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My Story Choose Your Own Path - Android Gameplay HD

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Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own path and write your life!

Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own adventure and write your life! Be careful what you choose, though: one choice can change the course of the entire story, so choose wisely!

Whatever you choose will determine how well you get along with your friends, how popular you are, and who you fall in love with!

Personalize your character, choose your clothes and hairstyle. Dress to express yourself!

Experience college drama, be an aspiring movie star, a rich heiress, or a New York socialite! Anything is possible!

Dozens of interesting stories are waiting for you! What's your favorite genre? Romance, comedy, drama, MY STORY has it all!

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This is amazing! I usually don't do reviews on games, but this one deserved it! I love the soft graphics and the way it works! If you possibly read this (the team) could you add a option to create your own stories? I try on Episode but it glitches and won't let me on my device, unlike how it works of my friends. This would be great and I hope you see it! Love the game 😘
Latoia 4
I wish people would stop saying they copied episode. There are other apps which looks exactly like this one as well. They are allowed to create an app like this, and it doesn't mean they tried to copy it just means they were inspired to create another version. Also, I would users to be able to publish and create their own stories on here. Other than that, keep up the good work👏👏👏👏
Meilani 5
It's absolutely amazing. But..... There are three main things you need to fix. Number 1: tickets, they take so long to load and you only get 2 every 3 hours. This should be changed to an 1 and a half. Number 2: Can there please be more comedies. I'm not much of a romance type and there's only 2. Number 3: Gems/diamonds: There should be easier ways to get them and the prices in the chapters should be lower. It ruins the fun and the free will of choices. I get that yiu need to save money and all but its like 50 each chapter if you want to eg. Get the pretty dress and go to the ball. If you fixed these three things I think it could be a more amazing game than it is. Thnx
AiRiix 5
I don't care if you copied Episode. What matters is that you put effort and your time making this game. So, thank you for making this game. (I still haven't tried the game. But, still!) Edit: I love the stories!! It's one of a kind. But, I love the story, "Who Wants To Marry Miss Larson" the most! My only dissapointment is that I wanted Brad to be in the Top 2.
CJCH_0629_2004 5
This game is awesome! I can finally get a game like episode. This game is actually better than that app. And I have just one thing. When we end a chapter or earn something. U should give us diamonds, and or tickets from time to time. And should also reduce the time limit for tickets. And be able to earn more than 2 tickets without buying them. And other than that everything else is great! 😊 .
josephine 5
This is a great game totally awsome but it seems like this game just copied episode but totally different stories I also think that they should reduce the time limit on tickets 2 hrs. for 1 ticket that is crazy and I lime how we warn gems
Hug 4
It's a good game to pass time! But I don't really enjoy the fact you have to use diamonds for some replies... I'd rather use them to buy new clothes or something. But it's still a good game! :3
Ron 5
I think it is great but it is annoying because you rarely get gems and if you want to let's say tell something it cost so much gems same with the tickets I think after two hours you get more than just one. Other than that I have not put it down. It is the best game and I don't think you 'copied' Episode because Episode is inappropriate and I am not allowed to play it bus this is marvellous and the best game ever!
Tori 3
Improve on the writing. There are OBVIOUS grammar mistakes, as if autocorret were being used. The graphics are okay, but with popular games like Episode there's no competition here- work on improving the art style and more people will play.
Brianna 4
It's an OK game, the graphics are really good and so far the game seems awesome. I also wanted to talk about the fact that we have to wait two hours for tickets so I am asking is it possible to reduce the time for tickets?
BD39 4
I really like this app but it would be nice if I could change my appearance from the beginning to the end. Cuz I accidentally chose the wrong face and please add more tickets and decrease the wait time for tickets!


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