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Start with a city and a team of soldiers, stronger depend on plunder!

[Glory Road] is a real-time strategy game. The game provides real-time interactive and automatic translation system, you will encounter female players around the world, chatting with them anytime, anywhere, friends. You can choose the same female players to form an alliance to defeat your common enemy, you can also choose to attack and conquer them, at any time to experience the pleasure of PVP war. In the game world, you will have the dragon, the army and the subjects, the development of your empire, capture the symbol of the highest power of the throne, set foot on the road of glory!
Alliance or campaign? Support or conquer the queen? Lords adults, the fate of the world's millions of sister, by you to decide!

New adjustment:
- simpler combat attributes
Weakened the impact of science and technology, equipment on the fighting properties.
- more intelligent empire development
New building upgrades and lords to develop the relevant recommended function.
Optimized walls stationed
Add the default soldiers to increase the default when the soldiers with the program.
- More equitable output
Do not sell lords suit, green dragon and black dragon related props.
Players can only get through the game play probability.
- more passionate fighting
Added post-defeat system compensation function (no need to be frustrated for defeat)
New war props: Invisible. Can not be used after the direct attack, the enemy need to first break your Invisible to attack. You will be warned during the break.
New war props: magic mirror. Can quickly find the target attack.

- more interesting interaction
Enhance friends to visit the award. After visiting friends, you can get soldiers directly
New ghost army attack. Players can loot the devil farm to get the resources, after the plunder will be attacked by the ghost army retaliatory attack.

Game features:
- thousands of female players from around the world need your help and support!
- upgrade the building and weapons, equipment - the territory to create a can not break the invincible fortress!
- rich military arms, to help you train exclusive troops, to create a strong fighting male soldiers!
- adjust the strategy to create an irresistible strong formation!
- players around the world melee, grab resources, hegemony global!
- strong connection, the formation of the ultimate alliance; seamless collaboration, to create undefeated myth!
- Communicate with global players, games - Real-time interactive system to communicate with each other!
QQ group: 606861217

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Android Version
2.3.3 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

RP 2
Email messages are not functioning properly on Oneplus 5. Only a part of emails work. Not able to open emails of all sections.
Chaitanya 1
It's just mixture of clash of kings and clash of Quines .......! If made a new this we can called it the new game but it's just a copy
Rob 5
Build city train troops kill fine.good game. Definitely worth a try
Roy 3
Please fix the mail on note 8. Only a small part of mail is functioning
Amber 4
Great game! The packs don't give enough gold though, and not really worth spending at all for that reason. Half the amount of valuable gold for same price as other games packs.
Nicholas 5
Us prise for big pack $99 south african prise R1999 if converted to $ south Africans pay $153 for the same packs.. Why do we pay double the prices?
Sharon 5
Enjoying it.even though it's the same as clash of queens
Zas 1
Your reports and messages are sucks.. Need to click a million times just to open it
Rick 5
This game is very addictive. I check my castle something like 2 or 3 times a day, more if I'm bored with nothing to do
Neev 5
After upgrade I can't set my picture it's not right so please solve problem hurry...why don't you take action on reports, COQ take action immediately but you guys???
Draco 5
Really fun game can't wait to play it

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