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By Broken Rules GmbH Category Adventure #2

Old Man's Journey Android GamePlay [1080p/60FPS] (By Broken Rules GmbH)

Description & Details

A soul-searching puzzle adventure about life, loss and hope.

Old Man’s Journey is a soul-searching puzzle adventure game about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans. Entrenched in a beautifully sunkissed and handcrafted world, embark on a heartfelt journey interwoven with lighthearted and pressure-free puzzle solving.

Immerse yourself in a visual narrative as you uncover, stories of the old man’s life told through beautiful vignettes of his memories. Interact with the serene, whimsical environment as you solve playful puzzles and shape the landscape around you, growing the hills to create the old man’s path forward.

Find yourself transported to a vibrant and wishful world as you immerse yourself in meditatively delightful gameplay and inquisitive, quiet puzzle solving. Explore life’s complexities through the old man’s eyes as you experience his heartache, regret, and hope.

- Designed for touch
- A powerful and emotional narrative told only through imagery
- Gorgeously whimsical landscapes with hand-drawn art and animations
- Handcrafted, pressure-free puzzles
- Unique landscape-shaping mechanic
- A compact game experience perfect for a wanderlust-evoking escape
- Original and emotionally compelling soundtrack by SCNTFC
- Crisp drawings designed to look beautiful on your phone and tablet


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4.0 and up
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1000 - 5000
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Latest Ratings

Kerry 2
Beautiful graphics and a lovely storyline. Sadly the gameplay itself leaves much to be desired - there's only a single (very simple) game mechanic used throughout, and the entire game takes less than 15 minutes to finish, with very little replayability. I would have hoped for more from a relatively expensive game.
R. 5
Just started and am looking it. Quick question. How do I get the top menu to come down? Thanks. Update: I got it from reading your response to one of the reviewers. I would have never guess to tap the upper left corner. I like minimalism, but sometimes users need a little bit more help to get started. 👍
Vitaly 5
Deep Incredible storyline that makes you think of it later on, great gameplay. Creativity at its best. Music story and beautiful art graphics emmerce you into wonderful feeling of journey though space and time. I replayed some chapters and going to again. I wish there was another game like this. Any suggestions ?
dan 5
Thank you Felix and team! What an awesome experience. I actually cried a few times, so close to what I have experienced. The store line is superb, gameplay is good .instructions not needed...very well worth 5 bucks...a must have..
Katrina 4
Interesting. Some instructions would have been nice. If I had not read the reviews, it would have taken longer to figure out the controls and that I could restart a level. Expected it to be longer and more complicated. Had to restart a few levels a couple of times due to bad pathfinding on my part. Will try some of your other offerings.
YouFoundDan 5
Absolutely beautiful graphics and a very emotional story... Even though​ there is no audio apart from the very fitting music, you can easily tell what's going on. Nothing to complain about other than the fact that sometimes it get annoying that the man takes a long time to get somewhere... What im trying to say is that you have to get of the hill to move it up or down. And sometimes moving him gets a bit tedious but other than that, a great game!
Matthew 2
Beautiful graphics, but the game was boring with simple mechanics. You just move hills up and down to line up so the character he can continue to move along. Nothing new along the way except for maybe a few sheep you have to figure out how to get past. Wish I hadn't paid for this one.
Bridgett 3
Uhhhh... I agree with another reviewer who said that the game and the graphics were beautiful. It was a very sweet story. But there is only one thing you do throughout the whole game. Which is to move the roads to match up so that the man can move along throughout this scene. There's no puzzle to this game at all. I was really disappointed. I hate saying that because like I said, the game itself was very lovely. I understand why they had to charge as much as they did, but for me, it was a little overpriced.
Alfredo 4
I simply did get stuck in the lanterns in the very first level. Some additional guidance would be a nice detail. First lanterns and then young couple, I guess I was having a really bad day on my first try...
Candace 4
I absolutely love this game, but I think I've run into a bug. He is stuck in one spot and won't walk anywhere, no matter where I tap on the screen. I'd love to keep playing this game, but without being able to reset the area or anything, I can't move forwards or backwards from where I am.
Sherry 5
This game is worth the money for the graphics alone, it is so beautiful and calming. This is the perfect game to play to unwind after a long work day , with a cup of something warm. I love that this is so different from other games out right now

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