Best new Android Medical apps!

What are the best new Android Medical apps?

OSCE PASS: Medical Revision

 by Entremed Ltd

Pass your medical OSCE exams with our video guides and test yourself checklists.

75.8% 5

HeadApp Pro Headache Diary

 by M3 Technology Srl

Your professional headache diary with advanced headache charts, sleep and more.

72.4% 5

UTI Tracker

 by Yourology Tracker, LLC.

Take control of your healthcare by cataloging daily urinary tract symptoms

67.4% 5


 by Steven Mifsud

DeafWake, an LED / Vibration / Visual alarm app for people who are Deaf

66.6% 4.7

eHeilung Stress Calculator

 by eHeilung

Calculate your stress level score and know the trigger to your health problems.

63% 5

PSA Calculator - in English

 by Peterson Leite

Prostate Cancer - risk calculator according to PSA - information and pictures.

62.4% 5


 by Arindam Chakravorty

ExamEd is an interactive clinical medicine resource for junior medical staff.

62% 5

Ada Personal Health Companion

 by Ada Health

Ada is your Personal Health Companion and helps if you're feeling unwell.

61.6% 4.7 Free

Dental Suture Techniques


An ultimate guide to the suturing techniques in oral surgery.

61.3% 5

Ear Super: Super Hearing

 by Nero apps

Deep Hearing Super Ear app increase the volume of your phone .

52.9% 4.7 Free

Effective Natural Medicine

 by Koa IT, LLC

Evidence based recommendations for vitamins, herbs and supplements by condition.

51.6% 5


 by Learnograph

uMedico is Social Network of Medical students,Doctors,Medical Teachers globally

49.1% 4.8 Free

Super Ear: Super Hearing

 by Rajo Man

Super ear is specially for those with deep hearing problems.

48.8% 4.6 Free

MARROW Neet PG Test series

 by DailyRounds Inc

NEET PG high probability MCQ bank, test series and video lessons.

45.8% 4.6 Free

Takbir lkadib new

 by youzardif obox

Health and Penile Solutions for Penis Enlargement

45.3% 4.3 Free

MySkinPal - Skin Cancer App

 by MasseranoLabs LLC

The easiest way to track your moles to help you detect early skin cancer.

44.7% 0

Blood Pressure Pro

 by ToponeTeam

Finally, you can measure blood pressure with a single click.

44.5% 4.3 Free

Anatomy of the Eye


Interactive Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye on Phone &Tablets

44.2% 4

30 day anxiety program

 by Ole Sennerud

Reduce your anxiety in 30 days. Developed by specialist in clinical psychology.

44.1% 5

ABG Analyzer (Pro)

 by Sinkanok Group

Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer (Professional version)

44% 0

ClaimIT (Unreleased)

 by Sprim Global Pte Ltd

An online clinical app used to manage & analyze user's clinical record and data.

44% 0 Beta


 by Uri Shevchenko

Calculation of pulmonary pressure by ECG

43.6% 0


 by Marco Falanga

An easy way for a diabetic person to keep track of his / her Glycaemia Values.

43.4% 0

Family Medicine App (Part 2)

 by Andrew Fang

Common Adult Conditions in Primary Care

41.9% 5

Family Medicine App (Part 3)

 by Andrew Fang

Special Populations, Emergencies, Ethics, EBM and more

41.9% 5

ECG RR reader

 by Uri Shevchenko

Reading RR interval and HR of the ECG using a camera phone

41.2% 0

Family Medicine App (Part 1)

 by Andrew Fang

Approaches to Symptoms & Physical Examination

39.9% 5

Pharmace - Buy Medicines

 by Pharmace Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Pharmace lets you buy medicines at One click

37.9% 5 Free

Hematological Cell Counter

 by Sebastian Sleiman (Shreqg2)

The application is meant to perform hematological analysys.

37.7% 5 Free

Therapeutic Plan - Reminder

 by sapeInnovation

Reminder drug pill medicineThe video contains also a manual small.

37.1% 5

CPR: Orthopaedic suite

 by PhysioU

Top Rated Clinical Pattern Recognition App for Physical Therapists

36.8% 5

Tastiera Parlante Ipov SLA PRO

 by ericiusdevelop

Talking keyboard with large keys for the visually impaired, SLA, DSA speech difficulties

36.7% 5

NutriCalculo: Antropometría

 by Miguel Ángel Puebla Arcos

This application is useful for all students of Bachelor of Nutrition.

36.7% 5

Blood Community

 by CodeMatics Media Solutions

Your blood donation can help save lives.

36.7% 5 Free

Medfy - Secure Medical Record

 by SunClan Technologies

Ad-Free Application for maintaining families health records, Medication alarm

36.4% 5 Free

CPR Timer 2

 by Stefan Stängl

Support for the resuscitation

36.2% 5