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Cabana is Tumblr’s new app for hanging out and watching stuff.

Cabana is Tumblr’s new app for hanging out and watching stuff. Video chat with up to five of your friends while watching YouTube videos together. Anytime, anywhere. It’s just you and people you like, so you’re already camera-ready.

— HANG OUT: Video chat with up to five of your friends.
— WATCH STUFF: Watch YouTube videos together while you chat.

More to come as Cabana grows. <3 Tumblr

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Latest Ratings

Kitty 3
I think this could be an amazing app for long distance friends. I only wish you didnt HAVE to sign up with your phone number and yahoo because not everyone has an activated phone. So I'm sure its a great app if you and your friend both have activated phones and yahoo accounts but for me, not so useful.
Michael 2
App works ok, but randomly signs me out and I have to go through the process of signing back in. I have had this happen while in the middle of video calls multiple times. It's not rare, there is a 100% chance while using the app I'll get signed out at least 2-3 times no matter what.
tickedoff23 3
This app has potential but right now I can't really use for what it's designed for. And that's because little adds pop up that cover the video and you can't make them go away. So any video that has an add (which has been most in my experience) is completely unwatchable
School 4
This app is good but has problems. At times it randomly signs me out, but that's not too big of a problem. They should definitely add the ability to share videos from your phone though. It's really annoying being able to send photos but not videos from your gallery.
I recommend you guys should let us choose another app to use for us to play another video or movies to watch not just youtube or on our downloaded vids. It would be awesome if you guys do it please. Thanks
mike 1
The camera is all black and can't see through much I checked it is not my phone when i switch to the main camera everything is clear
MelpeckFAM 3
It woukd be better if this app aloud you to invite friends from other apps like facebook or instagram etc....
Meme 3
Pretty standard app, but anytime I play a video, it automatically pauses it and I don't know why...
JP 1
i have to sine is 2 time hate the app
Josh 1
You're better off using a service like cytube in all honesty. This app feels way too basic for what it offers.
suck 3
Hopefully this improves. Could be a great alternative to rabbit. Since rabbit on mobile sucks ass atm.

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