Best new Android Puzzle games!

What are the best Android Puzzle games?'s what's trending:

Rio: Match 3 Party

Match 3 fruits, solve puzzles and throw the best party Rio has ever had!

100% 4.6 Free


Shadowmatic is an award-winning imagination-stirring puzzle

100% 4.8 Free

Mushroom 11

Mold yourself and conquer the wasteland in this award winning puzzle-platformer!

100% 4.9

Cosmic Express

Plan the train route for the universe's most awkward space colony!

100% 4.8

The Other Room

The Other Room: a VR escape room that pits you against a mysterious antagonist.

100% 4.7

After the End Forsaken Destiny

Solve ancient puzzles and unfold a stunningly beautiful world.

100% 4.6

Find the differences 300 level

Find the differences between two similar pictures in this classic puzzle game.

100% 4.6 Free

Ellie & Max

Real deal mind-boggling puzzle game!Illusion from constant shift between 2D/3D!

100% 4.9

Fantasy Escape

Get ready to escape from your dreams!

96.9% 4.4 Free


One goal: escape. Run from monsters, complete puzzles and beat your fears.

90.4% 5


Control time and solve paradoxes in this time bending puzzler.

89.7% 4.9


Intriguing point-and-click game with addictive puzzles and a mysterious story.

85.8% 4.6

Stealth - hardcore action

The Best Stealth puzzle

83.4% 4.2 Free

Cross-Stitch mania

Amazing 3D Cross-Stitch for you devices!

79.4% 4.5 Free

Bubble shooter Island

Embark on this bubble shooter adventure with Raccoon.

79.1% 4.5 Free

Escape an Ocean View Ryokan

Escape from a Japanese Inn!

78.3% 4.7 Free

Biscuit Tales

Match 3 desserts in a row and cook your way through tons of puzzle levels!

78.1% 4.5 Free


Enjoy 3D fun with CUBIC MAZES!Shift across faces and aim for the goal!

76.9% 4.3 Free

Queen's Garden (Full)

Queen's Garden: A Relaxing Match3 Game with Flowers and Gardening

76.6% 5

100 Doors Beast Clash

The sequel of the most popular games: 100 Doors, 100 Rooms

76.1% 4.7 Free

Black Blue

Minimalist puzzle game inspired by yin-yang flow. The race of Black and Blue!

75.1% 4.5 Free

Heart Star

Swap between the worlds and overcome all obstacles with the power of teamwork!

74.9% 4.8 Free


Try yourself as an architect in the world of mirrors and laser beams!

74.1% 4.6

Easter Sweeper - Eggs Match 3

Get in the mood for Easter with this wonderful match 3 game! 800+ fun levels!

73.5% 4.6 Free


unWorded is an innovative Puzzle Game where everything is built from letters.

72.4% 4.2


The best choice of Mahjong on Android!

72.2% 4.7 Free

100 Doors Challenge 2

Sequel of the popular puzzle game 100 Doors Challenge

71.7% 4.6 Free

Coma:Chronicle of an awakening

"Where am I? What is going on?" Will you be able to return to our world

71.2% 5

Find The Difference 37

Amazing version of classic Find the difference game!

70.5% 4.7 Free

Block Story (Block Puzzle)

Now you can help the princess recover the world from the curse of the witch.

69.9% 4.6 Free

Jail Break - Prison Escape

Jail Break - Prison Escape is escape the prison game, with compelling gameplay

69.8% 4.2 Free

Lollipop Crush Match 3

Match Candies and Explore Sweet Worlds in over 1300 FUN levels!

69.3% 4.4 Free

Abandoned Mine - Escape Room

Enjoy the thrill cracking the hidden clues to get out of the abandoned mines.!

68.6% 4.4 Free

Splitter Critters

Split the world with a swipe of your finger.

68.2% 4.9


MiCROSS is an addictive puzzle game with leaderboards.

68% 5

Angry Elja

Help miner Angry Elja clear out his mine in this unique puzzle maze game!

67.6% 5