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Bored or stressed? Crushing everything helps!

This official Hydraulic Press Channel simulator fits over hundred unique items and a Hydraulic Press into your pocket! Whether you're bored or stressed, crushing everything helps!

Find and crush all the items! Upgrade your press to crush the toughest items in the game! Receive imaginary hate comments about your weak press! Crush, collect, manage; there is something for everyone!

Hydraulic Press Pocket is a free-to-play game and it offers optional in-app purchases.

If you notice any malfunctions in your Hydraulic Press, feel free to contact!

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Tamra 4
Pretty simple "YouTuber sim" game. Makes you manage what items to crush and how depending on what items you have, the pressure gauge, and the trends. Comments are hilarious, colab references are great. Amazing work put into it! All it's missing is HPC's intro and outro. If I can suggest a few things, I'd like to see a reroll for the trends of the day, with a super reroll for making one trend have 3+ marks (which counts for "viral" vids). Also, how about letting the player add extra content to vids by using gems? :3
Jonah 5
I thought the game was all sorts of mixtures. For those who like the tap tycoons, this game involves tapping but not to the point to where your thumbs hurt. Investing on upgrading your shop, for those gamers who like to either make money doing tycoons or just like to upgrade their shop. It DOES NOT force ads while playing but does give optional ads for optional rewards. It involves a perspective for other people and how they comment on people channels. What YouTubers do and don't like for comments. In general the idea, game, and what it's about is all top notch. Even though it may sound boring, give things a try every now and then. Great job developers and to their YouTube channel. I love what you guys do and keep doing it.👌
Bill 4
It's a decent game. It's not rocket science, it's crushing stuff. I can understand some of the complaints people have, but I wonder if some of their expectations are too high. I'm glad they finally added some new items, but, please add Google Drive integration or some other cloud save for game progress. Purchases transfer between devices, however, there is no way to transfer progress. I have 1.3mil followers and a fully upgraded press on my phone yet I can't get that onto my tablet.
XeniX 5
I don't think there is an option to change the background in this game, I always see the same wall. I get it that's in his house somewhere (the press) but you, the developer can put a green screen behind it and let the people who play this game choose any kind of background. Game gets repetitive but I like it, because I appreciate the channel and the awesome crushes the game has to offer. It need more YouTube collaborations, items and more stuff to buy, like after you upgrade the press to the max you can choose to buy another one, but more powerful and start over with a new set of items and upgrades and the battery consumption could be reduced or if you can't do that I'll have to use battery saving mode for the rest of the game. If you made it this far into my review, my comment of my thoughts on this game I congratulate you and have an awesome day!
Fun game. Maybe add an episode feature where you get extra points for doing multiple similar items in a row without leaving. You could make it so that you don't have a choice in what you crush, just what kind of episode to do. Then random selections till the press breaks down.
aidan 5
I have found a problem the slow motion is permanently enabled the icon is even on the left when not crushing something and it's giving extra subscribers i should not be getting. This started after I crushed loads of treasure chests in a row
rasmus 1
Its just lade for money... There is item unlocks and you unlock them buy crushin unique items wich u cant do sonetimes unless u pay them.. if u do a super reroll u dont get uncrushed items if you already have crushed all your current items...
Dyllan 2
I understand it a free game. But come on. Played it for 2 minutes and had to watch an add or pay money. Would gladly pay a small fee for the full unlocked game. Uninstall unfortunately.
Charles 4
Glad you fixed the money problem but it's a little unrealistic in the way certain heads crush the different items and the items don't react the way they should. They just all go flat
Graeme 3
Simple to use. Can crush all the items quite quickly then the game gets boring and repetitive. Needs more items and maybe changeable tool heads I.e spikes, blades, narrow to get varied results for same items. Getting the very last item at 10million is going to take ages and probably get bored before then
Daniel 1
As everyone else has said, grindy tap-fest. The fastest way to progress is watching 15-30 second ads for other mobile games and progression is slow even with that. I'm at a point where I need to RNG like 7 'collaboration' item crushes to unlock the final set. Getting bored. Will try the next update or 2 but otherwise this is nothing more than an hour or 2 of gameplay. UPDATE: tried the new update and its worse, nerfed the item reroll meaning you need to watch even more ads. Cash grab!

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