Best new Android Role Playing games!

What are the best new Android Role Playing games?

Chroma Squad

 by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG inspired by the Power Rangers TV show!

100% 4.8

To the Moon

 by X.D. Network

"Then we can always regroup on the moon, silly! "

100% 4.4


 by FingerFun Limited.

SNK Playmore authorized mobile phone game that uses combo battle mode.

100% 4.4 Free

7 Paladins : RPG x MOBA

 by MainGames

3D ACTION RPG x MOBA GAME, Claim the Paladins Powers!

98.6% 4.5 Free

Crush Them All

 by Godzilab Inc

March your way through evil lands, crush gigantic bosses in the epic idle RPG

95.2% 4.3 Free


 by VisualShower Corp.

Irresistible high-speed action RPG game!The best stress-relieving game for you.

94.6% 4.2 Free

League of Angels-Paradise Land

 by GTarcade

An Epic Fantasy RPG Adventure!

94.2% 4.4 Free

Crusaders of Light

 by NetEase Games

Team-up with 40 Friends and Guild Mates to battle epic bosses and raid dungeons!

87.7% 4.5 Free

Heroes of Skyrealm


The first 3D TOBA game! Mix Real-time PVP, team fighting and tower defense!

86.3% 4.4 Free

My Tiny Quest

 by Raycreator Mobile

Classical Japanese RPG Game Story! NOW! Landing the whole world!

82.8% 4.6 Free

Mystic Heroes

 by Dreamplay Games

Mystic Heroes!Spectacular and strategic defense!

82.2% 4.3 Free


 by 4399enGame

Get ready for the most fair and ultimate MMORPG!

81.5% 4.8 Free

Quest Cards

 by Running Pillow

Set out on an adventure, collect cards, upgrade your deck and tackle quests!

79.8% 4.6 Free

Crazy Neighbor

 by TTID247

Explore The House Of Your Neighbour And Unbury All Of It Dark Secrets!

77.2% 5

Space RPG 3

 by Esaptonor

Advanced space themed role playing action! Trade, fight, and do missions.

77% 5

Hyper Warriors : Mutant Heroes

 by CoolWin HK

More than 60 super heroes in your childhood has arrived!

74.8% 4.3 Free

Shadow Land - Endless Tap

 by 株式会社 WHRP

One day, the world suddenly lost its colour…

71.3% 4.7 Free


 by QuHu Game

★Classic manga game with original voice acting★Hitman:Reborn,Famigalia,Vongola

70.7% 4.2 Free


 by Grumpy Games

Spring comes in Everwood and griblers go back to their ancient homeland

70.4% 4.4 Free

Glory: Wings of Destiny

 by GlobalWin

The hottest 3D real-time multiplayer PVP action game in 2017! Now the war is on!

69.7% 4.1 Free

Spells Of Genesis

 by Channel 4 Television Corporation

Collect, trade & battle cards in this amazing new fantasy trading card game!

69% 4.6 Free

Planescape: Torment EE

 by Beamdog

A story-rich, tactical RPG in the Dungeons & Dragons Planescape setting.

67.7% 4.5

Dungeon Maker RPG

 by TerraPix

Create your own 3D dungeon crawler and adventures with full dialog stories.

65.9% 5

Legend of Nine Tails


Through Eternal Love

65.8% 4.1 Free

RPG for Destiny

 by Firestream

A light-weight, mobile, text-based, Destiny-themed RPG.

65.5% 4.5 Free

Rich Girl Mall - Shopping Game

 by Coco Play By TabTale

Go on a shopping spree with your richest BFFs at the fanciest mall in the city!

63.2% 4.4 Free

Demon's Rise 2

 by Wave Light Games, Inc.

Turn-based, tactical RPG where players command a powerful band of warriors.

62% 4.2

Welcome to Moreytown

 by Choice of Games LLC

Claw your way to the top of Moreytown, a furry slum for human-animal hybrids

61.8% 4.3 Free

Cat Hair Salon Birthday Party

 by TutoTOONS

Play the cutest kitten hair care games for kids & style fluffy cats for a party!

61.3% 4.4 Free

Anime Girls Go


Cute anime card mobile game, magnificent battle, build the most powerful team.

58.8% 4.3 Free


 by ChaloApps


58.1% 4.3 Free

Tap Knights - Idle RPG

 by Crazy Maple Studio Dev

Top idle RPG adventure game! Tap your fingers faster to kill mobs of monsters!

57.8% 4.3 Free

Grow Stone Online:Legend Stone


Mine adventure to find legendary stone!Grow stone, level up with friends online

56.3% 4.8 Free

Demon's Rise

 by Wave Light Games, Inc.

A turn-based, tactical RPG with 30 character classes and 50+ hours of gameplay.

55.8% 4.2

Portal Quest

 by PerBlue Entertainment

Collect and Upgrade your Heroes to fight back the Hollow in this Brand New RPG!

55.5% 4.5 Free



Young archer on a journey searching for spiritual balance. Platform RPG.

55.3% 4.5 Free