Best new Android Health & Fitness apps!

What are the best Android Health & Fitness apps?'s what's trending:

Blue Light Filter Pro

Blue Light Filter App.Best app for blue light reduction.

89.7% 4.4

Water Drink Reminder

Hydration keeps your skin healthy and helps you lose weight.

80.9% 4.7 Free

After a Breakup

Meet the app designed to help get you through your breakup.

73.1% 5

Keto With Friends

Eat Fat Lose Fat

73.1% 5

Training Program Manager

Create and manage training programs and track your progress in each exercise.

72.7% 5


Hub for live streaming autopsies. Engaging video, photographs and discussion.

70.2% 4.8

Circuit Trainer Pro

Interval Timer for Circuit Training, HIIT and Tabata with Music.

69.4% 5

Ingredio informs consumers about the chemical ingredients in food and cosmetics

67.3% 5

Street Gymnastic PRO

Calisthenics workout app. Street workout

66.3% 5

Headache Wizard

Keep track of your headaches and their potential associations.

66.2% 5

Bluelight Filter+ HealthySleep

Bluelight Filter+ is an professional app for healthy sleep & circadian rhythm.

65.8% 5


Heart Fitness real time monitoring application.

65.2% 5

Marine PFT Calculator Updated!

Updated Marine Corps PFT Calculator with NEW 2017 Standards! Stores scores too!

63.4% 4.7

Sobriety Counter -EasyQuit pro

sobriety counter, stop drinking alcohol app +Memory game to fight urges +badges

63.1% 4.9

Step Counter - Pedometer Free

count your daily steps + statistics & badges. Sync with EasyFit Calorie Counter

62.8% 4.5 Free

Brain Boost

Focus, Learn, Remember, Solve Problems, Relax, Be Creative/Intuitive, or sleep!!

62.7% 5

Eye Shield Pro

Screen filter to protect your eyes from excessive brightness and blue light

62.1% 5


Express your inner guru with YOGOJI™

61.5% 5

Step Counter - Pedometer Pro

Pedometer & Step Counter. Sync with EasyFit Calorie Counter +Statistics & Badges

60.8% 5

Classic Keto Desserts

Rich treat & desserts to satisfy your sweet cravings without any insulin rush.

60% 5

Weight Checker PRO

Is your weight loss/gain plan/diet working? Check it out with Weight Checker PRO

59.3% 5

Chakra Test Pro

Check the state of your chakras and discover how to harmonize them

59.2% 5

Relax Meditation Therapy Music

Relaxing Melodies for Meditation! Great Therapy Free Music for Relax!

58% 4.9 Free

Health and Fitness By Gurumann

All Workout, nutrition plans and Meal Recipes By Gurumann Sir in one place.

57.7% 4.9 Free

Friendly Eye Mover

immediate relaxation and stress relief for your hectic everyday life

57.3% 5


SOMA MOVE® is a holistic way of moving. We let our bodies move as a unit.

55.9% 5


Includes 4 soothing musical selections to help us fall asleep.

55.6% 5

Relax VR - Rest & Meditation

Developed by experts in meditation and VR psychology. Try today.

54.9% 4.5


XLog is a X-Fit workout logging tool.

54.9% 4.2 Free

Butt & Legs

If you are tired of hard and uneffective exercises, it's time you chose us!

53.4% 4.9 Free

Filsekka - Pregnancy App

Filsekka is the first Arabic mobile application that cares for pregnant females

53.1% 4.7 Free

Molexplore “Skin Cancer App”

Help for early skin cancer detection. Under Dr. Gerard Pitarch’s supervision.

52.6% 4.4 Free

WeightFit Fitness Meter

Weight meter for fitness, to monitor your weight without extra hardware.

51.2% 5


All popular fitness programs in one app. Hundreds of workouts!

50.9% 5

Chronos. Your watch. Smarter. (Unreleased)

Beta release: Chronos. The smart disc that attaches to the back of any watch.

50.2% 0 Beta

Ana Chidzoy's A - Z of Yoga

The comprehensive illustrated guide to Yoga poses, 150 poses and images

50.1% 5