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SuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer.

Karts. Nitro. Action! SuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer with a variety characters, tracks, and modes to play. Our aim is to create a game that is more fun than realistic, and provide an enjoyable experience for all ages.

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Dante 5
This game is my everything. Before this I was just a mid West 14 years young female suffering from clinical depression. My interested were anime and not much else. I had no friends all I had was anime then my parents canceled my crunchy roll subscription and I couldn't watch all my favorite animes. I was broken depressed alone and I was feeling nothing but pain all the time. I was standing on a bridge ready to jump when I saw it... This game. I was finally complete playing this game saved me from myself. Thank you so much this game saved my life cured my depression and now I don't need anime to be complete. I am complete with this game.
Davide 5
Graphics are super smooth even with the highest quality settings on my OnePlus 3T! It's a bit slow on my computer but it's awesome on the phone! I love the fact that you can play with the accelerometer. Very good job! This project makes me proud to support free software :)
Dave 4
Great work so far, runs nice maxed out on the S8, the controls are a little clunky so I would like to see some customisation added to allow perhaps accelerometer based steering and a left and right throttle/Brake option.
Adnan 4
I played this game a lot in PC and I've been waiting for android version. However I am not satisfied with the controls and I request control modes like tilt. Gameplay will be easier if you add tilt and other control modes(Auto accelaration, Breaks, touch to turn left and right.).P.S :And I have one more request, Please add local wifi and online multiplayer mode.
Loved it! Get a little laggy inside the bubbles (where you start a race), but the game is neat.
Wesley 5
Though still very much work in progress, the game play great, the controlles aren't perfect, in time i think this will all be polished out.
Jose 5
Amazing, I test it in a low edge phone and surprisingly didn't lag or freeze. I had about 2 years not playing this game on Linux. Nice to have it in android now, I had fun playing the soccer mode...
Matthew 4
Never saw this comming. Doesn't run as well as my pc due to my phone being about 3 years old. But it runs.
Ádám 3
Would be a really great game, but sadly the performance is really bad even on the lowest settings on Nexus 7 2013. 10-20 FPS on minimum graphics.
HS 5
Runs very slow with max graphics on Galaxy S7 Edge!!!! Needs to be improved for full performance.
Mayeul 5
Very promising, would be great for LAN games.

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