Best new Android Lifestyle apps!

What are the best Android Lifestyle apps?'s what's trending:

Nintendo Switch Parental Cont…

Supporting a safe and fun environment for your child’s gaming experience.

100% 4.6 Free

Daily Horoscope

Free and offline daily Horoscope app for all zodiac signs. Astrology works magic

93.5% 4.7 Free

Love Diary Memory-Secret Diary

Love Diary Memory-Love secret diary with lock written daily love diary with lock

80.4% 4.8 Free

KK Emoji Name + Contact

New Emojis app make your Snapchat name colorful with emoji faces.

78.6% 4.6 Free

Planting Calendar. Garden

Practical guide for planting vegetables. Edible flowers, aromatic and fruits

71.5% 5


OrcaleBox is our next step in ITC apps that gives you 3 boxes in one app

70.7% 5

Rich & Rich

The exclusive application for only the very rich people, join the club!

69.9% 5

TimeSolutely Yacht Race Timer

A talking timer dedicated for making sure you start your yacht race on time

69.1% 5

Wema Sepetu

Get my latest news, events, fashion, social responsibilities and lifestyle.

67.2% 4.8 Free

PaisaWapas Cashback & Coupons

Earn Free Cashback & Recharge for Shopping on Amazon,Flipkart,Snapdeal,Paytm

63.1% 4.6 Free

Diary & Goals - 2017

Diary for Memories,Reminders,Goals,Appointments,Secrets,Ideas,Feelings and More.

62.9% 5

Sasuke uchiha lock screen

lock your phone with the iphone lock theme and the best sasuke uchiha walpapers

62.5% 4.6 Free


This app delivers inspirational Lord's verses to enlighten Bible lovers.

60.9% 5

Great White Knight watch

Elegant and usefull watch face from the Knight serie

60.3% 5

Miwuki Pet Shelter

Home of more than 90,000 adoptable pets from more than 13.000 adoption groups.

59.3% 4.9 Free

Good Ol' Knight watch

Superb watch face from the Knight watch series. Cool and elegant watch face

59% 5

Turbi Knight Watch face

Sport and elegant Knight watch face

59% 5

Smart SoundLights for PLAYBULB

Create sound-light show at home using PLAYBULB!

58.3% 5

Time Traveler Knight Watch

3 time zones and more.. from the Knight Watch series

58.3% 5

Nixie NXT1 Watch face

Nixie NXT1 is combines steampunk style and smartwatch functionality.

57.3% 4

Edible Flower

Practical guide with 79 edible flowers.

56.7% 5

Black Mamba watch face

Elegant and useful watch face for the traveler with all the time zones info

56.5% 5

Hue from Display

Reflect the screen color of the smartphone on Philips Hue

56% 4.5

Split Seconds Knight watch

Fancy Stop Watch face for sophisticated watch face fans

56% 5

Hi-Fi2 ProAudio

The android app help control Leviton Hi-Fi2 Multi Room Audio System.

55.9% 5

Bird Calls

The Call of the Wild with 52 Bird Calls and 8 Mammals Calls.

55.6% 5

Cockpit knight watch

Elegant pilot watch

54.6% 5

Art Poke Wallpapers

Art Pokemon Wallpapers, Cool Pokemon Wallpapers

54.5% 4.5 Free

The VoidBox

The VoidBox is my new itc app that has a new unique sound of its own

53.9% 5

Fultoss - your pocketmoney app

Fultoss - Earn cash for exploring deals, trying new apps & signing up for promos

52.6% 4.4 Free

Birthday Future SMS

Forget the days when you forgot birthdays! Plan your greeting in advance, bingo!

52.3% 5

DogScroll - Training Diary

For training notes and analysis, and all important information about your dog.

52% 4.3

Pop Vinyl Collectors Handbook

Browse through our database of 1500+ pop Vinyls to find new and rare Pop Vinyls!

52% 3.5

Deeniyat: Quran Deen Dua Surah

Read & Listen Quran translation offline,Set Islamic Ringtone,Share Daily Hades

51.9% 4.8 Free

Know Your Personality™

Have a Better Understanding of Self and Others.

51.5% 5

Crossed Knight Watch

Simple and elegant watch face

51.1% 5