Best new Android Medical apps!

What are the best new Android Medical apps?

Vaccine Adverse Reactions: What you need to know

 by William McDermott

Access from CDC and FDA to: Vaccines inserts, VAERS and Vaccine Court info.

73.3% 5

The Acupuncture of Extra Point

 by Verderoot

“The Acupuncture of EXtra Point” is a application for ‘The Extra Point’.

70.9% 5

BioPorcinoMobile - Manage your pigs

 by cocodrilomobileapps

Manage the information and production of your pig farm.

66.1% 5

BioCaprinoMobile - Manage your Goats

 by cocodrilomobileapps

Manage the information and production of animals from your herd.

64.6% 5

BioOvinoMobile - Manage your cattle Sheep

 by cocodrilomobileapps

Manage the information and production of animals from your herd.

64.2% 5



If u don't find a nursing job, just have a look.

61.7% 5

Myelination Brain

 by Dr. B

An atlas of normal brain images at different ages obtained using MRI sequences

60.2% 5

Super Ear Spy

 by Perfect Ear Apps Inc

For better Hearing !

58.4% 4.3 Free

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

 by PhysioU

Latest addition to the 5-star "Clinical Pattern Recognition" suite by PhysioU.

57.1% 5

Daily Anatomy: Flashcard Quizzes to Learn Anatomy

 by Kenhub

Learn the most important muscles and bones of human anatomy in a fast & fun way

55% 4.5 Free

Aphasia Therapy Planner

 by Oli Cheadle - Speech Therapy Apps

Easily find and deliver evidence-based aphasia therapies.

52.7% 5

Peek Retina (Unreleased)

 by Peek Vision

Capture retinal images with the Peek Retina hardware.

46.3% 0 Beta

Dental Technician Laboratory (DTLab)

 by MashTaler

Organizer for dental technicians

44% 0

Touch Voice Gold

 by Touch Voice Business

Touch Voice Gold is an AAC Medical Speaking App for Speech Impaired Persons.

41.6% 0

RhIg Dosing and Fetal Hemorrhage Calculator

 by Chandra Krishnan, MD

Calculate the correct RhIg (Rhogam) dosing. It's dead simple.

41% 0


 by Dmitriy Richter

OpTranslate helps optometrists conduct eye exams on non-English speakers.

41% 5

Crash Help (Unreleased)

 by SoftCare - Wadi Makkah

Platform linking medics & hospitals with emergency center

40.8% 0 Beta

ASD Tests

 by Fadi Fayez Thabtah

This app is solely for research purposes and not for commercial use.

40.8% 5 Free

Hayaat - Find Doctor, Blood Donor & Emergency Care (Unreleased)


Find a doctor, book doctor appointment, blood donors & nearest emergency center.

39.7% 0 Beta


 by SGApps92

This application offers the necessary functionality to perform the WISC IV

39.7% 0


 by Moxie Labs Pvt Ltd

Healthcare for all

39.7% 5 Free

Myra Medicines - Delivery in 60 minutes

 by MetaRain Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Medicine, Baby Care, Dental & Hygiene Products in 60 mins & FLAT 20% OFF

39.4% 4 Free

Smart Pediatric Endocrinology

 by Smart Endocrinology (Radetti)

Medical app tool for gaining information about endocrinology issues.

39.2% 5

Heart Rate Analyzer (Unreleased)

 by Sergio Gudkov

The App performs a comprehensive data analysis of Samsung heart rate sensor.

39% 0 Beta

Evion Fatty Liver AR

 by Spirant Communication Pvt Ltd

Videos on Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

38.6% 4.9 Free

DICOM Camera Demonstrator (Unreleased)

 by meso international GmbH

Medical photo- and video-documentation fast and reliable via DICOM

38.2% 0 Beta

RSS HSS Blood Donors Bureau

 by RSS HSS Blood Donors Bureau

The RSS HSS Blood Donors Bureau Android Application

37.9% 5 Free

Dr.Osama Taha


A knowledge-base and a premium support 24/7 support system for our patients.

37.9% 4.9 Free

Autis Meter

 by Tajammu' Multimedia

Application to detect autism symptoms at all sorts of ages

36.7% 5

Tuli Diagnostic Centre

 by 4waydial

Almost fifty years ago, when Tuli Diagnostic Centre had begun.

36.6% 5 Free

Blood Donors United

 by Abhay Maniyar

Register as a donor or search potential blood donors with "Blood Donors United"

36.6% 4.8 Free

TickCheck Tick ID (Unreleased)

 by Marathon Studios, Inc

FREE Tick Identification Service, tick testing, tick removal and safety info.

36.3% 0 Beta

Blood Cells

 by Vinayak Purohit

Now be a real life hero, donate blood and save life.

36.1% 5 Free


 by BioXcel Corporation

PharmGPS GO is a new way of thinking for the biopharma Industry.

35.8% 5 Free

Medizinbuch Pro

 by increations Zukunftsmanufaktur

The medical device book is the companion for all of your personal health information.

35.3% 5


 by PatientConnect360 inc


34.9% 4.6 Free