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Your online privacy is under attack. Windscribe VPN sets you free.

Windscribe VPN is a tool that secures Wifi and helps you safeguard your privacy online. Best part? It’s absolutely free to use and offers up to 10GB of bandwidth per month! That’s something you can actually use!

With Windscribe VPN, you'll never mess with confusing settings and option menus again; just turn it on once and forget about it.

Get up to 10GB of data per month for FREE, which you can use on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC, or as a browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. These VPN tools work together to block ads and trackers, and help you keep a low profile while browsing.

Free Features:
• Super easy to use, just turn it on with a single tap
• Encrypts all your data so nobody can spy on your Internet activities
• Strict no-logging policy
• Access to servers in 11 countries (Including US, Canada, UK and more)
Pro Features:
• Same as the free features, plus:
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited connections
• Servers in over 50 countries

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Fahim 5
Because of these recent news about spying using a VPN is very important for all of us. And a free vpn like this that actually works well all the time unlike other ones is a good deal. Windscribe is fast, has multiple servers and application for all the operating system. Highly recommend.
Umar 5
I was waiting for this app for over a year now. Finally got it. Easy connect to VPN servers. Data speeds don't slow down noticably. Some websites, however, have caught on, and won't allow access if VPN is being used. I don't know how to get around that. I use Windscribe on iPhone and PC. Very user friendly on those devices as well.
Simple and awesome privacy tool. Nice interface. Encryption is strongest in the Industry. No DNS leak Good speed Best part is transparent policy. Very few VPN can provide what they promises. This makes windscribe best VPN provider. Windscribe is relatively newcomer in VPN business. But just have a look how it's service is evolving. Just give it a try; you will love it.
raj 5
listen to me if you want to keep your privacy on the web even when using the phone then i recommend you to use this free vpn app, It is one of the coolest app that I have seen so far
Mike 5
Super secure (passed DNS and IPv6 leak tests, AES 256 encryption), with a fantastic privacy policy and more than generous free plan. Did I mention Windscribe is also blazing fast? Your dedication to internet privacy and security is unmatched IMHO. Thanks for the only VPN I'll ever use!
Pramod 5
if you need a free vpn app then i will definately suggest you personally with this Windscribe app, it's lovely app and one should definitely not miss it for sure, amazing work
Tom 3
Spam 5 star reviews that couldn't be much more blatantly bot/paid-off-user generated on play store debut to ensure a high rating (good start)? I'm yet to try the software, but I'd doubt I'm alone in already doubting how "secure" it actually is, purely from reading the same review a few dozen times from different accounts.. not a good start, whoever came up with that bright idea! If it's a solid service the ratings will generally reflect that, so why the need to screw with the first hundred? Off to find out, will need to be especially good/awful to make re-rating a priority..
Sonu 5
If you ever want to use vpn on your phone then I really recommend you to start using this Windscribe VPN app, It is one of the best app that I have seen so far
gosai 5
no errors or nothing i have faced so far using this Windscribe app for vpn, its simple, user friendly and the most compatible app one can have
Henry 5
Big fan of windscribe. Much better than those other most popular vpn apps at Google Play. I also like that is kind of similar high quality vpn like Windscribe. They are different, however, but both are really good imo
excellent vpn app! using it for such a long time and still not found any lags or hangs using it, its so much to setup vpn now, this Windscribe app has made it possible to use private vpns quickly with all the servers around the world, best app to safeguard yourself, i am loving it


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