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Bored or stressed? Crush everything in this tuber simulator!

This official Hydraulic Press Channel tuber simulator fits over two hundred unique items and a Hydraulic Press into your pocket! Whether you're bored or stressed, crushing everything helps!

Find and crush all the items! Upgrade your press to crush the toughest items in the game! Receive imaginary hate comments about your weak press! Crush, collect, manage; there is something for everyone in this tuber simulator!

* Make videos, gain views and subscribers to upgrade your Hydraulic Press!
* Over two hundred items to crush!
* Real voice acting by the Hydraulic Press Channel!

Hydraulic Press Pocket is a free-to-play game and it offers optional in-app purchases.

If you notice any malfunctions in your Hydraulic Press, feel free to contact!

Tags: pocket, tuber, simulator, videos, views, subs

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Vator 4
Spent ~10 hours playing it and I enjoyed most of that time. Game it self has nice concept, nice graphics, and it's controls are pretty easy to understand. Really nice thing here is that this game is not pay to win, you can buy/reach anything if you invest time. I got up to 201k subs, but around 150k subs it started being pretty repetitive and i was just speed running everything. I can't say game is bad but its just not intresting enough for long run. Definitely will be leaving it on my phone untill next update.
Klaxon 5
This game is really interesting. The controls were at first confusing, though with the help of the tutorial and natural learning, it really came to life. The gameplay is outstandingly playable, and it never seems to stop changing. I just wish there was a way to change the background, like shop upgrades and such. Very very wonderful!
The 4
I liked this game. It has a nice art style, the gameplay is addicting and pretty fun. But it doesn't come without major flaws. The game is very repetitive, not that relaxing way of repetitive, the boring, long way of repetitive. It takes AGES to get to any milestone, the money comes very slowly, and you will be doing one upgrade in a long time. You will rate thousands of comments just to get five thousand subscribers and for me it is a really long time. This isn't a game where you play five minutes and then call it a day. There isn't anything automatic, anything. Everything is based on how many items you press. This is a real time murderer, yes, murderer, because you are literally murdering your time by pressing it with a hydraulic press.
Michael 4
My biggest complaints are that the cameras do no describe what they do, and that the red currency (I do not know what its supposed to be) doesn't seem to have a way to increase the amount you get per crush, so early on crushing things isn't an effective way to get currency. Overall I enjoyed it, if you like cookie clicker style upgrade based games you should check it out.
Connor 4
Great game. Very addicting. However it slows down to a grind once you reach around 1 million subscribers, trying to get all achievements. Would love to see some more content and maybe more items and collaboration items to crush!
Hassaan 1
Ads don't work, so anyone without money can't play. They should just have made it a paid game instead of this false marketing. Extremely disappointed with the developer.
G. 5
Learned about this from the channel, I've turned hearing "whatdefock!" into a drinking game. This is a fun app, I am thoroughly enjoying participating in the destruction of random items just like in the YouTube videos! Well done!
Random 3
I really like this game, but the "Like/Dislike" comment part is broken. Some positive comment I would LIKE in real life I get wrong and should have disliked & vise versa. It makes zero sense. I'm trying to get more than my current record but can't bc of this stupid rating system. PLEASE fix this! How is, "Like this comment if you subbed," worth a dislike??!?!? SERIOUSLY! Everything else is great, but gave it 3 stars for this broken feature. Will change once fixed. Thank you.
Jeremy 5
I love watching these guys crush and obliterate things on YouTube. It was pretty neat what they set up. The layout, and it seems a somewhat story, like , your playing as a youtuber, crushing things for money. I mean. Thats awesome. All into one small game! 5 STaRSEveryday. Keep it up men!
This game is like the best game i eber played this game is cool made for those who love to destroy objects in anger like me if u have anger issues u should see this game u will love it and i f u dont have anger issues just play it for fun and more better games like this
Bob 3
A lot of charm and humor. I enjoy playing this but it starts to feel a bit monotonous. Because it isn't very clear how the new collaborations unlock, I spent hours crushing things at random basically. The difficulty curve seems off balance. Either that or again, the lack of cohesive clarity makes it very easy for me to "play it wrong". Because the prices on the upgrades and cameras get to "grind" numbers pretty quick. Where it will take hours of play repeating the same thing over and over until you get thousands of ?"money"? I guess? Lastly, and this is just my nitpicking but, the timers on the t-shirts and whatevers, I would be much happier if those kept running. I hate loading the game after a few days of not playing and seeing "five minutes left." it just makes it way to easy to put it down and play something else.

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