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By Andrey Dobroradnykh Category Action #4

Description & Details

Unknown Royal Battle is a mp online action with battle royale game-mode

Unknown Royal Battle is a massive multiplayer online action battle arena where you have to do anything possible and impossible to stay alive and survive!
Our game-mode will put up to 20 players on a remote island for a winner-takes-allshowdown where strategic gameplay is as important as shooting skills.

Starting with nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the lone survivor.

Play with friends in squad game mode up to 4 players!

Important tips:
- The game requires an Internet connection, use wifi for maximum comfort.
- Received coins, open tanks are stored on your device. DO NOT DELETE THE GAME before the update, otherwise all achievements WILL BE LOST!

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Android Version
4.0 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Kyle 1
Recovered account, paid for ads to be removed. Still have ads even after sccount was recovered. Developers reply "mkay delete game" Reply: so how can you return my account with all my items but you can't turn the ads back off? All I want is the ads turned back off because that's what I paid for. The reason it is 1* is because I paid for something and now I don't have it anymore. Instead of addressing the issue and seeing what you could do you just replied "mkay delete game". I'd be more than happy to change my review and rating if this was corrected.
Guessingguy 4
This game is good, for the most part. Of course, it does take after Playerunknown's game, which many have come to love. I, for one, really like this game. Pros: •The guns seem balanced for what they do, and the spawns are also fair. •The map is small, but very diverse for a mobile game •smooth gunplay with auto-shooting, except the snipers (more on that later) •The secret/high powered weapon drops are well thought out Cons: •When you jump off of a building, your momentum doesn't carry you far •armor doesn't degrade, but does protect. •meds and medkits are very rare, sometimes not spawning anywhere on the map.
Izaac 4
Love the game but am very unhappy i was lied to after i purchasd a begging pack for $4 and was promised no ads but it seems i get more ads. Love the game but can't play in It's current ad state
Nik 4
I honestly really like the game but it is clearly a rip of of pubg and was named that in the past. It would realy be refreshing if you could at least give it an original title and an more artistic art stile or textures
Jesse 3
I bought a package when it was PUBG. And after the switch I dont have any of my purchases, and no gold, and adds are back. Notified devs, we'll see what happens. Other than that the game is great fun.
The game has became good after adding the freind and squad system , add just few things like dropping weapons and medkits for teamates and the spectating system
Atharva 4
Slow matchmaking. Takes time more than 5 minutes. Please fix this.
Ignas 4
I like the game, but i have an idea. Maybe you can try to add like cases that give gun skins? It would realy be cool for cs:go players and othwrs that like to have diferent looking gun then others! Pls
Arijit 5
Thanks for fixing it. Now the game is good again. I am addicted to this game.
Jozzelz 5
So I love pubg and I was looking for a mobile version. Here it is, the best one I can find. Im so glad you guys made this! AMAZING GAME!
Danish 5
If have profile and clan i will share this game to all my friend !!

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