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(Tower Defense Game + RPG Game) * Idle Clicker Game = A MUST HAVE!

This is really a Tower Defense being upgraded with RPG elements, the most easy to play but also hell to master Tower Defense ever in mobile! Are you tired of watching your towers and do nothing to sercuce your victory? Let's Frontier Defense give you a whole new picture of a creative Tower Defense game ever on mobile.

Fronteir Defense introduce a unique gameplay by letting you simply HOLD a button to perform a crazy attack on monters:
- HOLD to crazy attack & Tap to activate devastating skills!
- Recruit heroes (like RPG Games)! Build Defensive Towers (like Tower Defense)!
- Upgrade towers! Level up heroes!
- Unlock Relics! Spin the lucky wheel!
- Open mystery chests! Defense Tower to WIN!

What made Frontier Defense becomes a MUST-HAVE Tower Defense game?
- This is where idle game (clicker) perfectly meets tower defense!
- This is where RPG elements do exist! Recruit heroes with their own unique abilities!
- This is where you can control up to 3 HEROES at the same time!
- This is where you do all can to push back the enemies!!!

*** All cool features that people ever wanting in a idle games & Tower Defense games, Frontier Defense has them all ***

- 10 unique defensive towers with endless upgrades! (More to come in updates)
- 6 unique heroes with endless upgrades! (More to come in updates)
- 50 beautiful, hand-crafted environments.
- More than 100 Relics to collect!
- Many types of destructive monsters are ruthlessly outnumbered!
- Many quests with awesome rewards.
- Lucky Wheel to brings great items.
- Leader-board.
- Achievements.
- Data syncs across multiple devices.

Tower Defense Game Fans! RPG Game Fans! Where are you?! \\ ( ^ o ^ ) //

Thanks for playing Frontier Defense!

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Charlie 3
It's okay to pass the time, but once you get to lvl 80 and get phoenix, the game slows wayyy down. Poorly optimised and my S6 Edge can't handle the lazers coming out all over the place. Becomes too slow to be playable at this stage.
Warren 3
UPDATE 6: Today I Prestiged and started at Battle 101. The 150 million coins I got was barely enough to upgrade my towers and heroes enough to be able to complete the first battle. It took me almost 10 minutes to the defeat the first boss after I Prestiged. There still seems to be a lot of unbalanced elements when prestiging. Hero and tower damage is to low and coins received is not enough. I was happy to see that you now keep your purchased heroes after you Prestige, however the amount of diamonds earned also still seems a bit low given how expensive the best Relics are. Things are falling into place, but the Prestige system still needs work in order to make you "come back stronger than before", as that currently isn't the case. UPDATE 5: Firstly thank you for your kind reply. I am happy that I've been able to assist in this process of growing and improving your game. As of the most recent update, the issue with hero damage being changed when the game is closed has been fixed. This has helped a lot with improving the game. Now that you receive more diamonds and coins when you prestige it does help with better growth and more progress. However, I do believe that it would be a good consideration to change on which battle you unlock towers once you prestige. Since you need to reach higher battles each time you prestige this would help a lot to be able to reach higher battles and progress even more. Secondly, it seems that right now tower damage and hero damage scale very slowly or very little. This can been seen when you reach higher battles with how little damage you start dealing. I'm still testing this, but the problem seems to be how expensive it becomes to upgrade towers and heroes with each new level and how little coins you receive, leaving long periods of not being able to level heroes and towers. Also, the game still desperately needs a way to increase the speed of battles and waves as it will eventually take an absurd amount of time to reach each new battle to prestige. Lastly, I would like to ask you to consider creating a forum page or even a Reddit page where we can more easily share issues, updates and suggestions. I will update this once I prestige again and once a new update is released. Keep up the good work.
Sham 2
Why always crash now.. Restart game happen again.. Become to slow.. Lagging
Liam 3
Nice tower game, but I'm not interested enough to play much past the 3rd hero/1st relic.
Fawwaz 1
"great" update. Now i can't even kill a single monster before/after the prestige. Good job at messing it up
Paige 5
Great game! Keeps you focused on what's going on.
Steve 3
Game was really good and fun untill i finally managed to get to lvl 121... after i presteged that time, i lost all my towers and upgrades but start from round 61 and withing a few seconds the enemies destroy my castle so i cannot do anything anymore. Game was really fun up until then. Please sort this guys.
Jess 1
Lot of bugs. 1.) When you prestige, you also lose the hero you bought with your hard-earned gems. 2.) When I level up my heroes, you get the increase damage for a while but after some time, it gets back to normal. Pls fix this
Andre 3
Hi, the game is freezing everytime i upgrade the hero/castle. I use coolpad lite. Edit: i try to reinstall and it works
Sir 3
Good until the glitching. Every time the glove shows up i lose the touch ability. Had to restart 4 times in 10 mins.
SuperManVSChuckNoris 1
I will go 5 stars after you fix but I can no longer play, anytime I go in comes up with the pointer hand and then freezes the game.


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