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By HARAPECORPORATION Inc. Category Simulation #41

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Daily fun with cats...in death

A flash of white light, and whoosh! Turns out you're now a ghost! You don't know how to pass on, so you'll just pass the time instead — with the adorable little cats who visit your house each day!

■ Game Summary This fun, adorable title will have you:
・Feeding the cats who drop by your home
・Buying scratchers, towers, and other items to keep your kitties entertained
・Redecorating your room with a host of colorful, unique designs
・Enticing a variety of Rare Cats to come visit (spawn rates vary by item!)
・Achieving goals in order to unlock cute manga-style cutscenes (both the main story and mini-stories!)
・Learning more about your feline friends and the phantoms who care for them

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4.1 and up
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Rebecca 5
Such a cute and silly game. Good game to play to relax as well
Ive 4
It's nice. Cute without being annoying. Simple pleasure so far.
It's so cute!!! ^-^ I like how there's a story behind it and I think it's an awesome little game that all cat lovers should play! 💕
Arianna 5
This is a cute little game and great to de-stress (:
Angel 5
Really addicting game at first but the game is over way too fast. I was able to get all the items, cats and stories in a day and I never had to buy any tickets or coins. After everything is completed I feel there is no longer a point to playing unless you want to watch cute tiny kitties playing. That being said the cats ARE super adorable and I found myself taking several screenshots to send to friends.
Clea 4
This is a very cute game and i love the look. But its a littlr bit boring when we only have to click apps to earn cats coming to earn money. I think it can be more games such as puzzle and then we win it to earn money. This game has potential they just need to be make it much more entertaining and make it not boring. Overall, its an average good game!
The graphics are purrfect! The only thing is that sometimes you get bored because you are just tapping and tapping and tapping, over and over again. The main storyline is great, mini stories are the best. I like the tips for cats that rolling over the screen, really creative to put this in a game. Thank you so much for giving such a wonderful game experience.
Naomi 5
Incredible. This app is so cute and addictive. You unlock new cats, decorations, cat toys, and room design over time which keeps the game’s tapping and coin collecting from being boring. I especially enjoyed the encouraging and informative scrolling comments teaching me things like to feed them cooked, unsalted fish, japanese radish, or even why they lick wounds after they scratch (tasting you?!) All in all, I love this game! Amazing.
Laura 3
Overall a cute game, it needs a few things added though some ideas I had to make it better were: A way to get automatic taps so you can have a constant stream of cats without watching so many ads to get the catnip thing. A way to recharge the catnip thing/earn tickets by playing minigames A way to interact with the cats via minigames or taking them to were they want to go if especially if more space gets added later. As it is now I'm tired of the game already because of constant tapping and having to watch ads literally every two minutes. I would give this a 5 star rating otherwise
Aria 5
Short and sweet! The main story is amazing, and, at times, poetic. The little animations of the cats playing are very cute, and they are very adorable. The game is very easy to complete- I finished it in 3 days during my breaks. The tips going past the screen are helpful, and I'm going to be keeping them in mind when I get a kitty :D I also like how the game is aware of the time. It acknowledges that it's past midnight, and when it struck 1, it said so in the app! Overall cute game, and I'll reccomend it if you've played Neko Atsume or the like. The feeding process is different, but it involves you in the process of realistically feeding a bunch of cats.
EyesHallow 4
I think they shouldn't lock the shopping stuff it's supposed to collect the money and buy it, not waiting for them unlocked then buy... Well the messages running above is little annoying but getting used to it by now lol. Anyway cute graphics and I love cat


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