Best app for all CS:GO fans.

If you are fond of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game and want to play with nice Skins - DailySkins app is created for you.

You may win any skins for your favorite weapon, knives and containers for FREE. Just choose your case and open it.

No competition - only you and cases.

How it works:
◆ Install DailySkins
◆ Get daily points
◆ Open cases
◆ Win your skin and open new cases!
◆ Want to get more points - Invite friends and ask them to put your Referral Code
(Lifehack: put your Code in app reviews)

Legal Disclaimer:
This app is not created, sponsored or endorsed by Valve Corporation. This app is not an official app or connected to the game's developer or publisher. All of the in-game imagery, launcher icon and name are copyright and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation, and usage for this app falls under fair use guidelines. This app is intended purely for the love of the game and aid further skill development and exploration of the game.

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Shruggish 2
Its a scam. It will give you one or two skins and then all the cases will just be empty. I played for a week, got really good draws, and then played for two more months and got nothing. Download and play it for the two skins but then delete it and dont give the designers any more of your time or money.
Blood 2
The last 9 tasks I've done haven't given me my points its broken get it fixed 🅱itch
Soap 1
Feels like a scam. They even included fake live drops.Furthermore, even the most expensive cases have a chance to be empty. There are also a lot of fake 5 star reviews, these are all red lights for a scam!!
This is autustic af with fake live drops and fake cases cause it basicaly mpossible to get a good skin and the awp case is mentaly retarted waste of ur money!
Ruben 5
541705 for free points! Over 4 days, I've earned at least 1 skin per day. This app is one of the best skin earning apps I've used. It is easy to earn points, and contains plenty of reasonable cases with great prices and drops!
jacket 1
It's stupid al it is is waiting daily just to get no skins at all I have had this for a while and all I got were more points and empty cases do not get this it is stupid
L.E. 3
it was working well but recenty started crashing and i can not login
Sudeep 1
I thought atleast like other apps I would atleast get cheap skins out of it .But since a month or two I've been grinding and have opened about 20 cases , still didn't get myself a single skin .
ProBrosTV 5
App is awesome, no scam. There are a lot of different cases with different types of skins. If you are looking for free coins type 224461 :)
Eshtiaqul 4
Well done guys... Great app... And legit... Nothing fake or wrong with Daily skins
The 5
This app is good it can give you good skins I've got 3 skins from it and I currently have 200 points waiting

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