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Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own path and write your life!

Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own adventure and write your life! Be careful what you choose, though: one choice can change the course of the entire story, so choose wisely!

Whatever you choose will determine how well you get along with your friends, how popular you are, and who you fall in love with!

Personalize your character, choose your clothes and hairstyle. Dress to express yourself!

Experience college drama, be an aspiring movie star, a rich heiress, or a New York socialite! Anything is possible!

Dozens of interesting stories are waiting for you! What's your favorite genre? Romance, comedy, drama, MY STORY has it all!

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juan 3
Granted, I am a guy....but the story line is compelling and I've had fun watching my friends faces when I told them about the storyline. πŸ˜‚ If she could change clothes more often that would be great, and also to earn more tickets and diamonds without having to fork up cash, would be better. I try to turn people on to this game and the money thing is a big least at the first story.
Would have been nice to be able to finish my book. I spent $20 to read and play along for one book only to get 5 chapters from the end. Now only says coming soon. So I've read 4 other books now all say coming soon. It's been over 9 days. And i cant read any of them. And every time i try to contact support it says unfortunately app has stopped. So how am i supposed to contact them at all?
Morgan 2
I would have given this game 5 stars as I was really enjoying the stories I was doing but then I realise they are not yet complete so I had to wait. I then updated the game which gave me the option to read the next chapter of my story but instead just took all my tickets and said this wasn't available yet so now I have to wait 3 hours for more tickets. Not impressed
Sarah 4
Needing 25 diamonds is a bit much to choose certain storyline paths. Maybe 2 or 3, but 25?? It takes reading almost 15 chapters of a story to even get that many without making purchases. Also, a three hour wait to earn more tickets is excessive. Every other game I've ever played takes an hour tops to replenish the next opportunity for gameplay.
ashley 1
I loved it at first until I started spending money. Warning to all you will lose your money. I got 25 dollars worth of diamonds and tickets. When I ran out of diamonds I bought the 4.99 pack and never received my diamonds. When contacting the company they say I received it. I even did the math and sent to the telling them the exact chapter I had last spent diamonds in and they even said they saw that. Still they said they could not help. I clearly just want my money's worth and I'm not out for a refund I would have went for the bigger amount. It sucks they won't even work with you.
charlize 4
I love the story and everything but the diamomds is slowely getting to everyone as we play. I hate that i have to skip out on the drama because i am low on diamonds, i dont wanna miss out. Im not saying that you shouldnt have a cost but please lower it down to like 5 or something please it will mean alot to me and others thanks for the fantastic game though😁😁😁😁😁😁
Sarah 4
While I've always loved these types of games, it costs so much to be able to buy the nice clothes and even more to pick the ideal choice. That's what I dislike about tgis game. It makes it almoat impossible to play without buying things...
Paige 3
I like the stories their face and things can be a little puppet like and sometimes creepy and i wish it didnt cost so much for decisions!!! Maybe 10 for each decicion but 25 takes forever!!!! I really dont wanna have to spend money on gems to make good decicions..
Amanda 4
The stories are great & it's a fantastic time killer. The graphics are good. I dislike that you have to wait over 2 hours for more tickets & the fact certain choices require so many diamonds. If it didn't take so long for tickets or to collect diamonds I would have gave it 5 stars.
Love this game...but there is one problem it is soooo hard to get diamonds!!! Please give us at least 5 diamonds when we complete a story!!! Cause in one chapter u have to use at least 40 gems and it so hard to earn diamonds so please please change it!!!! Other wise I love the game!!! And the stories are great!!! I love dear Mona its an interesting story but I can't buy anything in it cause of the lack of pls change it:-)
It's a good game but I don't get th clothes I buy with diamonds? I press it and I lose my gems and I cant see my character wearing the clothes I bought. ;( please sort this out, I thought it was just a glitch but it's done it 3 times now.


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