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Cabana is Tumblr’s new app for hanging out and watching stuff.

Cabana is Tumblr’s new app for hanging out and watching stuff. Video chat with up to five of your friends while watching YouTube videos together. Anytime, anywhere. It’s just you and people you like, so you’re already camera-ready.

— HANG OUT: Video chat with up to five of your friends.
— WATCH STUFF: Watch YouTube videos together while you chat.

More to come as Cabana grows. <3 Tumblr

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Latest Ratings

I love it because you can talk with Friends and send pictures all over the world!!!😁
Nakita 5
Love Togetherness & joy of living my life with freedom
Allan 3
Cool app works good all smooth and very user interface I wish I could use my Gmail so I could watch movies that I own also wish you could use your watch later list from your YouTube account
Troy 2
I like that app but and need some work when it comes to people with darker skin color.
Henry 5
Well i need mor time but so fare some cool pepole
Grace 1
Whenever I try to watch a video/chat with friends, the audio comes out of my call speaker (where I put my ear to when I'm on the phone) and not my regular speaker so it makes chatting more like a call and video watching impossible...
Salvador 4
only other feature I'd add would be watching videos from places other than youtube, maybe by adding a browser in the app where you can open webpages
William 1
I'd like to try out the app out but it won't work with my phone number and won't let me go passed the sign up section. Please fix this.
Heckies 1
Add non video chat and you'll get more use.
creamy 5
This is one of the best social media apps
Spicy 2
The videos are ok, however, there are some issues with the camera. The screen was very dark and my room looked like footage from hell. Would like this more if this bug is fixed, which I hope it will be. Its not entirely bad, the audio is ok, and group interaction is decent. I guess it would be better if there was a way to access the user's Google account to accesd things such as personal playlists, to share with friends and such. Overall, its a 4.5/10 for me

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