Best new Android Adventure games!

What are the best Android Adventure games?'s what's trending:

Cube Escape: The Cave

Can you escape Cube Escape: The Cave? Play the new Rusty Lake room escape game!

100% 4.9 Free

Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi is an intense platformer with mixed RPG elements.

100% 4.5 Free

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft's ascent from a sheltered young woman to a hardened survivor.

98.7% 3.9

My Diggy Dog

Rush into the world of Marty’s adventures.

97.2% 4.2 Free

Escape Japanese Tea Room

[ 一期一会 ] = [ Forrest gump ]

96.7% 4.4 Free

Virtual Virtual Reality

A game about VR, A.I. and our shared sci-fi fever dreams.

92.5% 4.8

Angry Neighbor Hello from home

Declassified the secret of neighbor

90.5% 4.9

Flushy Fish VR

New on Daydream VR: Just Squidding Around

83.5% 4.5

DinoCraft Survive & Craft

Cube universe where you can build & craft-using blocks in Jurassic world

80.5% 4.4 Free

Powerpuff Girls Story Maker

Let your child bring their imagination to life with the PPG Story Maker app!

78.8% 4.4 Free

go BlowFish

go BlowFish

76.1% 5

Stellaren Pro

Space sci-fi visual novelA colonist engineer is involved in a galactic war!

73.1% 5

Candles of the Dead

Light the candles, and banish the evil that haunts an old mansion.

72.8% 5

The Trap (VR Horror game)

VR Horror game

72.3% 5

Sonya The Great Adventure Full

Dive into the super colorful fantastic world of adventure hidden object quest.

71.5% 4.4

Your Final Run

This is YOUR FINAL RUN!!!! How far can you get?????

71.3% 5

Dream Tale: Rainbow

Embark the journey of Julia, as she tries to learn the whereabouts of her dog.

71.3% 5

TerraCraft Pro

Survive, build and explore in adventure-sandbox cube world

70.4% 5

Alia Bhatt: Star Life

Alia Bhatt’s official mobile game is here. Download it now!

69.9% 4.4 Free

My Superstar Boyfriend|BL Game

Debuting as an idol duo with a senior upon the CEO’s instructions!

66.7% 4.5 Free

Wrecked (Island Survival Sim)

Strive to survive on an island full of wildlife - and even wilder people!

66.5% 4.6 Free

Best Craft Master

Best sandpit - craft: create, explore, try to survive!

66.2% 4.1 Free

Castaway Cove

Build an island paradise with the survivors and tools you find along the way.

66.2% 4.3 Free

Mage the Ascension: Refuge

The roleplaying game Mage: The Ascension comes back with an interactive fiction!

65.2% 4.1

Temple Girl Rush 2

One of the most addictive mega hit Temple rush games ready for Android 100% free

65.2% 4.3 Free


A VR adventure game designed for Google Cardboard.

65% 5


Druid is an adventure game with different puzzles.

63.2% 5

Ben Fight Super Alien Rescue

Play as Ben and unlock his alien powers as he takes on the evils of the galaxy

62.4% 4.3 Free

Penguin Run

Penguin Run is an amazing penguin running and jumping adventure game.

61.8% 4.3 Free

Legend of Swordman

The world's most ultimate Chinese martial heroes mobile game!

61.6% 4.4 Free

AR SoulFinder 2.5D

AR Games Soul search Fight the devil

61.5% 5


Horror-adventure with action elements. Dark woods, monsters, paranormal activity

61.4% 4.5

Hi Neighbor: Hello from Hell 2

Welcome to the sequel of our Hi Neighbor game!

61.4% 4.9 Free

Demon Hunter 3D Full

Play As Tiny Modern Human And Kill Tons Of Demons To Prevent World Destruction.

61.2% 5

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet

Join pirate heroine Nelly Cootalot in this hilarious nautical adventure game.

60.2% 4.2

Cat mask

Leave your adventures with lovely cats.

58.5% 4