Best new Android Role Playing games!

What are the best new Android Role Playing games?

Shadow Fight 3


An epic Fighting/RPG series returns! Master the shadows and challenge your foes!

100% 4.5 Free

Tales of the Rays

 by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

A console quality Tales Game in your hands!

100% 4.7 Free

Pet Alliance 2

 by Games

Begin the adventure in Pet Alliance World along with your dearest Pet companion!

100% 4.7 Free

City Skater - Rule the Skate Park!

 by Coco Play By TabTale

Work those skating tricks with real skater style 'til you rule the skatepark.

94.1% 4.7 Free

Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden

 by MMDE Games

Open World 3d Fantasy Role Playing Game

91.1% 4.5 Free

Monster Buster: World Invasion

 by Tag of Joy

Outstanding monster fights with a twist on reality!

88.6% 4.6 Free

Rambo Contra Soldier

 by 8bitstudios

Play the hero to save the world!

86.6% 4.3 Free

Fate/Grand Order (English)

 by Aniplex Inc.

This is a story about taking back our future! Who's ready for Fate/Grand Order?!

83.5% 4.3 Free

Chaos Saga

 by Crazytinycat

A 3D RPG game for manga fansHundreds of manga heroes under your command

81.9% 4.1 Free

Heroes Odyssey - Era of Fire and Ice


Enjoy multi-national and real-time battles! Play the game with players of world!

81% 4.5 Free

Manga go 3D

 by Threecatgame

Stunning 3D fighting scenesSummon hundreds of Manga heroes

79.4% 4 Free

The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye

 by Redshift Games

The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye is an expansion to The Quest.

78% 5

Monster Fantasy:World Champion

 by Longtong Communication Co.,Ltd.

To become the best monster trainer in Monster Fantasy!

74.9% 4.1 Free


 by han weikai

Free rewards, interesting fighting modes, real-time battle and strong guilds!

74.6% 4.2 Free

Gacha Resort - Anime Beach Games

 by Lunime

Collect over 100 Anime Characters! Play games, battle, and more in Gacha Resort!

74.3% 4.9 Free

Kung Fu Girls

 by MCL-Online

The cutest kawaii Kungfu card game in the world! Be the Senpai Kungfu master!

73.5% 4.6 Free

ZegnaRun Version 1.0

 by Revel Notion

ZegnaRun combines fast-pace, run & gun game play with RPG storytelling .

72.9% 5


 by Colt

An REAR strategy RPG Game. Fight for glory!!

72.6% 4.4 Free

LuckyStrike: Slotmachine Puzzle RPG

 by Super Awesome Inc.

Lucky Strike is a puzzle RPG game that’s based on exciting slot machine rules.

71.9% 4 Free

Dragon's Blade

 by Nate Monster LLC

Over 100 hours of classic turn-based RPG fun! No pay-to-win, just adventure!

71.5% 4.7 Free

EverBattle - Nonstop Fight

 by Gamecaff LTD

Dark Fantasy Idle MMORPG! NonStop Offline Fight 24/7! Full of Nostalgia!

69.2% 4.4 Free


 by Dreamplay Games

Introducing Lost Keeper, a DRPG for mobile platforms!

66.7% 4.6


 by Ntree4

Hardcore Action RPG!

66.4% 5

Goddess: Primal Chaos - Arab Free 3D Action MMORPG

 by koramgame

Free 3D Action MMORPG game.Over 500,000 Players!

65.6% 4.7 Free

Final Kingdoms


Enter the battlefields to explore tons of fun in this ultimate 3D RPG journey!

64.7% 4.4 Free

Transformers Arena - RPG Heroes

 by LIP Studio

Transformers Arena with almost super robot hero, super weapon to fight!

64.5% 4.4 Free

Monster Chronicles

 by Reality Squared Games

Start your Monster collecting adventure today!

63.7% 4.3 Free


 by CocoBear

Welcome to Gaydorado to build your own pop and colorful life!

62.9% 3.8 Free




62.3% 4.4 Free


 by Adventure Cow

An eerie interactive story about the lonely woods and one small mistake.

62.2% 4.5

Jurassic Dig Free

 by Yateland

Truck driving & dinosaur simulator games for kids and preschool children.

61.6% 4.3 Free

RPG What Hadjane Says Goes!


Summon minions and rule the underworld in a fantasy action RPG!

59.5% 4.7

Team Guardian : legend of 23 heroes


Various Heroes! Various Skills!!Collect 23 unique action characters, not cards.

58.7% 4.2 Free

Gangster League - the Payday Crime

 by ★★★★★ MOSTCORE

With a mysterious mask, wearing a stylish suit, become a super robber.

57.5% 4.7 Free

Food Truck Rush Drive & Serve


A game with a unique combination of driving and serving!

56.6% 4.4 Free

Rise of Gods - A saga of power and glory

 by Ujoy

Play the dangerous game of power in a western fantasy world.

56.4% 4.2 Free