Best new Android Health & Fitness apps!

What are the best new Android Health & Fitness apps?

Gym Mentor Pro

 by petraapps

Gym Mentor Pro have various workouts to achieve desired body & fitness goals.

92.9% 4.1

Period Tracker-Period & Ovulation Calendar


Track menstrual cycle, health and intimacy,Remind next period and fertile days.

79.5% 4.6 Free

Active Architect Pro - Interval Workouts

 by nocodesbarred

Simple way to build, schedule and track completely custom interval workouts.

77.1% 5

Magicoach Pro

 by Magicoach

First app to track your football performance

74.6% 5

Ancient Color Healing and Sound Therapy

 by Yippity Doo LLC


73.3% 5

Diabetic Calculator Full

 by Jake2701

Carbo counting and insulin dose calculator, must for type I diabetics. Full ver.

73.3% 5

EO4U - Essential Oils for You

 by Pium Labs

Beautifully designed app for essential oil recommendations.

72.4% 5

Distance Reiki Unlimited

 by osreiki

Reiki sent remotely through the person's name.

71% 5

Period Tracker Mia Premium

 by Ennesoft

❤ Keep track of your cycle with MIA PERIOD & OVULATION TRACKER PREMIUM ❤

70.4% 4.8

adidas All Day (Unreleased)

 by adidas

All Day leads you on a path to better sleep, activity, mindfulness and nutrition

69.2% 0 Beta

Belly Fix - 12 days PRO

 by LifeChangerApps

Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels !Get Flat Stomach within few Days

67.5% 4.6

The Clever Guts App

 by Prescribed Investments Pty Ltd

Exclusive content, videos, meal plans and recipes for a healthier, happier gut.

66.4% 4.5

Chakra Music Therapy

 by HnD Mobile Apps

Balance the energy flow of your Chakras with Classical Music and Mantras.

64.2% 5

Home Workouts - Fit Challenge Workout

 by HealthCareTeam

Easy build your body at home with Home Workouts - Best fitness app for you.

62.2% 4.5 Free

Free Pedometer- Step Counter, Weight Loss

 by 4freeall Studio

Record the number of steps when you run without any peripheral for free!

60.8% 4.5 Free

Health Check Pro

 by 4freeall Studio

Free Health Check could measure your blood pressure,heart rate,sp02,emotion,eyes

57.2% 5

Breath Rate Measurement Pro

 by 4freeall Studio

Measure your Breath Rate without any peripheral for free

57.2% 5

Macro Traq

 by Dnk Software

The easiest way to track your daily macros, calories and your macro goals.

56.2% 5

Smoke - quit Pro

 by NikNormSoft

A healthy lifestyle without cigarettes and nicotine.Let's Quit Smoking together!

54.5% 5

Being Healthy Pro: Health Tips

 by Redsoftek Solutions

Being Healthy Pro provides 1000+ health tips for healthy and happy life.

54.2% 5

Complete Yoga Guide

 by AndroAppDevelopers

The app provides yoga for all sort of problems with detailed explanation

52.6% 4.2 Free

Ananda Meditation: Based on Yogananda's Teachings

 by Ananda Church of Self-Realization

Guided Meditations/Techniques

52.3% 4.9 Free

Butt And Legs Workout

 by Veev Apps

Workout program and set of exercises to tone your butt and legs.

51.5% 4.8 Free

Shibboleth Lifestyle Journal

 by Travis Martin's Podcast

Shibboleth it's a secret.

51.3% 5

FitScanner - Body Fat Calculator

 by ProgressIt

Capture yourself and check your body fat percentage (Swimsuit required😊)

50.5% 5 Free

สมุนไพรไทย Thai herb 4,000+

 by kanpangkanate

Thailand herbal recipes with pictures 4,000+ species.Thai herbal textbook with 4,000+

49.7% 5

Home Workouts Gym Pro (No ad)

 by Hazard Studio

Gym Home Workouts Pro is a professional workouts at home application

49.6% 4.8

Night Mode-Blue Light Blocker

 by Night-Mode Lab

Night mode function to be your eye protector.Best blue light filter app 2017.

49.4% 4.5 Free

MYB – The 10k Group Challenge

 by Sugarman

Challenge your group to walk 10k steps a day for weight loss, fitness and health

49% 4.7

Home Workouts - Bodyweight Fitness Exercises

 by Mario Hanna

home workout app. Bodyweight exercises, 7 minute workout & more. No equipment.

47.3% 4.7 Free

Zombies, Run! 5k Training (Free)

 by Six to Start

Become a Runner in this epic 8-week training programme and audio adventure

46.6% 4.2 Free

Bluelight Filter Pro


Protect your eyes and get good sleep by cutting out blue light from screen.

46.4% 4.7


 by GOMO

Alarm Clock,Calendar events, Bedside clock,Clock widget,Flashlight,Wake up

45.1% 4.7 Free


 by tobik(a) - Tobias Kausch

Poocount helps you track your bowel movements - Analyse your IBD/Crohns/Colitis

44.9% 5


 by FoodMaestro Limited

Follow the low FODMAP diet to help IBS – scan & search to find suitable foods

44.4% 3.5

Caledos Runner - GPS Running Cycling Walking

 by Caledos Lab

You love running. You'll love Caledos Runner.

44.4% 4.7 Free