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An app that helps you create amazing looking icons for your home screen.

Every home screen is different, so why icons should be the same?

Introducing Adapticons!
An app that helps you create amazing looking icons for your home screen in a few clicks!

With Adapticons you can make your icons match your launcher theme or you can just use it to bring something fresh to your phone. Available customization options let you create amazing effects that you can apply to multiple icons at once.

With Adapticons you can:

- Create icons with one equal shape and style across all of the apps
- Use icon packs (and importing from gallery) to bring awesome and unique graphics to your icons
- Make icons match your device theme with few clicks
- Use icon packs in launchers from Google and Samsung (and others)
- And much, much more!

Check Adapticons and enjoy a new, fresh look of your launcher!

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phone Arena

phone Arena

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Android and Me

Android and Me

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Android Authority

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Android Police

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Xda Developers

Latest Ratings

Jesus 4
October.06.2017 Edit: Okay so I am going to lower my rating to 4 stars because of the 100 icon limit currently in place when try to export as an icon pack APK. Original: Okay so this app has improved TONS in just the 2 or 3 updates since I last published my review of 4 stars. It was just small stuff(but still significant) that was holding it back from 5 stars. I am VERY glad to say that this latest update added a feature I asked for quite a bit! The "Adapticons Gallery" is what I've wanted for a while now, and I don't know if the dev listened to me, or to a multitude of us, but I am so glad I bought this app a while ago! It was totally worth it then, and even more so now! Than you Dev for listening to your community!! This app is awesome and I can't wait to see how you make it better!!
Bernat 2
Doesn't work! No way of exporting the icons works! It's a great way to make ur own icons and I appreciate the gallery but hurry up and fix the exporting bit. Even saving them as shortcuts on ur desktop doesn't work as they reset the next time you turn ur phone off!
Shreenath 5
Great app, vastly improved, one key problem though, exporting as iconpacks isn't updating new icons to the existing ones, instead deletes the old ones and puts the new ones on! Ot would be great if each installation acts as an update.
Rainex 3
Great app! Enjoyable but sadly there's an error whereby I couldn't get the premium version. I clicked "Support Me" many times but couldn't direct me to the payment.
Jonny 2
Unfortunately the app doesn't let you export more than 100 icons as a icon pack making this app almost useless, I'm very upset because I didn't know this until I bought the app other wise I would have not bought it.
Matthew 1
Spent a ton of time creating custom icons and added to home screen. After 2 days they all turn into your app icon. Had to delete each one. Don't think I'll bother wasting my time again, unless you have other suggestions?
Eli 3
Doesn't let you change the color of icons, the most important part to making a harmonious icon set.
Benji 3
I have a ZTE Blade Max 3 and it won't let me export an icon pack, I paid so I'd be able to do more than one just to find out I can't even do one
Kris 5
Bought this app when all it could do was put modified icons on the home screen. It was good then, it's amazing now. If you have icons that an icin pack that won't theme then this is the answer.
Courtney 4
I love the ability to reign in the app icons that didn't make the cut with my icon packs, but I've only gotten the .apk download to work once. Now it just loads endlessly.
Kloassie 3
Not many options, but a few nice ones (eg. puzzle shape)

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