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Pixel Force 2 - Android Gameplay

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PixelForce 2 is finally here!

PixelForce 2 is finally here!

The successor to the popular Android game PixelForce offers a brand new engine, updated weapons and new worlds!

Grab the weapon of your choice once again and blast your way through exciting new levels! Go on a killing spree to earn money in order to upgrade your weapons and to buy more powerful items! Unlock achievements by completing various tasks with increasing difficulty!
Play the Arena mode and see if you can break the highscores of your friends!

Along with your favourite weapon you can now bring a sidearm to the action, so that you don't run out of ammo! You can choose from a set of powerful perks as well to make your character even stronger!

- 71 levels with increasing difficulty
- two interesting worlds
- five characters to choose from
- 16 weapons to buy and upgrade (eg. machinegun, flamethrower, ...)
- more than 100 weapon mods
- Many different types of enemies
- Compete against other players scores in leaderboards
- Cool retro graphics!
- 67 different powerups
- Save your progress to the cloud and restore it (Requires Google Play Games)

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Why do we need the "write external storage" permission?
We need this permission in order to cache the videos from our ad provider in a shared folder. It should work fine even if you don't grant this permission.

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Supermanjumbo 5
We need more Weapons, and Different types of Mission. I'm literally bored playing Hostage Rescue, Search and Destroy, Skirmish. I want more missions one of them should be Bosses, the only boss we've seen was the Turret Man. Also add M16, AK 47, and AA-12 for Weapon Recommendation.
Eshan 4
I hate the fact that you have to wait 24 hours to unlock a chest because the amount of chests I have is 44 at the moment and they keep pileling up so I have to wait a whole day to unlock a chest. At least make it 6 hours. It would be so wonderful if you could change it. Thanks πŸ‘πŸ˜Š please please please change it
Morimaxus 5
EDIT: The game STILL keeps on crashing. Power saving mode is on. I have lost an elite UMP due to the crashes, and would really like to get it back. Is there any way you could do this? It is getting seriously frustrating. The game is still great though!
Guys idont think only just 2 worlds mabe a litle plane by the volcano can utake you to other places like snow and new york city or someting like that
20-30 pixel coins from purple box. Really? Also i found a bag. When I use perk farsight and restart level I have too big vision radius, check it. Sorry for my English.
Azza 5
πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ its finally hereπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I'm loving it so far, however I have one problem. When I wake up in the morning I load up the app, and on the desert warehouse it says '23h 59 59s' and im like well how do I get in there then if it won't open for a day?? I try reducing the timer but it says no ads available. And I'm like, okay, I'll try tomorrow. I wake up the next day, load it up, and go to the warehouse so u can get some money, '23h 59m 59s' and I'm like what?? How am I supposed to go in there if it just keeps resetting every day.....
Bradley 5
Brilliant reminds me of the first but with more levels easier to get weapons and better AI hope more levels are coming soon πŸ˜‰ but one of the levels ( small ponds in jungle) u can't get 3 stars because if an enemy or bullet goes in Waterbury fail the water challenge
raj 5
Real hard-core 2d platform. Love playing it.please improve control's. Waiting for new levels.
LaggyGaming 4
GREAT TIME KILLER Its fun, but u need to wait 1day to open chest for free, reduce the time please(i know i can watch ads). And add more weapons and levels!!
Reece 4
Great game one bug tho on level small pond it says do not touch the water I have not touched it once and yet it says I have needs looking at
Matthew 5
Can you guys make a way to get key without buying them

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