Best new Android Music games!

What are the best Android Music games?'s what's trending:

Beat Racer

Driving the world in music.

95.6% 4.3 Free

Piano - Magic White Tiles 2

The No.1 Piano Music Game in more than 68 countries - Let's catch the HOT trend!

93.1% 4.4 Free

Vergehen (Passing)

Vergehen (Passing) is an opera you have to walk at the Munich river Isar.

75.4% 5


New Dimension Touch Rhythm Game - A tale of Light and Conflict

72.6% 4 Free

Caustic Guide

Caustic 3.2 Library Manager, import/export machine, note data, effects and more.

72.2% 5

Caustic 3.2 SynthPad Pack 2

Caustic Content Pack - Caustic 3.2 Stereo - 16 PCMSynth Synth Pad presets.

67.4% 5

Piano Tiles 2 - Perfect Rhythm

It's the best Piano with tons of modes and songs! 100/100 free

65.8% 4.4 Free

Learn Music Notes

Jungle Music is the best educational game for learning how to read music notes.

64.7% 4.8


Play the biggest hits with the new app SUPER PADS - Hits!

63.6% 4.6 Free

DoSolFa - learn musical notes

DoSolFa is a music game designed to learn how to read musical notes.

62.9% 5

Piano White : Ice Tap

This is piano white ice tap a very interesting piano game.Play It Now!

58% 4.7 Free

Beat Racer

Driving the world in music.

57.6% 4.6 Free

Orbital Loop

Create your own celestial music in VR with Orbital Loop.

57.3% 5

Harp Hero ( harmonica )

Harp Hero is the app to use when you practice your harmonica.

53.9% 5

SionsBeat MP3 (No Ads)

A rhythm action game of the 4x4 keyYou can enjoy the game with your MP3 music!

53.2% 3.8

DuelBeats (Unreleased)

Beat 'em up to the beat!

51% 0 Beta

Audio Arena

Arena game in which the game-play is generated by music. Daydream required.

49.9% 5

Rainbow Drop

This is suitable for children to play a musical rhythm game.

47.2% 5

Piano Music Tiles 2: Romance

Enjoy Sweet Romance! Piano Music Tiles 2 awaits you!

45.5% 4.6 Free

Twin Star

Music with dancing and jump run!!!Funny characters.

45% 4.4 Free

Beat Racer ™

Driving the world in music.

44.3% 4.3 Free

Caustic 3.2 Techno Pack 3

Caustic Content Pack - Caustic 3.2 Stereo - 8 BeatBox presets, 64 stereo samples

43.7% 0

Piano tiles 2

New Piano Tiles 2 is the sequel to your favorite Piano Tiles ..

42.4% 4.3 Free

Piano Tap - Rihanna

Play the new best Piano Tap - Rihanna on your android device NOW!

41.2% 4.3 Free

Marshmello Summer Launchpad

Be an awesome DJ like Marshmello with this launchpad!

41.2% 4.4 Free

Play this note!

Play this note helps you practising your music instrument by dictating notes

40.8% 0

Animano Full

Animano - a music game - piano for kids and their parents

40.3% 5

Party Craft: High School Life

High School Party! Love story! Boys & Girls Craft & crush. Building, crafting

39.4% 4.4 Free

Piano Magic: White Tiles 2

Learn and master piano tiles 2, then challenge your piano lovers

38.8% 4.1 Free

バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ!

"BanG Dream! (Bandori!)" Has appeared in the rhythm game!Initial 30 or more songs!Game original anime songs also cover a large number included!

38.4% 4.3 Free

Bunbu Dance Tour: Idol Clicker

Let your fingers dance with Bunbu and become the idol everyone loves!

38% 5 Free

Piano Tiles 2

believe we have one of the most interesting piano tiles 2 games

37.5% 4.8 Free

Get a Smile Passau Lacht

Whistle the Note, Get a Smile!

36.9% 0

The Cumbia Hero Premium No Ads

Full Version Cumbia Hero, without publicity and all the songs unlocked!

36.8% 4.9

Piano music:magic pink tiles

new piano app magic piano: white tiles virtual keyboard tiles music easy

36.4% 4.4 Free

Tap Piano Tiles-Colorful

Feel the note's collision with your heart

34.5% 5 Free