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A feed of wallpapers, icons, mods, and more from the XDA forums

XDA Feed is a "feed" of the best of the best from the XDA forums, updated several times per day. Whether it's a new ROM, kernel, or mod to keep your phone customized, or a theme, wallpaper, or icon pack, to keep things fresh, XDA Feed will keep you apprised of the best stuff from the XDA forums, with granular notifications to filter content type and push interval selection -- or disable them altogether.

Feed is currently in Beta as we work on the bugs! Thanks for your patience.


- Optimized for speed and fluidity
- Fully Material Design
- Download ROMs, kernels, and other cool stuff right to your device, or easily get to a thread to see more information or join the discussion
- Full notification control: you pick the type of content for which you get notifications, and the time interval
- Dark theme and light theme
- Star your favorite content for later viewing


Q: Wait a sec...why are there multiple versions of Feed?
Our intent is to have specific versions of Feed for all major devices on XDA so that, for example, we can send Pixel ROMs to Pixel owners. A lot of the content we post, like wallpapers, icon packs, and cool videos, are not device-specific. That's why we have this app! If you have a high activity device, you will see more device-specific content. If not, you will see more general stuff. Got it?

Q: How come it says I have a 'Low Activity Device'?!
The activity is measured by the amount of activity in Feed. Since Feed is new, almost every single device is low activity! This will change once more users start using the app and more content gets suggested and published.

Q: What's the purpose of Feed?
We all know there is a ton of cool stuff you can do to your phone, but navigating the XDA forums to find it all can be a bit daunting. This app is a curated "feed" of all that stuff you wish you knew about, so you don't miss anything.

Q: Why not just integrate this into XDA or XDA Labs?
We wanted to separate the functionality of Feed because we have some very cool stuff planned for it. You'll see!

Q: Where does the content come from?
From the XDA Forums and Portal.

Visit the XDA thread if you have any questions, issues or feature ideas!

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Latest Ratings

Tejash 4
Content is nice.... But app is not able to create a wallpaper folder in gallery.. so I set my wallpapers by taking screenshot... XDA must improve this in next version.......
Yashwant 4
Best for customization Bt there is lack of important thing is that search option... We can't search throughout the app... For amy content we have to find in app.. So update it with search options... 👍👍
Andrew 5
Love xda, this is a nice feed interface for it. Maybe not as full featured as the xda app but still neat
Donovan 5
Great App! Excited to see where this thing goes and grows
Can't login, captcha always denied even if the text was correct
Jon 1
I have the Galaxy S8 Plus. All this app does is spin. Even after a reboot all you get is a loading and animation.
Sudhir 4
Absolutely loved this app. Minimalist & useful.
Danny 1
emotion live but like roky the boaba.
Santhosh 4
Best feed to get customized. Nice Application.
Kalyan 4
The application what is amazing when it worked. But As time passed the application stopped working. It said SLL handshake timed out. I really don't know what that means. And being disconnected from such an amazing app really feels bad. Hope you guys fix it.
Devendra 3
Instead of telling 'Low Activity Device' you guys should not have released it before adding all the nexus devices, like 6p,5x,5,4etc other than that it's a good idea of making xda more personal by filtering device. Hope it's evolves well. Btw i was here before 10 downloads. 😬

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