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ExoGears2 (by Zombot Studio Inc) - Android Gameplay HD

Description & Details

Build your fighter and conquer players over the world with real-time PvP combat.

Battle against other players online – in space! Build and customize your mech warrior and team up to fight 1vs1 and 2vs2 battles in real-time to become the most powerful soldier in the galaxy!

Explore a war-torn galaxy ripe for the conquering! ExoGears 2 puts you in charge of a notorious mercenary ship and its crew as you traverse deep space and build the ultimate mech warrior!

Build your ship and train your crew to become the most feared and formidable force in the entire galaxy. Collect parts from your fallen enemies and use them to engineer hundreds of different upgrades to customize your Exo suit and its abilities.

Use your ExoGear to engage in action-packed mech-on-mech combat in deep space battle arenas. Conquer your opponents utilizing your reflexes, strength and tactical skills. Fight in 1vs1 or 2vs2 battles against other players and vanquish your foes!

- Customize your ExoGear with HUNDREDS of parts and upgrades
- Create your own unique combat strategies using a huge arsenal of weapons and abilities
- Enhance your ship and train your crew to improve their abilities
- Explore the galaxy to discover new worlds and environments
- Challenge players across the globe to epic duels and put your Exo to the test
- Forge alliances and take over the galaxy together
- Embark on an epic campaign to take back the universe

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https://www.facebook.com/zombotstudio/ and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3N8lcMwHygL9u70RXc8dAQ

Note: A stable network connection is required to play. In case of any problems please contact us at info@zombotstudio.com.

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Latest Ratings

Arby 3
I can give a full 5 stars if it will be made available to older devices. And if you could include a single player mode that has missions or sorties. Also it would be nice if you could have an AI multiplayer mode too to help keep the waitin que short. 1V1 and 2V2 are for pvp but ypu also need to have a game modes for solo players and players who are low level with weaker units. And last it would be nice if you could allow the game to be installed and played on emulators. It drains my phone battery like there is no tomorrow. And I need my phone for work too. So it would help if I could play on my pc. Since I am a heavy player.
Michael 2
I will give full five stars once you fix my two issues. I have submitted them on your support line and have not gotten a reply back. U need to fix these problems if u want people to keep playing. U shouldnt loose chests and it should give u the wrong fighting unit. I picked heavy not balance. Please Fix
Julius 1
Game has no balance lower ranking players are being toyed by pay-to-win players or playera with higher ranking, also when I open a chest nothing comes out it took some credit and the game crashes when I opened it there is no new items or anything. Please balance gaming experience so that everyone can enjoy it :3
immanuel 1
This game has so many flaws that make it difficult to enjoy. 1. Horrendous balance in match making that is on EA levels of unacceptable 2. Lag. So. Much. Lag 3. Upgrade materials are very difficult to come by. Almost as if that and the terrible matchmaking are on purpose so you can pressure players to spend money. This game requires no skill what so ever to play. It's a shameless pay to win.
Derant 5
Needs more graphics and skins. I have problems as well with clicking collect bonus at end of wins, I sometimes majority right now can't collect bonus. So sad please fix and upgrade this great game 👍
You have good game dev but one problem i have know. Maybe you can resolve and think it. I love it but you have not fair match matching system. New player less armor met pro player with best armor and gun, are you kidding me? Please fix it.
Stephen 5
Game is still developing so there are the few very minor errors that happen with all games this young, but it still plays surprisingly well and is extremely enjoyable and competitive. Also, the dev team is very quick to respond and very accommodating. I'm one happy and impressed customer. 10 stars
- 3
There needs to be a counter attack button. No one can hold their own against a light frame with a fast striking blade, especially in a 2v2. You just can't do anything, atleast allow us to bring up shields when we're being hammered. 2nd: Better matching, don't pit us against players with a gear rating 400 points above ours. 3rd: Encourage being honorable in battle and not target one guy then beat him (or her) down. 4th: Coloring would be nice, so would a forge where you can melt down items for a specific piece, and the higher the gear rating, the higher the chance you will recieve the part you want. 5th: good game so far, but please find a way to speed up the menu. I'm tired of having a hack that takes a minute and then accidently spinning again. Just make it faster in general. Everything else is fine.
Donavin 4
Just got past the tutorial and it looks like a good game that I will enjoy but I've already noticed a problem with the equipment menu there is no section or indication of what's equipped other then there generally to the left this gets co fusing easy and would not be that hard to fix in future updates pleas add a system for optimization and organization of the equip menu thanks
Marc 4
Devs please add a paint system where you can paint your Exo, its not exactly pleasing having to fight with a multi colored exo it makes your exo look like a joke and a clown in the firefight, but besides that the game is very awesome and user friendly its easy to understand and well made game, keep up the good work.
Anthony 2
Literally cannot win fights anymore. Can only beat bots and those have become few and far between so can't even say that makes it okay. I think I'm done with this one. Needs multi-player death match with respawn or player versus computer, nothing but 1v1 and 2v2 is getting old, not to mention the need to win in pvp to get better anything to keep up with opponents gear. I'm excited to fight a bot in this game cause even though the gear they have is better at least I can evade them and stand a chance.


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