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Scan for common Bluetooth fuel pump skimmers

Fuel Pump Skimmers can steal your Credit or Debit Card information without you ever suspecting. This app uses your phone's Bluetooth radio to detect a common radio component in modern fuel pump skimmers (HC-05) and warn you if you're about to get scammed.

If you happen to detect a device, please don't attempt to remove it yourself and let the station attendant know. Also, leave a review here! We'd love to see where these things are popping up.

Notice: Using this app may authenticate your Android device to illegally installed skimmers. Please check your local laws before installing this product. There is implicit risk associated with publicly reporting crimes. Consider these risks before using the app. The effective range of this app varies by phone and by skimmer. For best results, hold your phone close to the gas pump. Also, please keep in mind that failure to detect an HC-05 based device does not guarantee there is no skimmer present. There's always a risk to sticking your card in a strange machine.

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George 5
Hey developer. I was wondering how accurate is this app? I know alot of apps can sneak their way through the play store and be total rip offs. I work in a gas station and this would be very useful if it works
username 3
Sadness. I started developing the exact same app 6 weeks ago. You buggers beat me to it. I'm guessing you saw the post on forums stating these devices use Bluetooth, thus making a great app.
K 4
I just took a long road trip. I am unsure how accurate this app is. I was driving thru the mountains and checked 3 gas stations. All said devise found. I am not sure maybe blue tooth does not pick up accurately? I am now home and went to get gas, again it says devise found. I bee lined it. Seems odd so many stations would be scammed. I didn't take any chances tho.
Jeff 5
I work a lot with Bluetooth connections on home-made media and control devices as a hobby, so I decided to see if I could fool this app. I had all sorts of Bluetooth signals going through the air and I never once got a false positive. This reassures me enough to give it a fair chance at the pumps. While some people seem to suggest it doesn't detect most of them (or any of them) I suppose it's worth exploring the tech though, something needs to be done.
Hey Nick. Nice app! Haven't found any skimmers yet but there is a bug with Android Oreo users that locks their phones when scanning. Hope this gets fixed.
chris 5
Will be giving this app a try. I always tug at the part of the machine (where you insert your card) to always make sure it's legit anywhere and everywhere I go.
Bradley 5
Fantastic. Simple and effective. I love how it toggles Bluetooth automatically. Ability to move to SD card a big plus! I use it every time I get gasoline.
Kevin 4
No longer crashes during scan. I haven't found a skimmer yet, but it finds my Roku, so I guess it works.
Thomas 1
I work for a government agency that looks for skimmers and I tested this app on 2 of the skimmers we have and it did not pick them up. Both of my skimmers are bluetooth capable.
Haven't used app yet, it doesn't find my Roku's like posted below...but it does find my Nvidia Shield.
Keeps saying turning on Bluetooth. Doesn't work on Moto g4

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