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By Yangyang Mobile Category Role Playing #6

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The Letter is a horror visual novel inspired by classic Asian horror films.

[This game features English language only! Translations to follow.]


The Letter is an interactive, horror/drama visual novel inspired by classic Asian horror films. Told through an immersive branching narrative, the game puts the players into the shoes of seven characters as they find themselves falling prey to a vicious curse plaguing the Ermengarde Mansion for centuries.

In this game, your choices will shape and drive the story forward: will you mend a relationship on the verge of collapse, or will you let it fall apart? Will you risk saving them, despite the consequences, or leave them to die a gruesome death? The fate of all the characters is in your hands.


* Non-chronological storytelling with seven chapters, spanning over 700,000 words. Expect a lot of reading!
* Romance, friendship and drama; apart from horror, this game puts heavy emphasis on relationships and character development.
* Seven playable characters with varying personality and approach to difficult situations.
* Countless butterfly effects; your choices heavily affect the story.
* Full English Voice Acting.
* Animated backgrounds, CGs and sprites.
* Beautifully painted art style.
* Original soundtrack, with opening, ending and true ending theme songs.
* Quick-Time Events.
* First Chapter Completely Free! No ads whatsoever!

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Pit 5
This is the best visual novel on android. It's written very well and the art is really good which is uncommon for mobile visual novels. It really does feel like your playing a Japanese horror film, you can feel the inspiration from films like the Grudge and the Ring. It is very much a love letter to this genre, however it still manages to make itself feel unique in its own right. The characters are interesting and relatable which puts you on the edge of your seat for the more intense scenes. The OST in this game really sets the atmosphere and immerses you in the experience. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't show me which decisions I've made but I've read they are working on it.
Ify 5
Amazing! Truly exceeded all of my expectations and surpassed all other games like it that I have played, in my opinion. There was also I large-ish amount of game play available before any purchases had to be made which was unfortunate but understandable as I don't have money to spare at the minute. I will definitely revisit this game when I do to buy all the chapters! Every thing about it is great, from graphics to voice acting and characters!
Good game! I do wish there was a branching path list on mobile, though, to help us know what decisions we've made in a run and which ones we havent, given that they play so much importance. I lose track and have been trying for the true ending but don't know which decisions I'm made since a decision at the beginning has the power over all the chapters. Plus it'd be good for keeping track/working for 100 percent completion!
Voca 5
Honestly, this is so much better than I every thought it would be. Even just through the first chapter, the characters are likeable, yet human, and the story is compelling. The way that the suspense is built up over time, but the horror can strike at any moment leaves it genuinely scary without interrupting the plot. I definitely recommend this to fans of visual novels and horror.
Awesome game and amazing story, just wish the rest wasn't stuck behind a pay wall. But since the quality of this game is so good, I think it deserves a pay-wall. Heck, this could be a full fledged game on a console and I would buy it in a heartbeat. Just a suggestion, maybe make it so you can choose where to go at certain point in the story, like a map. Where you could choose to go to a friends house, the manor, work, or just stay at home. Either way, love the game, keep up the good work
Razor 5
As I couldn't play it on mobile, I tried the Steam and I could say it's different. Not totally perfect like characters didn't react quite as expected. Many things were left behind(or I may have missed). And well, two of my favorites Ash and Belle had to suffer. Good Luck ;)
She 4
Great But Meh. It's fantastic and really gripped me and I was excited to continue playing the game till alas you gotta pay for the rest of the chapters. So I guess this is another game I can't fully enjoy. Ah well. I'll still give it 4*'s for the clear hard work put into it.
Angelic 3
I can see why it's a great story game, but i couldn't even make it to the end. Probably because the storyline in the first chapter doesn't interest me or don't find it thrilling I would say. But I did like the work was done for this game. The voice acting is awesome, characters are all unique and you get to know them well. The scary parts are very well done, did scared me and made my hair stand. It's too bad that you have to purchase the chapters but the creators deserve the hard work earn money for this.
Ivy 5
Awesome game! This is the game what I'm looking for.. My expectation for this is lit, just by playing the prologue/chapter 1. Cant wait to buy chapter by chapter cant afford to but it all at once. Not bringing my expectations up high yet :) not that scary đŸ‘Œ
Black 5
Man~! Dude it's sooooo rare to see games like this, I mean perfectly nice tho, the voice, sprites and etc. Why in the world would the playstore hide a such awesome game? Seriously, people were only interested in "Trending Apps" that are from Google play. Trust me, not all trending apps are totally~ cool, just so you guys know.
Itzel 1
I just downloaded it and I went to go open the app but it says an unknown error has occurred. So I haven't played the game at all. If I could actually play the game I would give a higher rating than just one star.


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