Best new Android Adventure games!

What are the best new Android Adventure games?


 by Creative Mobile Publishing

You work for a dystopian surveillance state and spy on your neighbors

100% 4.5

Old Man's Journey

 by Broken Rules GmbH

A soul-searching puzzle adventure about life, loss and hope.

100% 4.3

Milkmaid of the Milky Way

 by machineboy

The critically acclaimed charming point-and-click adventure, now for android!

100% 3.8

Lola and the Giant

 by Climax Studios

Two characters, two perspectives, one mysterious and charming adventure.

100% 5

Her Majesty's SPIFFING

 by BillyGoat Entertainment Ltd

The Queen bids to establish a Galactic British Empire in this comedy adventure!

100% 5

Along Together

 by Turbo Button

Become a kid’s imaginary friend, and work together in an epic VR adventure.

96.4% 4.9


 by PlayHard.Lab

Best of 2016 Google Play Indie Games FestivalControl the troops using gesture!

95.8% 4.8 Free

Survival-quest ZARYA-1 STATION

 by Your Story Interactive

Text based quest, mix of Sci-Fi and horror in the veins of Alien and Dead Space.

92.9% 4.7 Free

The Big Journey

 by Armor Games

A cat who's hungry for good food and excitement.

89.6% 4.9

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies


Court is now in session! Crack the case and save your client's life!

88.4% 4.9


 by MefistoFiles

A Cold War adventure in the deep sea, controlled with your steps and breath.

86.8% 4.7

Die With Glory

 by Castle Digital Partners

A non-linear adventure game where your goal is to die in glorious fashion.

86.7% 5

Stuntman Run : Theme Park

 by Top TAP Games

Ultimate Theme Park Stuntman Run Adventure Awaits!!

84.8% 4.5 Free

Father and Son

 by TuoMuseo

Start an exciting and timeless journey between Naples, Pompeii and Ancient Egypt

82.6% 4.7 Free

Everclicker - Endless RPG

 by KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc

Endless RPG action: Nonstop fights & gold meet complex strategy in the EverVerse

82.4% 4.2 Free


 by Beijing Runmit Technology Co., Ltd.

Downgeon Quest now brings you a unique rogue-like experience!

81.8% 4.3 Free

iCycle: On Thin Ice


An eye-popping adventure through a gorgeous world.

81.5% 5

Lil Big Invasion

 by Andreas Britten

An exploration based puzzle adventure game set in a quirky 2D world.

80.9% 5

Anybody Out There: Dead City

 by Headup Games

Is anybody out there? A message from an unknown number. Will you answer?

78% 5

Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins

 by Haiku Games

Discover a lost civilization, explore the Hidden Ruins, and find lost treasure!

77.8% 4.6 Free

Mine Survival


How long can you survive?Don't Die! Don't Stop eating and drinking!

77.6% 4.3 Free

Access Code

 by Hidden Path Entertainment

Art. Heist. Conspiracy. Cunning required for this alluring crime adventure.

77.2% 5


 by CG Interactive

Sweven is a 2D platformer with an emotional story and beautiful graphics.

75.9% 5

Shakey's Escape

 by Smashing Pixels Pty Ltd

An interactive quest featuring an unlikely hero named Shakey!

75.7% 4.9

Wild Cooking

 by Mezzanine Apps

Makes cooking in "The Wild" a snap! No more "dubious foods"! Easy recipe finder!

75.4% 5

Gmome's maze Gold / Labyrinth

 by elsid

The best maze/labyrinth ever. Super adventure in labyrinth.

74.5% 5


 by RaccoonFactory

What is the truth you think? What choice do you make in front of the death?

72.3% 5

Luke Sidewalker

 by K Bros

In a city that never sleeps, one man has a lot of places to be..

69.5% 5

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG

 by HeroCraft Ltd

Raise the black flag!

69.2% 4.5

Eclipse: Edge of Light

 by White Elk LLC

Explore an unknown world. Discover its past. Uncover its mystery.

68.3% 4.7

Silent World Adventure

 by GniFrix Co., Ltd.

Lose light after the nuclear war, survive among people who have turned ZOMBIE!

67.5% 4.8

Super Slugs Jet Fire

 by Bebelove

Slug Jet Fire can give you hours of fun and frustration!

66.1% 4.3 Free

Gold Digger Amy

 by Dark Humor Games

No money no honey! Amy has wings and she wants to fly.

65.8% 5

BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes RPG

 by 8elements Asia Pacific Ltd

Play the new 3D RPG of BoBoiBoy & friends, explore the Galaxy and fight enemies!

65% 4.2 Free

Super Mari World

 by GAMEMOB Entertainment

Super Mari World is adventure game. Super mari run in mushroom kingdom!

65% 4.5 Free

Albert and Otto

 by Mokuni LLC

Traverse a haunting world set in 1939 Germany in search of a mysterious girl.

64.4% 3.3