Super Atomic: The Hardest Game Ever!

Super Atomic: The Hardest Game Ever!








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Description & Details

WARNING: This game will drive you crazy! DO NOT PLAY!

Super Atomic is pure, minimal game about a incredible test of patience & reaction!

All who have attempted Impossible Games will know the pleasurably painful twitching you are about to endure but with added vertigo.

Each exciting tap requires quick reflexes and super fast decisions. Super Atomic is also fulfilled with Neon & Dubstep.

Warning: Speed Limit will be raised after each level!

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Michael 5
This game is extremely fun, challenging, and hard. 10/10, but the google play leaderboards is filled with hackers who have gotten to level 2 billion, which is completely hacked, now i dont know if they spent there entire life on here, but im pretty sure the max level isnt that high, unless the levels are randomly generated. But if you can fix this, which u might not be able to, since its googleplay's leaderboard. Its OK if you cant, but if u can ill r8 5 stars on 2 more accounts, not including this one. Other than that this game is really smooth and oddly beatiful. Keep up the good work! EDITED: PS, there is more than 20 levels, it just asks you to r8 after level 20
Babbi 5
It is what it says it is and does exactly what it set out to do, keep you on the edge of your seat and never letting go. It is both fun and frustrating at the same time but in a good way. I'll give it a more in depth review after I've put a lot more hours on it
Laipsax 5
Good game, not that hard but could you add more music to it other than this one that keeps on looping? I also dont get it why u have that sfx that sounds like the time is running out. What is that for ? lol
Ryan 4
Developer's. I love this game it's great fun. But 1 frustrating thing if you could help. During gameplay the screen or game has a slight lock up and starts again in a nano second but by then you die by hitting an obstical. Please help
Jay 2
It could be a fine time killer. But the ads are rediculous how they interrupt you game for 5 full seconds before you can skip, and at every 3 or 4 levels. I get that you need to promote your other games but that is overkill. I had to delete it.
Daik 4
Really addictive! BUT! This game triggers me like i almost had a stroke from my highblood xD jk its simple and great game to waste time if u bored this will keep u unbored :)) thanks and hope for more features will come in the future.cheers!
LaMont 5
What is the hardest game ever? Oh yeah this one. It puts you in frustration. Never knew that that a game could do that until this one. I just love it. Thank you for a real hard game.
jayden 2
Only thing "hard" about this app is trying to find the ad close button on the ads. The only thing "frustrating" is when you tap on the ad instead. The only fun thing is finding a better app from the ads than the game youre playing.
Mac 5
It's pretty easy you just have to understand how things work.. Yes the reaction time is seriously required.. but you should have that down.. just mainly focus on how the level plays then the reflexes just falls behind that
Mark 5
I hate it. That's why I love it. I hate it and love it. This is harder than Impossible Game, with better graphics and music. Not that I know what the whole song sounds like, I can never get that far. Great game. :)
Kristopher 4
Great game. Enjoy the challenge. Don't like how the full screen ads pop up after you can start playing the level so you end up clicking on them


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