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BeatEVO YG Android Gameplay

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[BeatEVO YG] the Official YG Game! Featuring your favorite YG Idols and Songs.

[BeatEVO YG] the only YG Licensed Official Rhythm Mobile Game! Play as a YG Manager, sign and promote your favorite YG Artists! Debut your Artists and play with YG FAMILY fans from all over the world with the Social System! Featuring all of your favorite YG Songs and Artists, like: BIGBANG(Including solos and feats), GD,Seungri,Taeyang, Daesung, iKON, WINNER, 2NE1, EPIK HIGH, PSY, AKMU, LEE HI, JINUSEAN, BLACKPINK and others! A pocket Live Show! See the music and touch the rhythm!

[3 Game Zones System! Fun and Easy!]
Original 3 Game Zones System,combining high quality musical design and multiple play styles, creating a smooth audio-visual gaming experience.The game brings the mix of Hip-hop and various other genres,and gives every YG Artist exclusive content.Different Artists will influence the gameplay in an unique way!

[The ultimate music source, listen for free]
To create an immersive experience,players will become YG Managers, guiding their favorite Idols through different Shows and Performances! The powerful Ranking and Social System will also give players the chance to compete against each other for the best scores, Besides the game`s already huge song collection, players will be able to experience and listen to their idols new releases at first-hand!

[Incredible Rewards and Brutal Ranking System]
Every region will have 2 to 4 Performances,with the difficulty set to EZ(Basic),NM(Normal) or HD(Expert).Every performance will grant Manager Experience, Exp Cards and other Items. The Ranking System will allow players to test their skills to be the best!

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Quin 2
It was great at the first, but i kept me in the dark screen after i played and press the confirm. Also, i can't turnback after i came into the shop. But the most problem here is the dark screen with only backsound that keeps playing. Maybe it can improve it like the other's agency beat game, but it'll be great game if the bugs can be cleared asap
Aaliyah 3
I play a lot of rhythm games so I was pretty excited about this one since I used to listen to kpop. Only problem I have is the middle buttons. Sometimes it won't register when I'm taking and it's frustrating to see that I missed 20 on such an easy level. Also it would help to know in the middle where you indicate to tap at. Like arrows on each row for an example.
kpopislifeu 4
This game has such a good concept. It's design is interesting and the manager feel to it is giving the player a more personal feel. My only gripe with it is the game mechanics. There are middle notes that I clearly tapped on but it says miss, and also I can barely do the zig zag lines, even if I am paying attention only on them, they just do not want to cooperate.
Jessica 3
I thoroughly enjoy this game. The songs are great, it differs from other rhythm games because it allows you to have missions and motivates you to play more. The game also has different modes which are enjoyable. My biggest issue is the fact that I experience lag with this game. Mis game it would freeze up on every song I play. Sometimes I'm lucky and I barely make the hit for the note. However, due to this glitch I fail almost every 'schedule' I have to do for the game missions.
Anyo 5
This game is actually really well made. There's no lags, no disruptions, and the overall music flows smoothly. The only problem I had is the calibration, it took forever for me to find the right beat. It is a pay to win, as are all rng based music games, but you don't need to pay to enjoy the music :)
Lenia 5
It's so great, its different than other music games even though is similar. the game play is easy to understand and isn't confuse. for those who complain about the clapping isn't work well... Just need more practice since I almost always do all combo even in hard mode. Having daily task make it more entertaining
Alena 5
Probably the most enjoyable rhythm game I've played on my phone yet. It's a nice mix of djmax and superbeat xonic, and given that I love most of the songs by yg's artists makes this game super fun to play. Only downsides are that it drains my phone battery hard and occasionally lags causing me to miss beats. But easy to dismiss these flaws when playing to my some of my favorite songs.
Ren 5
It's pretty awesome so far. I think the only issue I'm having is my phone and my own dexterity. I haven't experienced any lag yet. I am really loving this though. Still trying to figure out exactly what everything means. I'm a little bummed that there is no way to earn the in-game currency without having to pay. I would really like to see that added for us that can't pay.
Lawrence 5
This is a very relaxing game with a lot of things to do. Five stars in every category. The graphics are phenomenal as well as audio quality. The only complaint are the draw rates as there's always crappy artists being contracted. I spent a good amount on this game and I only have 3 gold artists. You really need good artists to get a lot of these stars in this game for getting a certain high score.
The previous version was better. I just re-download it back and saw many updates happen. But, I can't even press ROADSHOW. What am I supposed to be playing then? After 1 song in practice room, the screen turns dark with only the bgm song on. But nothing on the screen. Please fix this.
shaVrinTa 2
I really love this game actually. But, last night I've tried to log in to my account, it couldn't. And this morning I was trying to login again. It's worked. But, it was not my account. my account was disappeared, and the system said that my account was opened in another device and need to restart again. I've reinstalled the game too. And then, after the program being updated, i guess my account has been banned. Please bring back my account (yunhee9119), I already debuted all my artists and got so many achievements 😢

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