Best new Android Medical apps!

What are the best new Android Medical apps?


 by Dmitriy Richter

OpTranslate helps optometrists conduct eye exams on non-English speakers.

75.8% 5


 by All About Ultrasound & iHeartEcho

Echocardiography Diastology, Appropriate Use, Registry Review, Echo Calculators

70.1% 5

Gamuts Radiology

 by Tech Online (Ayudas Radiologicas)

Radiological Medical Application

61.3% 5

CommBoards - Autism Communication - AAC

 by Shmoontz Apps

Communication assistant for children with limited expressive language abilities

60% 5

My Patients (PRO-version)

 by Chernyshkov Evgeny

Now you'll always have before your eyes a handy list of your patients!

51.5% 4.7


 by Goh Kian Liang

Operation list made easy

47.9% 5

Heart Rate Analyzer (Unreleased)

 by Sergio Gudkov

The App performs a comprehensive data analysis of Samsung heart rate sensor.

44% 0 Beta

PainScale - Chronic Pain Coach

 by Boston Scientific, Inc.

Track your pain, treatments, and medications to better manage your condition.

43.7% 4.6 Free

Behaviour of concern

 by Sara Carlsson

Register behaviours of concern and observe trends and patterns.

43.2% 3.8


 by The First Honyak

Pillbox gives patients the most effective scheduling when they need it most.

42.8% 5

AyurConnect Ayurveda Community

 by AyurConnect- Ayurveda Doctor Social Network

Ayur Connect is a Professional Network of Ayurveda Doctors.

42.5% 4.7 Free

Blood Pressure Easy

 by ToponeTeam

Measure blood pressure easily and effortlessly.

42.5% 4.3 Free

Smart Pediatric Endocrinology

 by Smart Endocrinology (Radetti)

Medical app tool for gaining information about endocrinology issues.

42% 0

ClaimIT (Unreleased)

 by Sprim Global Pte Ltd

An online clinical app used to manage & analyze user's clinical record and data.

42% 0 Beta

Northern Adelaide LHN (Unreleased)

 by MEG Support Tools

Application design for pharmacy users of Northern Adelaide LHN

42% 0 Beta

Bone Age Lite

 by Mesmera Comunicação Digital - Marcel Bomfim


42% 0

MyRing 2 - Contraception ring

 by Sebastian Lang

MyRing 2 will help you to think inserting and removing the contraceptive ring.

41.6% 3

OrthoHOD Pro

 by Alex Audette

Test screening for perceptual errors and brain chemistry deficiencies

41.6% 0

Moodpath App - Depression, Burnout & Stress Test

 by Moodpath

Complete the interactive test & receive your personal mental health assessment

41.5% 4.7 Free


 by Codequest Software

MyClinic is the ideal application to manage your patients and appointments.

40.1% 4.8 Free

Dart Sim Remote

 by DART Sim Inc.

Now you can control DART Sim Android with your Android Smart Phone!

39.6% 0

CPX Calculator (Unreleased)

 by Sam Bond

A color-based visualization tool for 8 CPX testing variables

39.6% 0 Beta


 by Amila

Contractions app is a simple way to recognize true labor and false contractions

39.3% 4.8 Free

Aura Migraine


Aura Migraine is a simulation of classic migraine attack.I suffer from it weekly

39.1% 0

Depression Elatto - Happiness Guide

 by Mood Resolution

Sadness relief and guide to happiness

38.8% 5 Free

Advanced Naming Therapy

 by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Improve language skills after stroke with this speech therapy app for aphasia.

38.7% 5

Ramsay Pharmacy (Unreleased)

 by MEG Support Tools

Ramsay Pharmacy Group useful information for Australian sites.

37.8% 0 Beta


 by Studio Hamanasu

learn efficiently acupuncture points by using flash cards and quizzes

37.8% 0

SMART Hospital Online & Book Doctor Appointment

 by KareXpert Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

KareXpert Lets you Book Doctor Appointment, Consult Online & Hospital Services

37.8% 4.9 Free

Anaesthesia Dog&Cat (Unreleased)

 by Editions MED'COM

Anesthesia Chien & Chat is an application dedicated to veterinarians.

37.1% 0 Beta

HIV / AIDS Finger Test

 by damuxapp

test your HIV / AIDS status for hiv virus and scan finger print to obtain result

36.8% 4.2 Free

ACMC (Unreleased)

 by Tech Nation

Arabic-Canadian Medical Center & Step Home Health Care Center

36.7% 0 Beta

MedEx-Clinical Examination(pro)

 by Bharath Reddy

A comprehensive guide to master the art of clinical examination.

36.6% 0

Pediatric dosage calculator

 by Small Little Dev

Drug Dosage calculator with a body weight slider!

36.6% 5 Free

ABG Book

 by Satish Deopujari

This is a Complete and Interactive Book to understanding of ACID-BASE balance,

36.6% 4.9 Free

The Physiology of the Eye


Interactive Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye on Phone &Tablets

36.2% 0